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Published on
March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mercedes-Benz Of Los Angeles?

After analyzing the recent customer reviews for Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles, the dealership presents a mixed reputation, with a dichotomy between lauded sales experiences and critiqued service department interactions. Customers who purchased vehicles tend to describe exceptional service, noting the professionalism, responsiveness, and overall pleasant process facilitated by sales representatives such as Eduardo, Rafael, and Michael J. These positive descriptions are frequently personalized with a sense of feeling valued and treated 'like royalty', suggesting successful client relationship management in sales. Conversely, recurring negative feedback revolves primarily around dissatisfaction with the service department. Concerns cited include perceived overcharging, unresponsiveness, inadequate communication, and allegations of negligence that question the trustworthiness and operational competency of the service team.

Positive Feedback

The dealership is frequently commended for its exceptional sales service. Customers highlight the responsiveness, professionalism, and transparency provided by sales representatives. Experiences with individuals like Eduardo, Rafael, and Michael J have been notably positive, with customers describing the process of purchasing a vehicle as 'super easy', 'seamless', and 'pleasant'. The sales team's personalized approach makes customers feel valued and well taken care of, enhancing the dealership's reputation within the realm of vehicle sales. The atmosphere and customer service at the point of purchase are characterized as 'top notch', 'outstanding', and 'royal', indicating that the sales department upholds a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Customer dissatisfaction is largely directed towards the service department of Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles. Grievances include significant overcharging for diagnostic services and repairs, with one customer noting a quote that was $2-3.5k more than competing dealerships, raising concerns about price transparency and fairness. Reports of poor communication are recurrent, with service advisors failing to provide timely updates and necessitating persistent customer follow-ups. The most concerning allegations include missing vehicle parts after service, which one customer described as a 'potentially lethal mistake', and general unapologetic attitudes from service management. These incidents contribute to an image of unreliability and raise serious questions about service integrity and customer care post-vehicle purchase.

Frequently asked questions about Mercedes-Benz Of Los Angeles

Can I expect a transparent and professional sales experience at Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles?

Many customers report having a transparent and professional experience when purchasing vehicles from Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles, with sales representatives often going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Are there any issues with the service department at Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles that I should be aware of?

Recent reviews suggest that some customers have had negative experiences with the service department, noting concerns such as overcharging, lack of communication, and in some cases, negligence regarding vehicle parts.

Is Mercedes-Benz of Los Angeles responsive to customer inquiries and issues?

While sales representatives are praised for their responsiveness, there have been instances where the service department did not meet customer expectations for timely and effective communication, requiring customers to follow up multiple times to receive updates or resolve issues.

What are customers saying about Mercedes-Benz Of Los Angeles

Mercedes-Benz Of Los Angeles
Mr. Reyes
3 months ago
I’m a new registered owner of a Mercedes, I called DT L.A Mercedes customer service and asked to see how I can register the vehicle to my name so I may start tracking my Maintenance service on the Mercedes app. I was transferred to Sales, I told him what I need and instead of helping me he transferred my call to the automated message system. Attention Mercedes Sales Manager, please retrain your staff, they are clueless. I called Torrance Mercedes and they advise me within seconds of my call.
Mercedes-Benz Of Los Angeles
mark reynolds
4 months ago
Do yourself a favor and DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE FOR SERVICE (read to bottom for potentially life threatening experience). I left my vehicle with Barry Murphy, my service advisor. I happened to know the issue with the vehicle but Barry told me they would still need to do a diagnostic. Fair. The diagnostic cost $300 and would go towards the repair if I decided to do it there. I dropped my vehicle off on a Wednesday and asked for an update on the vehicle before the weekend (Thursday or Friday). Of course that didn’t happen, so I called Monday morning and Barry told me the results of the diagnostic with a quote of nearly $6k! I had to ask like 5 times for a written estimate with a breakdown of parts and labor. When they finally sent it I called a few other dealerships in the area to get a few cost comparisons. Turns out other dealerships were in the $2-3.5k range MORE THAN $2k LESS THAN MERCEDES BENZ OF LA had quoted. I found another dealership to take my vehicle to where I ended up saving $3,000, but the story doesn’t end there. When I arrived to the other dealership they popped the hood and informed me there was a part missing! Luckily the part that was missing from under the hood wasn’t integral to the operation of the vehicle, but this easily could have been a lethal situation. I called Mercedes Benz of LA and they acknowledge having the part claiming it was a mistake, but I cant help wonder if it was a punitive action taken because I made the decision to take the vehicle to another mechanic. Both Barry and service manager Scott Hodges were entirely unapologetic for the potentially lethal mistake. I tried to speak with service director Tim Endo regarding the experience but he never returned my messages. This was by far the worst service I’ve ever experienced. If you value you your money, your time, or your life, DONT BRING YOUR VEHICLE HERE FOE SERVICE.
Mercedes-Benz Of Los Angeles
lelo cronk
a year ago
Love our new benz and I have to add that Eduardo is awesome and top notch. Made the purchase of our new GLE super easy and transparent. We have never been to a dealership that is as top notch and outstanding as Mercedes’ downtown Los Angeles Everyone there from the reception desk Moe and all the sales reps that we crossed paths with including our sales rep EDUARDO we’re outstanding, impressive and very very very professional. We will not be going anywhere else to buy any cars besides this place. They really took care of us and made us feel at home. They trained their team well and everyone is happy. Highly recommend this dealership and Eduardo . When. You buy a car there you will see exactly what I’m talking about. They’re beyond terrific
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