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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about IKEA Atlanta

IKEA's overall company reputation among customers is predominantly positive based on recent reviews. A common thread is the appreciation for the helpful and friendly staff that aid customers both in-store and online, contributing a supportive shopping experience. IKEA's variety and display of products are also commended, allowing customers to envision how products would look in their homes. The in-store restaurant, particularly the meatballs, receives consistent praise for providing a satisfying dining experience that complements the shopping journey. Despite these positives, there are mentions of certain drawbacks, such as the quality of some furniture items considered inferior by some customers, and the challenges faced in navigating the store or enduring long checkout lines. These aspects indicate room for improvement within operational logistics to enhance the overall customer experience.


Positive feedback for IKEA is abundant, showcasing the retailer’s strengths in customer service, product displays, and in-store amenities. Customers report that staff assistance enhances their shopping experience, particularly when issues arise, and the store's layout offers inspiring room setups that aid in the visualization of their products in a homely context. Shoppers value the organized and well-lit areas within the store, with the added benefit of the IKEA app streamlining their visit. Another significant highlight is IKEA's culinary offerings, especially the iconic Swedish meatballs and breakfast options, which are described as enjoyable and value-adding aspects. IKEA’s sustainable initiatives, like reducing plastic waste, underscore the company’s connection to broader environmental concerns, which resonates well with the eco-conscious consumers.


Negative customer feedback, while less prevalent, sheds light on certain areas where IKEA could improve. Some shoppers have expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived lower quality of certain furniture items, suggesting that although aesthetically pleasing, the materials used may not be as durable as desired. The store's layout, although innovative, is also described as a ‘maze’ that can sometimes lead to unintentional impulse purchases and a consuming navigation process. Another critical area is the checkout experience, with complaints about long waiting lines, although the introduction of self-service checkouts has mitigated this issue for some. These critiques highlight the need for IKEA to continually assess and refine their store layout, product durability, and checkout process to balance their many positives with a more seamless shopping experience.

Frequently asked questions about IKEA Atlanta

What should I expect in terms of customer service when visiting IKEA?

IKEA is known for helpful and friendly staff, both in resolving issues with orders and in-store assistance. Customer support is readily available, though during peak times, assistance may require some patience due to high customer volumes.

Can I plan my visit to IKEA to make it more efficient?

Yes, IKEA's app and online resources are useful for planning your trip, providing information on product locations and allowing for the creation of shopping lists. Visiting early, especially on weekends, can also help avoid large crowds.

Does IKEA offer any environmentally friendly options?

IKEA is actively engaged in environmentally friendly practices, including reducing plastic waste and promoting recycling. They also offer products and solutions that support a more sustainable lifestyle for their customers.

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IKEA Atlanta
Tsigonathan Zergandler (Tsige and Jonny)
2 weeks ago
Two customer support. People helped me resolve an issue with my online order getting me the order printed up as a shopping list so I was able to collect the items I wanted. All staff was helpful and friendly and enable me to navigate the store. The meatballs and veggie medallions are awesome. The cook/chef was friendly. All around good experience.
IKEA Atlanta
Joseph Banks
a month ago
We don't get to visit as much as we like, but when we do it's an adventure. Parking is always packed but we always find a spot in our usual area in the back. Love the room set ups which gives us a great look at how their products can look in a home. We have bought a lot from IKEA and the quality is usually pretty good. The areas in the stores are well organized and lit. The food area is a good area to rest, near the restrooms. Employees are helpful when needed but we usually find what we want. The online/app experience helps to facilitate our visit. Also love the discounts afford with our IKEA card.
IKEA Atlanta
Peter Yung
2 months ago
IKEA is a world leader in supplying furniture. From the top to the bottom, you will find everything you need for your home or office or kitchen . The place is huge. The setup is so technical and simple to access. They even have different type of breakfast available for shoppers. I think it’s a brilliant idea. The Bacon and scrambled eggs with fries was a Big hit. The Meatballs breakfast set meal was out of this world. The sides was mashed potatoes with green beans. Was a great experience. Happy Eating !
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