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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Nexus Flooring?

Nexus Flooring garners a highly positive reputation, evidenced by the collection of customer reviews citing satisfaction with their product quality, competitive pricing, and customer service. Recurring accolades in reviews highlight the durability and aesthetic appeal of the flooring, alongside commendations for the helpful and professional demeanor of the staff. Despite the overall positive feedback, some isolated instances of minor issues such as incorrect deliveries or slight product inconsistencies exist. Nonetheless, these appear to be exceptions rather than the norm, and the prompt resolution of any reported problems by the Nexus team is frequently emphasized.

Positive Feedback

The key positive aspects of Nexus Flooring, as extracted from customer feedback, revolve predominantly around product quality and customer service excellence. Reviewers recurrently commend the superior quality and competitive pricing of both the engineered and solid oak flooring options. The customer service provided by the Nexus team is repeatedly characterized as professional, helpful, and responsive, enhancing the purchasing experience. Additional positive notes are made on the seamless installation process, as well as the team's accommodation for returns of unused flooring. Personal touches, such as sending free samples and efficiently handling minor delivery issues, also contribute to the company's high customer satisfaction levels.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there are a few negative aspects mentioned. One reviewer experienced a small hiccup with missing door threshold bars, which, despite a rapid resolution, indicates a potential area for improvement in order fulfillment accuracy. Another critique pertains to the aesthetic of the product, where a customer noticed some artificial-looking features, though this seems to be an isolated sentiment rather than a widespread concern. These individual instances suggest that while Nexus Flooring generally upholds high standards, there is an opportunity to further enhance quality control and order accuracy to minimize such occurrences.

Frequently asked questions about Nexus Flooring

Can I expect consistent quality and damage-free delivery from Nexus Flooring?

Based on customer reviews, Nexus Flooring is highly regarded for delivering consistent quality and a majority of customers receive their orders without any damage. Instances of damage or quality inconsistencies are rare and typically addressed efficiently by the company.

What should I do if I have extra flooring or face an issue with my order?

Nexus Flooring is noted for its accommodating customer service. Should you have extra flooring or encounter an issue, it is recommended to contact their support team, who have a reputation for working favorably with the customer to resolve any concerns promptly.

Does Nexus Flooring provide assistance in selecting the right flooring?

Yes, Nexus Flooring's staff is frequently praised for their professionalism and helpfulness. They provide guidance through the selection process and ensure that customers make informed decisions that align with their needs and preferences.

What are customers saying about Nexus Flooring

Nexus Flooring
Mari Case
a month ago
Nexus Flooring is amazing! We love our new floor very much! Great products and very helpful people with quick response with good advice. As I trust them, I ordered more floor boards for second time. Thank you Nexus team! M Case
Nexus Flooring
Julian Booth
3 years ago
I recently ordered 65 square meters of engineered oak flooring, underlay and a number of accessories from Nexus. The order was delivered promptly and as per timescales although there was a small hiccup with the door threshold bars not being delivered at the same time however this was quickly resolved. With 26 boxes of boards (weighing just under a ton) there was not one piece that was damaged or unusable which given we put down over 800 pieces was amazing. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality of the product, how it looks and how easy it was to install. I would like to pass on my thanks to Sam, Ali and Raj who were very polite, professional and helpful throughout. I highly recommend Nexus flooring to anyone who wants a fantastic quality product at a very competitive price!
Nexus Flooring
Amina Nazier
3 weeks ago
A huge shout out and THANK YOU We love our new flooring very much! Nexus Flooring lives up to its reputation as number 1 flooring company. They had a great choice of high quality products at very competitive prices. The team especially Omais Waqar & Raj were very helpful, professional and guided us through the entire process and made it a very smooth experience. I would Highly recommend Nexus Flooring! Ms. Mazhary
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Nexus Flooring offers the best quality solid oak Flooring and engineered oak flooring at the most affordable prices so that your desire of having the best wood flooring for your home or office is not merely a dream. Since prices are not of concern here, cheap wood flooring is made available to you.ENGINEERED OAK FLOORINGOak floor is available in many different shades and is quite a versatile type of wood. There are many options in this type of flooring which will make your room look bigger and brighter.SOLID WOOD FLOORINGSolid oak flooring is any product which is produced and curated from timber; it’s a 100% natural wood product.PARQUET-FLOORINGHerringbone floors may have been the first parquet pattern developed in Europe.