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Published on
March 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mode Fire & Security Limited?

Mode Fire & Security Ltd appears to be maintaining a solid reputation in the security system installation industry, as observed from the recent customer reviews. The feedback is characterized by a strong appreciation for the company's professionalism, efficiency, and customer engagement. Nicholas, in particular, is frequently mentioned for his exceptional service and assistance. The quality of workmanship is another aspect that repeatedly earns praise, with installations described as neat, tidy, and executed with excellent product knowledge. The responsiveness of the company is underlined by reports of prompt service, even outside of standard working hours. The company's ability to integrate sophisticated systems like home automation and voice command-operated gates indicates a high level of technical expertise. Moreover, the continued support after installation, including rapid response to faults and servicing needs, contributes positively to the company's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Reviews of Mode Fire & Security Ltd highlight several key positive aspects, including the company's professional demeanor across various engagements, from the quotation process to the installation and post-installation support. The competency and thoroughness of the staff, especially Nicholas, grabs attention for aiding customers in understanding the systems and options. The promptness of service, including immediate interventions in emergency situations and meticulous scheduling, is highly valued by customers. Installation quality is consistently noted, with no visible cables and clean setups, amplifying the aesthetic appeal of the premises. The technological adeptness showcased in integrating advanced features, like full home automation and seamless surveillance systems, has met or exceeded customer expectations. Ongoing customer support, facilitating alterations and upgrades to systems, also garners commendation. Consequently, Mode Fire & Security Ltd earns strong recommendations from its clientele.

Concerns and Threads

While the customer feedback for Mode Fire & Security Ltd is overwhelmingly positive, the available reviews do not indicate any significant negative experiences that would suggest a trend of customer dissatisfaction. It is possible that any adverse incidents or less-than-favourable interactions with the company are either not present within the current dataset of reviews or infrequent enough to not disrupt the overall positive image. Thus, without specific examples of negative feedback, it is challenging to provide conclusive insights into the negatives of the customer experience with Mode Fire & Security Ltd. Companies should, however, remain vigilant and responsive to all customer feedback, including isolated instances of dissatisfaction, in order to maintain and improve service quality.

Frequently asked questions about Mode Fire & Security Limited

What types of security systems can Mode Fire & Security Ltd install?

Mode Fire & Security Ltd is capable of installing a variety of security systems, including burglar alarms, CCTV, and integrated home automation systems with surveillance capabilities. They offer both residential and commercial installation services.

How responsive is Mode Fire & Security Ltd in case of an emergency?

The company is noted for its prompt responsiveness, with anecdotes of staff, particularly Nicholas, providing immediate assistance during emergencies, even outside of conventional working hours. Their quick reaction is a key aspect of their customer service.

Does Mode Fire & Security Ltd offer ongoing support or maintenance after installation?

Yes, Mode Fire & Security Ltd provides ongoing support and offers continued assistance post-installation. This includes help with system faults and the opportunity for additional 12-month support as seen with Cadishead Public Band's experience.

What are customers saying about Mode Fire & Security Limited

Mode Fire & Security Limited
June G
3 years ago
Having carried out an extensive assessment of Burglar Alarm and Closed Circuit Television companies accredited by the various standards authorities December last year, I can say that Mode Fire & Security proved to be the most professional and helpful in my investigations. They were prompt, efficient and took time to explain the various elements and options available to me. In particular I was impressed with Nicholas who helped and assisted me through the process. Good job and thanks for a neat and tidy installation. Highly recommend
Mode Fire & Security Limited
Robert Thompson
3 years ago
Nick did a very professional job from start to finish. He kept us well informed during the installation of a brand new alarm system, CCTV and also a security light/sensor for my drive.The price was very competitive and workmanship was excellent.
Mode Fire & Security Limited
Samuel Yates
4 years ago
My wife and I would like to THANK YOU Nicholas from Mode Fire & Security | Mode AV Creations Towards the end of February 2018, we contacted Mode Fire & Security to discuss a security system for our new home, which was currently under construction. Little did we know, Mode Fire & Security offered so much more than just home security After talking with Nicholas and browsing there product range, we were convinced we not only wanted a fully monitored security system, we also wanted to integrate a home automation system with the security system and surveillance cameras around the perimeter of our home. Nicholas exceeded all expectations of outstanding customer engagement and was very knowledgeable. He immediately began working on an AV project quote for us, despite the fact we were not closing, on our new house, until May 2019. Nicholas was extremely patient as we worked through finalizing the quote. He remained engaged and was very helpful, ensuring our AV project was exactly the way we wanted it. Fast forward to January 2019, we closed on our house and Nicholas was prepped and ready to start our installation. Within 8 weeks of closing, our home security, surveillance system was installed, and our AV project was completed. Fast forward to March 2019, with the assistance of Nicholas, Garry, Daniel and Bradley, we were able to make numerous changes to our home automation system i.e lighting, music and so much more not forgetting being able to view the surveillance cameras on multi screen and operate the security system and gates in every room of the house. The Mode Fire & Security | Mode AV Creations team, throughout this entire project, remained professional, engaged and provided the best customer engagement and product possible. We cannot be more excited and impressed with the workmanship and the end product. Thank you Nicholas and the Mode Fire & Security / Mode AV Creations Installation team P.S I am still overwhelmed the fact that my gates can open by voice command. Thank you once again Highly Recommended Mr & Mrs Yates
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