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Jones Services Removals & Storage Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 20, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Jones Services Removals & Storage?

Jones Services Removals & Storage exhibits a consistently positive reputation based on customer reviews that highlight an excellent overall customer experience. Their services are described as professional, efficient, and courteous, with special commendation often directed towards their respectful and hard-working staff. Customers praise the responsiveness and flexibility offered by Kate, a point of contact frequently mentioned, as well as the timely and organized work of movers like Mark and the team. The company appears adept at managing logistical challenges, such as last-minute bookings and delays on moving days, maintaining professionalism throughout. There are repeated mentions of the care taken with belongings, including the utilization of professional coverings and protection for delicate items and furniture. Moreover, the reviews underline an effective communication system, punctuality, and thorough services that include disassembling and reassembling furniture. It is apparent that satisfaction with the end-to-end service contributes positively to the company's reputation.

Positive Feedback

The feedback for Jones Services Removals & Storage clearly conveys a high level of customer satisfaction with several laudable aspects of their service. Notably, the professionalism and efficiency of the moving teams are repeatedly commended, with customers feeling their possessions are treated with care and respect. The responsiveness and assistance provided by customer service, particularly by Kate, is also a recurrent positive theme in the reviews. Efficiency in dismantling and reassembling furniture without losing parts is highlighted, as is the team's proficiency in handling delicate items with specialized coverings. Their capability to handle unexpected situations smoothly, such as accommodating last-minute bookings and dealing with waiting times during the move, showcases their commitment to customer service. Additionally, the provision of clear communication, including timely updates and punctuality, has reinforced the trust in their reliability and has been a notable factor contributing to the overall client contentment.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are slight areas of improvement suggested by the customer experiences. In one instance, movers arrived slightly later than scheduled, which, although not reported as a significant issue, indicates a potential opportunity for enhancing punctuality in certain cases. While the delay was well-communicated and managed, ensuring consistent on-time arrivals could further strengthen the company's reputation for reliability. However, this appears to be an isolated incident, as no other reviews indicate concerns with timing. No other prominent negative aspects are extracted from the given reviews, depicting a company that largely meets, if not exceeds, customer expectations, with any criticisms being minor and efficiently addressed within the service process.

Frequently asked questions about Jones Services Removals & Storage

How does Jones Services Removals & Storage handle last-minute booking requests?

Jones Services Removals & Storage is reported to handle last-minute bookings competently, offering provisional booking dates to accommodate uncertain schedules and effectively confirming moves with short notice. Responsiveness and flexibility are key attributes that aid in managing such situations.

What measures does the company take to protect furniture and delicate items during a move?

The company takes practical steps to protect belongings, utilizing professional coverings for TVs and delicate items. They also provide floor and door covers to prevent scratches during the moving process. This attention to detail in safeguarding items is consistently praised by customers.

Can Jones Services Removals & Storage handle furniture that requires disassembly and reassembly, like IKEA products?

Yes, the teams at Jones Services Removals & Storage are adept at efficiently disassembling and reassembling pieces of furniture, including complicated items from brands like IKEA, without losing parts. Their proficiency in this area is frequently commended in customer reviews.

What are customers saying about Jones Services Removals & Storage

Jones Services Removals & Storage
James B
a month ago
This removal company is great and just what we needed. Kate was consistently very responsive and flexible, and ultimately made the process run very smooth. On the day the guys were amazing. Really fantastic, respectful and professional. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Jones Services Removals & Storage
Laura Cartner
a month ago
Such a great experience. I switched to Jones removals only about 3 weeks before I moved house after having second thoughts on my original booking. I am so glad I made the decision to go with Jones. Kate was very helpful both leading up to the move and on the morning of the move. On the day, the movers were slightly later than the time given, but this wasn't an issue and I was able to speak with Kate and understand the progress and updated arrival time. The price is very reasonable for the services they offer. 3 men turned up to help me move, 2 to move the boxes and furniture and 1 to pack the van, they were all so nice and friendly, and very professional. They dismantled and rebuilt 2 pieces of furniture efficiently ( 1 of which was an IKEA warbrode, so not the easiest construction). They didn't lose any parts (which has happened to a friends of mine with different companies). They took care of my belongings, and had professional coverings for TVs and delicate items, and also had covers for floors and doors to avoid scratching when moving the furniture. They even helped me with my boiler at the new property, so that I could get my heating working. More than happy to recommend to anyone moving house.
Jones Services Removals & Storage
Kristine Smith
3 months ago
Well, I don't know where to start! From beginning to end the service was exceptional. I asked 3 removal companies to visit my home and quote for my move. The whole team were professional, friendly, and hard working. Even at the end of the day they must have been exhausted moving everything, but still nothing was too much trouble and they were still cheerful and polite. When my boxes were all unpacked, they were collected quickly and on time, as promised. I would have no hesitation in recommending this family business.
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