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Published on
February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Lawnstarter Inc.,?

Evaluating the overall company reputation of LawnStarter, the feedback appears quite polarized. A significant number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction, particularly with service execution and customer service interactions. Instances where services were charged but not rendered, along with refractory customer service — slow refund processes, and ineffective communication — form the crux of customer grievances. Discrepancies in service expectations, such as changes in crew timing without proper discount application and poor quality work, have also been noted. Conversely, where management steps in with responsive support, such as the instance involving Megan Harris, customer contentment resurfaces, suggesting remediable issues dependent on active and attentive customer service personnel. While some customers have experienced poor service, resulting in some stating the company is unprofessional or even a scam, there are positive experiences highlighting quick responses, good communication, and efficient lawn care services.

Positive Feedback

Despite the reported issues with LawnStarter's services, certain positive aspects emerge from customer feedback. Notably, when customers encountered dedicated representatives, such as Megan Harris, who took active interest in their accounts, the company's ability to correct issues and ensure quality service was evident. Positive feedback commends LawnStarter's quick response to inquiries and highlights the ease of initiating service. Additionally, customers have mentioned the reasonableness of pricing and effectiveness of the lawn care provided. Reliable communication and customer service were credited for establishing an effortless lawn maintenance experience for some, indicating that with the right personnel and responsiveness, LawnStarter can achieve a favourable customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

LawnStarter's criticisms predominantly revolve around three main areas: unfulfilled service commitments, inattentive customer service, and discrepancies in pricing for expected services. Customers have reported charges for uncompleted work, with issues escalating to the point where refunds were slow to materialize and only partially resolved the financial concerns. In terms of customer service, feedback indicates inadequate and at times dismissive interaction, with company representatives failing to provide timely and empathetic resolutions. Service inconsistencies, such as variability in crew arrival times and an inability to adhere to quoted prices, have led to customer frustration and distrust. These issues collectively paint a picture of a company that struggles with reliability and transparent customer engagement, acutely impacting its reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Lawnstarter Inc.,

What can I do if LawnStarter charges me for services not rendered?

If you're charged for services that weren't performed, collect evidence such as videos or photos, then reach out to LawnStarter customer service to dispute the charges. It may take some persistence, but you are entitled to a refund for services you didn't receive.

How does LawnStarter handle complaints and claims?

LawnStarter handles complaints and claims primarily through email communication. Customers should provide detailed information and any necessary proof to support their claims. However, response times may vary and some customers have reported receiving only auto-generated emails.

Does LawnStarter provide services for lawns with grass taller than 6 inches?

LawnStarter typically handles lawns of various sizes, but exceptionally tall grass may be subject to additional fees. It's best to discuss your specific situation with a representative beforehand to ensure you receive an accurate quote and that the job expectations are clear.

What are customers saying about Lawnstarter Inc.,

Lawnstarter Inc.,
Bre Barnes
4 months ago
This company is absolutely horrible!! I booked a lawn treatment service and no one ever came out but my card was charged for full service. I reached out to customer service and told them that I have video footage of no one coming out and I have locks on my back yard gate which makes it impossible for anyone to get to the backyard without the code. Customer service took 3 days to refund me half of the amount that was charged on my card! For a service that was never completed! Stay away from this company they charge for aero that have never been completed and customer service doesn’t seem to care and you can only email them. Service: Lawn mowing & maintenance
Lawnstarter Inc.,
Ryan H
3 years ago
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE B.B.B. RIP-OFF!! UNPROFESSIONAL! DO YOUR RESEARCH AND YOU WILL SEE!! This company is a scam! Absolutely the worst customer service. Unfinished job after coming out 3 times and it’s my fault when I paid $99 for a leaf clean up and 32 for mowing. This there idea of finished! Services: Lawn mowing & maintenance, Yard work
Lawnstarter Inc.,
Trudi Kormylo
4 months ago
They mowed on my dead grass two weeks ago! They charged me over 200. In the start of season when the boulevard near the street when it was high. That’s extreme for a less than 45 minutes work. One week they only mowed 1/2 of back yard. Told them them, they said 1/2 of next mow. The workers changed mowing time for 3 weeks. Never got my discount. Not very happy with the quality of work. Service: Lawn mowing & maintenance
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LawnStarter is your all-in-one service for Dallas lawn care that offers fully insured professionals and fast booking through our app and online page. In order to be the #1 lawn service in Dallas, we filter out subpar lawn care services in Dallas that don’t meet our standards. With us, you no longer have to ask: where can I find the best lawn services near me? By connecting lawn care services near Dallas with customers, LawnStarter provides the most convenient options that close to you. In the past, finding the best lawn care in Dallas was painful. But we designed our online platform to be easily used and ensure your preferences are remembered. Check out our page for quotes and let us provide you the best lawn mowing Dallas has to offer.