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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Moving Apt?

Moving APT operates as a moving broker, and the overall company reputation among customers is mixed, with a pattern of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction emerging from recent reviews. Positive experiences frequently mention courteous movers, careful handling of furniture, continuous updates, and diligent work. Customers have expressed appreciation for a seamless experience and the supportive role sometimes played by Moving APT in damage claim processes. However, negative experiences highlight serious concerns including miscommunication, poor handling by third-party movers, unexpected and disputed charges, unprofessional customer service, and issues with claims resolution. There is a noticeable divide between the initial interaction with Moving APT and the eventual experience with the actual movers, which can be a source of frustration. The inconsistency in service quality and accountability shines a light on the importance of thorough vetting of partnering moving companies by Moving APT.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Moving APT generally underscores the professional and supportive experience provided by the customer service team and the movers themselves. The company is recognized for maintaining good communication with clients, as evidenced by the regular updates during the moving process that several customers appreciated. The movers are often described as diligent, hard-working, caring, and respectful, leading to customer comfort and a sense of reliability. Instances where Moving APT actively assisted with expediting damage claims and helping resolve issues with third-party movers have been noted as commendable actions, reflecting a dedication to customer satisfaction when problems arise.

Concerns and Threads

Several key negative aspects of customer feedback focus on issues stemming from Moving APT's role as a broker. Customers have experienced unexpected and significant price hikes at the time of pick-up, mismanaged expectations related to the delivery and handling of belongings, and additional fees that were not initially disclosed. Some reviews describe situations where the company was either unresponsive or unhelpful with resolving critical issues, such as lost or damaged goods. The dependency on third-party movers has led to experiences of unprofessional treatment, late deliveries, and general dissatisfaction with the damages and subsequent claims process.

Frequently asked questions about Moving Apt

What should I expect in terms of communication and updates during my move with Moving APT?

Customers have reported that Moving APT provides regular updates and maintains good communication throughout the moving process. However, experiences may vary depending on the third-party movers involved in the relocation.

If there are damages during my move, will Moving APT assist with the claims process?

Moving APT may assist with damage claims in some cases, but customers have reported varying degrees of support. The actual resolution can depend on the efficiency of the third-party mover's claims process.

Can I expect my moving quote from Moving APT to be the final price I will pay?

While Moving APT provides initial quotes, actual costs may differ according to customers' experiences. There have been instances of prices increasing due to various reasons on moving day, so it is advisable to clarify all potential charges ahead of time.

What are customers saying about Moving Apt

Moving Apt
Jacqueline Segura
a week ago
It was my first time using movers. I really had a good experience. They were nice to talk to and work with. They were really friendly. I liked the comfort they made me feel while handling the furniture. A lot of carefulness and accuracy went into the moving part. I really enjoyed getting movers to help. Thank you.
Moving Apt
John Farley
a week ago
I highly suggest you do not use this moving broker. They hire deplorable company's to move your products. They lie about their services and when you need assistance on a major issue, I had a manager literally say to me "take what we tell with a grain of salt". They take no responsibility on your move and leave the liability between you and the moving company they hire. They also attempt to take additional money just like a car dealers finance department in upselling services you don't need and when the company they hired comes to move your furniture they claim not to be aware of them. The claims process is a joke so be prepared to get no restitution for the damages incurred from the mover APT hires. I can literally fill up a full page of the issues we had with APT but my best advice is to never use them.
Moving Apt
Josephine Mickelsen
3 days ago
Moving APT was a decent moving broker. Responsive customer service. However, the moving company that our move was contracted out to (One Coast Moving), was absolutely terrible. We had some expensive items damaged in the move, and One Coast repeatedly attempted to deny our damage claim. Moving APT actually stepped in to help get our claim approved and expedite payment, which I appreciated. If you use Moving APT, just make sure that you will not wind up with One Coast as your actual mover.
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Moving APT was doing moves in Florida, Texas, New York, and Colorado! We’ve been in business since 1999, and today, we are national leaders in interstate moving as a licensed interstate broker. Moving APT is bonded and licensed by the Dept. of Transportation, insured, and provides a brokering service. We hope that the more you know about us, the more you’ll feel confident in our services. We have Nationwide moving companies that cater to the moving requirements in following Miami Zip Codes: 33009, 33299, 33206, 33160, 33161, 33122, 33143, 33181, 33154, 33176, 33129. Call us at: Miami (786) 454-2776, New York (646) 666-9223