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Published on
March 21, 2024
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March 21, 2024

What do customers think about Jollyes?

Jollyes - The Pet People Leeds exhibits a mixed reputation based on the reviewed feedback received from customers. Many patrons highlight the excellent customer service, citing a 10/10 experience with friendly and helpful employees who extend their knowledge and assistance willingly. Ample praise is given to the store's cleanliness, affordability, and the variety of products available for different pet needs, specifically noting a great selection for dogs. The convenience of the location, including the click and collect service and the membership discounts, further buoy the store's favorable image. However, some critical reviews express concerns regarding the upkeep of the aquarium section, with instances of unclean tanks, poor maintenance and even dead fish which suggests inconsistencies in the care and attention given to all sections of the store. Moreover, the range of products for pets other than dogs appears to be more limited, potentially affecting the shopping experience for cat owners and other pet enthusiasts.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of Jollyes - The Pet People Leeds hinge on exceptional customer service; staff are lauded for their helpfulness, friendliness, and product knowledge. The available variety and quality of products, particularly for dog lovers, receive acclaim from customers, with memberships and discounts being appreciated financial incentives. The location's accessibility, especially its proximity to the motorway, ample parking, and the convenience of a click and collect service, add to the attractiveness of the retail experience. Cleanliness of the store and competitive pricing also emerge as significant favorable factors in several reviews, affirming Jollyes as a well-regarded establishment.

Concerns and Threads

The most salient negative aspects center around the subpar conditions of the aquarium section, with complains about dirty tanks, poor maintenance, and a lack of necessary equipment like running filters for certain tanks. This raises concerns about animal welfare standards at the store. Furthermore, the product range for non-canine pets, most notably cats, is perceived as limited, potentially deterring a segment of customers seeking a wider selection. Although service is generally mentioned in a positive light, the absence of a waiting area for veterinary services could detract from the store's overall appeal to those looking for a more comprehensive and comfortable service experience.

Frequently asked questions about Jollyes

Does Jollyes - The Pet People Leeds offer a variety of products for all types of pets?

Jollyes offers a wide range of products, particularly for dogs, and also caters to a variety of other pets. However, the selection may be more limited for certain pets, with some customers feeling the range for cats and aquarium keeping could be improved.

Are there any members-only discounts available at Jollyes?

Yes, Jollyes offers a membership program which provides customers with discounts such as 15% off on dog and cat food.

Is there a waiting area for veterinary services at Jollyes - The Pet People Leeds?

According to one review, there is no dedicated waiting area for veterinary services; they appear to be offered in a small room at the back of the store.

What are customers saying about Jollyes

Craig Smith
4 months ago
Just had the most amazing experience at Jollyes. Both employees were absolutely fantastic. Purchased a variety of plants some Cory's, rummy nose tetras and everything was perfect. Customer service was 10/10, prices are fantastic, shop clean. Probably the best experience customer service wise I have had in a long time. This company should be proud to have employees like this. Well done, thank you and keep doing what you are doing. Will be back :)
3 months ago
Went to buy a new tank and ended walking out after seeing the conditions of some of tanks. All the ones on the bottom shelves were covered with algae and glass was dirty. The top shelves didn’t fair better where you can see the evaporation marks since it’s been that long from their last water changes, few dead gourami floating at the top. The discus tank didn’t have a running filter either.
Jack jackum
a year ago
It caters more for dogs with most of the shop being dog related products. There is only 1 aisle for cats. When I have took my cat on walks there they have been welcoming. The staff are very friendly whilst giving you space to browse. Everything we have got from here is good quality and my cats have loved items we've bought.
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