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Marian Anderson Recreation Center
Marian Anderson Recreation Center

Marian Anderson Recreation Center Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 20, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Marian Anderson Recreation Center?

The Marian Anderson Recreation Center has garnered a mostly positive reputation among its visitors, with a spotlight on its variety of available activities and the benefits it provides to the community. Customers express appreciation for its well-maintained outdoor facilities, including an outdoor pool, basketball courts, baseball/soccer field, and the playground. The presence of large-scale murals adds an artistic dimension to the sports-centric environment, enriching the visual experience. The reviews underscore the center's capacity to cater to different age groups and needs through thoughtful segmentation of the pool and availability of life jackets in various sizes. Additionally, the center's commitment to maintenance and recent renovations is acknowledged, suggesting a progressive improvement in the facilities provided. Conversely, attention is drawn to infrastructural issues such as inadequate bleacher safety, which could impact visitor experience and safety negatively. The limited crowd control and cleanliness at the pool are praised, though the absence of street-side trash cans is noted, a minor, yet pertinent point for improvement. The feedback indicates a strong community engagement, with special commendations for the friendly and attentive staff, as well as the range of programs and training opportunities available for both youth and adults.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Marian Anderson Recreation Center emphasizes the quality and diversity of its recreational facilities. The outdoor pool, praised for its cleanliness and efficient crowd management, provides a segregated and safe swimming experience. The life jackets available for children are a key safety feature that visitors value. The center's basketball and baseball facilities are highly regarded, with users impressed by the accessibility and condition of the courts and field. Moreover, the center's substantial contribution to the community is recognized through its offering of sports training, recreation, and programs like summer camps and afterschool activities. The integration of public art contributes to an aesthetically pleasing environment, enhancing the visual appeal and cultural value of the space. Visitors also appreciate the attentive and friendly staff that enriches the customer experience with their courteous and responsible conduct.

Concerns and Threads

While reviews for Marian Anderson Recreation Center are predominantly positive, there are recurring concerns that suggest areas for enhancement. The primary issue identified by customers pertains to safety, specifically regarding the bleachers in the gymnasium that reportedly require repairs. This not only poses a risk to spectators but may also detract from enjoyment of the events. Another point of critique, although of lesser significance, is the lack of street-side trash cans, which could lead to littering problems and compromise the tidiness of the facility's surroundings. Additionally, while the renovations are well-received, mention of the need for 'a bit of polish' on the playground equipment indicates room for further improvements to keep the facilities in optimal condition. These issues, although not widespread, do highlight the importance of continuous maintenance and safety checks to maintain a high standard of visitor satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Marian Anderson Recreation Center

What types of activities and facilities are available at Marian Anderson Recreation Center?

Marian Anderson Recreation Center offers a variety of facilities including an outdoor pool, basketball courts, a baseball/soccer field, and a playground. It also provides a range of activities such as summer camps, after school programs, and sports training.

Are there any safety measures in place at the center's pool?

Yes, the center's pool has numerous life guards on duty who are described as friendly and attentive. The pool area is sectioned off for different ages and swim abilities, and various sized life jackets are provided for children.

Have there been recent upgrades to the recreation center?

Visitors note that the center has undergone renovations in recent years, including updates to the outdoor basketball court and the addition of murals. However, some suggest that the playground equipment might still need minor improvements.

What are customers saying about Marian Anderson Recreation Center

Marian Anderson Recreation Center
Barb Hauck-Mah (barbhmphilly)
3 months ago
This neighborhood youth recreation center has a baseball/soccer field, playground, outdoor pool and fills a full city block.The outdoor basketball court has been renovated, and is open daily to everyone. It's a popular dog-walking destination especially in late afternoons and weekends. If you enjoy outdoor art, come to admire 3 large-scale murals celebrating sports, history and the arts. There's a 60-foot mural by Joshua Mays with 40 portraits honoring African-American contributions to baseball. The mural wraps around the Ryan Howard Youth Baseball training center. There is also a whimsical mural that wraps around the pool wall.There are no trash cans on the street surrounding the park,
Marian Anderson Recreation Center
michael Dillon
4 years ago
Couldn't believe how nice the field and complex was! You go from tight city streets and alleys to this huge open space! It was so nice and clean and just perfect for playing baseball!
Marian Anderson Recreation Center
Jennifer Ziolkowski
2 years ago
Went there for my son's basketball game very nice gym looks like there's a lot to do but some of the bleachers need to be fixed on the bottom two rows. Be careful when you step on them and when you sit down..
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Recreation facility offers a field, batting cage, handball court, pool & pair of basketball courts.