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A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park

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What do customers say about A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park?

As of May 01, 2024, 1273 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

well maintained family-friendly park

feel like you are in another place

lush landscape with so much to do

nice to see iguanas, also turtle

Awesome park with some great history

Such a beautiful park

so many different birds and plants

Beautiful open spaced park

not well maintained

trash in the water

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A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park's customer reviews analysis

A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park is frequently praised for its natural beauty, offering a reprieve from the bustling Miami area, with its abundant wildlife, diverse plant life, and amenities like walking trails, picnic areas, outdoor gym, community pool, and sports courts. Customer reviews highlight the park's appeal for families, photographers, and fitness enthusiasts seeking outdoor recreation. However, several reviews note maintenance issues, citing litter in the lake and around the park, and underutilized staff, which detract from the overall experience. The dichotomy between the park's natural allure and its upkeep issues is a significant factor in its company reputation, shaping the customer experience. The prevalence of green spaces juxtaposes the need for improved maintenance, pointing towards managerial challenges that could be addressed to enhance the park's standing.

Positive Feedback

Analysis of customer feedback reveals several positive aspects of A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park that contribute to its reputation as a verdant oasis in a busy city. Reviewers consistently appreciate the park’s scenic beauty, including its lush landscapes, nature walking trails, and the presence of a variety of wildlife and plant species. The park’s facilities, such as the playground, picnic areas, exercise equipment, community pool, and sports courts, are frequently mentioned as well-maintained and conducive to family-friendly activities and community gatherings. Additionally, the references to the park’s history, including the old Ludlam train route and the endangered Miami Rock Pineland, underscore its cultural and ecological significance to visitors. These elements affirm the park’s value as a multipurpose recreational destination, recognized for its efforts to cater to various interests and to provide a serene environment amidst urban surroundings.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park faces criticism for certain maintenance and cleanliness issues that impair the visitor experience. Multiple reviews cite trash scattered in the lake and around the park, suggesting inadequate waste management. There are complaints about park staff being perceived as inactive and not engaged in upkeep tasks, which potentially exacerbates the littering problem. Additionally, some visitors have noticed infrastructure in disrepair, such as a shelter and deck by the water that appears unsafe, highlighting the need for timely renovations. These negative aspects are recurring themes in the feedback and can overshadow the park's excellent natural and recreational offerings. To maintain and improve its reputation, the park management needs to address these cleanliness and maintenance concerns promptly.

Frequently asked questions about A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park

What amenities are available at A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park?

A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park is equipped with a variety of amenities including a playground, picnic areas, a walking path around a big lake, an outdoor gym, community pool, basketball courts, and soccer fields. The park also provides a natural trail, bird watching opportunities, and historic elements such as a section of the Miami Rock Pineland.

Is A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park suitable for family visits?

Yes, the park is well-regarded as a family-friendly destination, offering ample space for picnics, play areas for children, and various facilities for sports and exercise. It's an ideal spot for spending quality time with family.

Are there any concerns about cleanliness and maintenance at A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park?

Some visitors have expressed concerns regarding the park's cleanliness, particularly regarding trash in the lake and around the park, and some areas that need repairs. The park management is encouraged to address these issues to enhance the visitor experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park

A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park
Manu JR
3 months ago
Beautiful park but not well maintained as unfortunately many parks in Miami. Not clean, lots pf staff hanging around doing nothing or on the phone. Pic of the lake full of garbage.
A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park
Khandker Ishtiaq
2 years ago
A good place for family picnic, and afternoon and morning walk. The park has a walking path around a big lake, and facility to do some exercise. There are couple of nicely maintained areas. Kids can play in the playground. Overall, this a well maintained family-friendly park to spend quality times.
A.D. (Doug) Barnes Park
Karin Wright
a year ago
Amazing park in central Miami. This park makes you feel like you are in another place yet it's located in a busy Miami area. It has awesome nature walking trails and bird sightings. Nice place to exercise with their new outdoor gym. Great place to get away. This park has great picnic areas next to beautiful lakes. It also has a playground, community pool, basketball courts, and soccer fields.
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