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Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant
Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant

Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 1, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant?

The overall reputation of Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant appears to be generally positive, with numerous customers praising the freshness and deliciousness of the food, the atmosphere, and the quality of service provided. The staff has been repeatedly described as helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about the menu, which seems to contribute significantly to the positive dining experience. The restaurant's value for money is highlighted, suggesting that customers feel satisfied with the price-to-quality ratio. However, there are some criticisms concerning the portion sizes, perceived value, especially concerning certain dishes like the baklava dessert, and instances where customers felt pressured by staff to order more. It is also important to note one particularly critical review that indicates dissatisfaction with the authenticity and taste of the Turkish food served, suggesting that these aspects may not consistently meet the expectations of all guests, especially those familiar with Turkish cuisine.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant are focused on the quality of the food and service. The meals are often described as fresh, delicious, and with a good variety, including dishes not commonly found elsewhere, which suggests a unique dining experience. The atmosphere of the restaurant receives praise for feeling homely and comfortable, which seems to encourage repeat visits. The staff's friendliness and attentiveness are noted, alongside comments on the suitable value for money, indicative of a balanced cost-to-satisfaction ratio. Customers have also shown appreciation for the adherence to COVID regulations and the ability to cater to dietary requirements, which enhances the inclusive nature of the restaurant.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative aspects based on customer feedback revolve around concerns with food portions and value, and occasional service issues. Some diners experienced dissatisfaction with the portion size of the meals, particularly the meat in mains and the amount of baklava provided in the dessert course, which they found to be lacking for the price charged. In one account, a customer felt pressured by a waiter to order more than desired, leading to an uncomfortable dining experience. Moreover, a discontented customer criticized the restaurant for not meeting the expectations of authentic Turkish cuisine, both in taste and portion size. These points of contention could be indicative of inconsistencies in food preparation and service that impact the reputation of Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant.

Frequently asked questions about Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant

Do I need to book a table in advance at Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant?

Yes, it is recommended to book in advance as the restaurant can get very busy, ensuring you secure a table for your preferred timing.

Does Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant cater to special dietary requirements?

Yes, the restaurant caters to dietary needs such as gluten-free options, but it is advisable to inform the staff of any such requirements beforehand.

Is there anything to be aware of when ordering desserts at Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant?

Yes, customers have noted that the portion sizes for desserts, such as baklava, may be smaller than expected. It is advisable to clarify portion sizes when ordering to avoid disappointment.

What are customers saying about Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant

Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant
Donna Matthew
2 months ago
The food here is fresh and delicious. Lots to choose from. Service is excellent and the staff are really helpful. Great value for money. Book in advance though because it gets very busy..... no wonder!
Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant
Akhtar Husain
a month ago
Ottoman taste of Turkish food, some dishes never tasted before. Karnıyarık was lush stuffed aubergine with lamb, nice and succulent. Generous portions, felt a bit pressurised to order more starters by the waiter which was a bit uncomfortable.
Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant
Mark Walker
a year ago
Love it, a feel at home atmosphere. Nice friendly staff. I was going to Greek tomorrow but think I'll come back here instead :D Mixed meal of meats quite delightful!
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