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Published on
March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Lionbridge Wealth Management?

Evaluating the customer reviews of Lionbridge Wealth Management reveals a strong positive reputation. Clients praise the company for its expert guidance across a diverse array of financial services. A recurring theme in the feedback is the personalized and professional support offered by team members, particularly Ryan, Sophie, and Elliot. Customers feel supported not only with immediate needs such as home purchases and mortgage transfers but also with long-term financial planning including pensions, life insurance, and business financial strategies. There is a sense of trust and respect for the company's approach to explaining complex financial matters and its transparent communication. Overall, these reviews indicate that clients value Lionbridge's comprehensive and client-focused service.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from the customer reviews of Lionbridge Wealth Management include the provision of expert advice on complex financial matters and the ability to navigate such issues to achieve desired results. The clients have highlighted clarity in communication, transparency, and a forward-thinking approach as fundamental attributes of the company. The ability to build and maintain trust through personal and attentive service creates a strong client-advisor relationship. There's an emphasis on the team's proficiency, especially in areas where clients may lack knowledge, such as pensions and investments. Multiple reviewers underscore their appreciation for the long-term solutions and ongoing support that contribute to their financial security and success.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there appears to be a dearth of explicitly negative aspects mentioned in the customer reviews provided. All client testimonials reflect satisfaction with the services offered by Lionbridge Wealth Management, praising the company and its staff for their professionalism, helpfulness, and efficiency. Given this data, there are no explicit negative customer experiences or trends to report. It should be noted that this analysis is based solely on the reviews presented, and a broader range of feedback could potentially reveal areas for improvement.

Frequently asked questions about Lionbridge Wealth Management

What types of financial services does Lionbridge Wealth Management provide?

Lionbridge Wealth Management offers a comprehensive range of financial services, including mortgage assistance, pension guidance, life insurance, tax efficiency support, investment advice, and assistance with writing wills. They cater to both personal and business financial planning needs.

Can Lionbridge Wealth Management assist with complex financial situations?

Yes, customers have reported that Lionbridge's team, particularly Ryan and Sophie, are highly skilled in navigating complex financial circumstances to help clients achieve their goals, such as purchasing homes or transferring properties to buy-to-let under challenging conditions.

Do clients feel supported by Lionbridge Wealth Management in the long-term?

Clients report long-term support and satisfaction with Lionbridge's services, emphasizing the company's willingness to extend their relationship beyond initial transactions to cover ongoing financial needs and forward planning for families and businesses.

What are customers saying about Lionbridge Wealth Management

Lionbridge Wealth Management
Will Grashoff
10 months ago
My wife and I could not be happier with Ryan and Sophie and the help they gave us to buy our first home. We had quite complex circumstances but Ryan and Sophie expertly navigated them to get the result we wanted. Could not recommend them enough - thank you!
Lionbridge Wealth Management
Carley Holmes
2 years ago
Lionbridge Management are by far the best in the business. Ryan and his team have been absolutely superb. They have recently been supporting us with a mortgage for our new home as well assisting us with transferring our current property to a buy to let. Their expert advise has helped us secure a tricky mortgage. Our options were explained very clearly and everyone was very transparent throughout. Ryan didn’t just stop there, he gave us a solution not just for now but also for the medium and long term. Since the mortgage has been completed we have started discussions for them to assist us with our Life Insurance, Pensions and a Will and at each step they have gone above and beyond. We’ve been extremely impressed with the service we have received. I can’t express how great they are as a company and I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thanks Carley
Lionbridge Wealth Management
Haitham Elmasri
a year ago
Lionbridge were great in helping me not only sort my existing pension pots that I have collected over the years but also forward planning for later life. Ryan was very supportive and helpful in an area I have little knowledge of. Excellent service!
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At Lionbridge Wealth Management we offer expert financial advice in and around Manchester to private clients and business owners to help them and their families achieve a secure and independent financial future while protecting what’s important to them. We offer advice on all aspects of financial planning, including retirement planning, Investment advice, Wills and Trusts, mortgages, protection and Estate planning. We work on a no fee or obligation initial consultation basis and take pride in our relationship based approach.