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National Museum Of Scotland
National Museum Of Scotland

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Published on
March 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about National Museum Of Scotland?

The National Museum of Scotland receives overwhelmingly positive reviews that project an excellent overall company reputation. Enthusiastic visitors commonly appreciate that the museum offers free entry, with an optional donation, making it accessible and inviting for a wide audience. The customer experience is highlighted by diverse and interactive exhibits that cater to all ages, which is frequently mentioned across the feedback. Reviewers express satisfaction with the comprehensive range of displays spanning natural history, science, technology, and cultural exhibits. Despite the occasional crowd-related issues such as the shortage of clean toilets during peak times, the majority sentiment is that the museum is well-organized, clean, and offers a fulfilling educational experience. The reviews also note the bonus of having a café and a gift shop on the premises, although there are remarks on the café prices being on the higher side. Moreover, the museum's aesthetic appeal and the option to host events like weddings have also positively influenced its reputation.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects reported by customers include the free admission policy of the National Museum of Scotland, enhancing its accessibility and attractiveness. The interactive nature of exhibits is highly praised, promoting an engaging and enjoyable visitor experience. Specific features like the Technology Zone with F1 simulator games and the variety of themed rooms are well-received. Customers widely commend the museum's organization and layout, with clear explanations and structured navigation through the extensive collections. The captivating architectural design is another element that adds to the overall positive experience, alongside commendations of the museum being well-maintained and clean. Family friendliness is also a consistently mentioned benefit, and the rooftop terrace views present a delightful enhancement to the museum experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews are predominantly favorable, some key negative aspects are discernible. Visitors mention the café's pricing as a concern, with costs perceived as high for food and beverages. Despite the free entry, this aspect detracts from the otherwise economical visit. Another frequent point of critique is the inadequate number of toilets or their cleanliness, particularly during busy periods, suggesting a need for better crowd management or facilities maintenance. Some visitors also imply that due to the vast array of exhibits, time constraints can limit the full exploration of the museum, leading to a potentially condensed or rushed experience. This underscores the challenge of balancing the desire to provide comprehensive content with the visitors' ability to consume it.

Frequently asked questions about National Museum Of Scotland

Is admission to the National Museum of Scotland free?

Yes, admission to the National Museum of Scotland is free, with a donation being optional.

Does the museum offer interactive and child-friendly exhibits?

Yes, the museum provides a variety of interactive exhibits that are suitable for children and promote an engaging learning environment for all ages.

Are there any amenities such as a café or gift shop inside the museum?

Yes, the National Museum of Scotland houses a café and a gift shop, though visitors should note that café prices might be slightly higher than average.

What are customers saying about National Museum Of Scotland

National Museum Of Scotland
Kate A
a week ago
Fabulous place to visit while in Edinburgh. It's free to visit, donation optional. Great place to bring kids with some interactive exhibits. Great roof terrace on floor 7 with amazing views of the city. There's a cafe and gift shop which we didn't get a chance to visit as we left just before the museum closed. I would definitely visit again.
National Museum Of Scotland
The Wizard (Archea)
a week ago
Honestly to say this place is free entry, is just the cherry on top to this adventure. With 3 floors and a ton to look at and play with, you really can't beat it. I spent 3 hours here with my wife and we still had to leave without and having seen everything. Honestly, it's so bright and well presented with so much to look at and experience. Truely one of the better museums I've ever seen in my travels. Just watch out for the cafe!! It's £10 for a sandwich, more of you'd like a drink. However I'd your up for supporting the museum, feel free to purchase!! There is also a restaurant on the ground floor for proper foods.
National Museum Of Scotland
3 weeks ago
We visit this museum during the half-term Break, a lot of kids come here and enjoy the activity. It is free of charge to enter and easy to find because it is located at the heart of the old town. We love the interactive activity and games in the technology zone, especially about F1 cars. You can try to drive the vehicle for £1 per 3 minutes. A bit of disappointment here is about the toilets which do not have enough for people when they crowed and need to keep it cleaned.
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Bright, modern museum housing Scottish industrial history relics, natural history displays & a cafe.