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Published on
February 11, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Lawnstarter?

LawnStarter generally appears to provide a reliable and effective lawn care service, as evidenced by multiple customer testimonials praising punctuality, communication, and quality of service. Positive reviews consistently highlight the company's timely response, good value, attention to detail, and professionalism. Customers have expressed satisfaction with LawnStarter for transforming their yards and maintaining lawn aesthetics, with some even noting the extra mile service providers have gone to accommodate personal circumstances. However, there are accounts of dissatisfaction centered around poor experiences, such as unmet expectations in lawn care proficiency, perceived lack of responsibility for property damage, and issues with service consistency. The latter includes concerns about the competence of the workforce supplied by LawnStarter, as well as their follow-up on service-related grievances. These negative experiences, although seemingly infrequent, raise questions about consistency and quality control across LawnStarter's network of contractors.

Positive Feedback

LawnStarter has earned commendations for several aspects of their service, including the promptness of their response to customer requests and the overall efficiency of their lawn care solutions. Clients frequently applaud the punctuality and reliability of LawnStarter's teams, along with their professionalism and customer-friendly disposition. The attention to detail by the service providers, who have been described as caring and responsive, contributes significantly to the customer satisfaction. Several reviews report a marked improvement in lawn appearance and acknowledge the courteousness of the staff, with instances of going above and beyond, such as offering free services under special circumstances. Notably, customers also appreciate the easy communication and updates provided throughout the service process.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, LawnStarter has faced criticism from some customers regarding instances of unsatisfactory service and customer support. Negative commentary is rather focused on the company's handling of service failures and property damage accountability. Customers have reported experiences with inadequately skilled labor, incomplete jobs, and lack of follow-through, which points to potential gaps in workforce training and quality control. Furthermore, the concern that LawnStarter is perceived as unresponsive or evasive when dealing with complaints or damages adds a layer of apprehension for prospective customers considering their services. Such negative customer interactions detract from the overall reputation and highlight areas where improvement is imperative for maintaining consumer trust.

Frequently asked questions about Lawnstarter

How quickly does LawnStarter respond to service requests?

Customers have reported that LawnStarter is very prompt in responding to service requests, often within minutes of being selected for a job.

What can I expect in terms of service quality from LawnStarter?

Service quality with LawnStarter is generally high, with many customers satisfied with the punctuality, professionalism, and outcome of their lawn maintenance. However, there have been isolated incidents of subpar service, suggesting variability depending on the individual contractors.

What is LawnStarter's policy on property damage caused by their contractors?

The company's official policy on property damage is not specified in the customer reviews. Some customers report a lack of responsibility taken by LawnStarter for damage caused, though the company seems to offer solutions when responding to negative reviews.

What are customers saying about Lawnstarter

Carmelle Martin
5 months ago
I have been using LawnStarter for almost a month now and each time they arrive on schedule, communicate with me before and after, and get my lawn in great shape in minimal time! Very happy with their services. I have never used a lawn mowing service but would be hard to switch after using them.
Shannon Colón
5 months ago
LawnStarter was the first to respond to my request in almost moments of selecting them. They gave me great options and an even better value for my first mow. They showed up on time, did an excellent job and my yard has never looked better! Will definitely be using them moving forward! Highly recommend! My lawn looks awesome and my dog is so happy to be running around my yard! Service: Lawn mowing & maintenance
Kamaria Boynton-Johnson
6 months ago
I hired this company to mow my lawn, pull my weeds and a bed clean up. They sent one guy out in basketball shorts and a white beater. He didn’t finish and left me a hand written note saying he would be back the next day and never came. He then wrote me the day after stating he got busy and would come out the next day. I asked him not to come. The company said the would send someone to fix the issues. I asked could they send someone with a little more experience and they sent the same person. He seems to be new at it and that’s ok BUT my lawn needs someone a little more experienced. My grass is still 3 inches long. The pavers, driveway or drains weren’t edged/cleaned up. This was the results. I am very disappointed in this “service.”Customer service has been pleasant but I will not be using this service again.
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