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Published on
February 22, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd?

Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd (LTCS) possesses a robust reputation, as manifested in client testimonials that highlight professional expertise, safety-consciousness, and a meticulous approach to tree care. Reviews consistently reflect a high degree of customer satisfaction, pointing to LTCS's professional conduct and the quality of their work. Customers commend the team's efficiency in carrying out significant tasks, their attention to detail, and their tidiness post-completion. There is frequent mention of the company's commitment to proper procedure and customer communication, as evidenced by their collaboration with various stakeholders on projects involving Tree Preservation Orders. The company's reputation for trustworthiness is bolstered by accounts of LTCS providing knowledgeable advice without the prospect of immediate financial gain. These impressions suggest that LTCS prioritizes long-term customer relationships and ethical practices over short-term profits.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for LTCS predominantly highlights the company’s knowledgeable and considerate approach towards arboriculture and client relations. Professionalism and expertise are recurring themes, with several reviewers acknowledging the team's skillful handling of complex tasks involving large and potentially challenging trees. Customers appreciate the company's safe, organized methods and their use of equipment like stump grinders to ensure complete and thorough service. The reviews also underline the team’s efficiency in leaving properties tidy, reflecting a respect for clients’ spaces. Prices are deemed reasonable for the service quality provided. Moreover, the team is frequently described as friendly and courteous, creating a positive interpersonal experience. Commendations of LTCS's integrity, based on instances where they advised potential clients against unnecessary expenditures, further contribute to the positive perception of the company's principles and customer service philosophy.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not furnish a significant amount of negative feedback regarding LTCS. The absence of criticism might indicate a consistent level of quality in LTCS's services and customer care. However, it's crucial to consider that a lack of negative feedback might be due to a variety of factors, such as the potential omission of disparaging reviews, customers’ reluctance to publicly share their dissatisfaction, or perhaps, LTCS's effectiveness in resolving issues before they escalate into negative reviews. Nonetheless, without explicit adverse comments to examine, it is not feasible to identify any specific negative aspects from the customer feedback provided.

Frequently asked questions about Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd

Can LTCS handle the removal of large trees with complex root systems?

Yes, customer testimonials frequently reference LTCS's adeptness at tackling large-scale tree removals, including those with extensive root systems, while ensuring safety and efficiency.

Does LTCS provide support with Tree Preservation Orders?

LTCS is experienced with the Tree Preservation Order process and works collaboratively with tree owners and local authorities to ensure that all work complies with regulations and is agreed upon by all parties.

What is the pricing and value proposition of LTCS's services?

While specific costs are not mentioned in customer reviews, the feedback suggests that LTCS offers reasonable pricing for their services, considering their expertise, thorough work, and the tidiness they maintain.

What are customers saying about Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd

Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd
Kerry h
6 days ago
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LTCS or using them again myself. They were knowledgeable, considerate, and seemed to genuinely care about our trees. So refreshing, after a stream of people knocking on the door with a van of power tools eager to take everything down! Real trustworthy professionals and a very reasonable cost.
Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd
Liz Loops
4 years ago
I came across LTCS whilst searching on-line for someone to cut down a massive willow tree, conifer tree (both of which had enormous roots lifting the lawn and the flags up on my path) and a couple of smaller trees which had partly blown over in the strong winds in my garden. My parents recommended someone who had done work for them and I looked into them. I received a price from them and also LTCS; were both similar but overall, I felt that LTCS would do a better job. Their reviews were excellent, the website showed a large portfolio, a broad range of their skills including pictures and Mat, who dealt with us came across as professional, knowledgeable, friendly and confident. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of workers. I was amazed at how adept and efficient the four men were, faced with such a mammoth job. They all had their roles and worked together with an organized and safe approach. The trees were cut down to a stump and all of the branches and wood were taken away, chipped into a machine and the garden left tidied up. The following week, the stump grinder, Paul who came highly recommended by Mat and who has worked with LTCS for a number of years, came to remove the tree stumps and massive roots. Again, a job professionally and efficiently carried out and a friendly worker. I’m delighted with the results (a nice flat surface for my wheelchair and so much lighter in my garden) and I wouldn’t hesitate to use LTS again. Liz and Sean.
Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd
9 months ago
Excellent work by a helpful and well organised team. Matt and his team worked safely and diligently to trim three large established Beech and Sycamore trees and to fell a fourth. They cleared all debris before leaving site. Would highly recommend and will be using again in the future.
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