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What do customers say about House Of Evelyn?

As of Mar 30, 2024, 149 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 30, 2024
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March 30, 2024

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House Of Evelyn's customer reviews analysis

An analysis of the most recent reviews for House of Evelyn suggests that the establishment has achieved a positive reputation among its clientele. Clients have spoken highly of the salon's services, particularly hairstyling, with special commendation directed at individual staff members who offer personalized care. Customers shared experiences of receiving compliments on their hair, obtaining desired results with gel nails and getting excellent service, even on the same day of booking. The adeptness and professionalism of staff in providing waxing, massage, and laser treatments contribute substantially to the company's standing. The salon's ambiance is also highlighted as noteworthy, with mentions of the well-designed and furnished interior and special features such as massage chairs. However, it is important to note some isolated concerns regarding the quality of specific services like waxing, where a customer reported a less satisfactory experience with uneven results.

Positive Feedback

House of Evelyn has garnered high praise for its hairstyling services, with repeated compliments on the expertise and intuitiveness of its stylists, as reflected in customers' satisfaction with their haircuts, styling, and color treatments. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff are deemed noteworthy, as they consistently make customers feel welcomed, comfortable, and assured in their service delivery. Furthermore, the salon's ability to provide immediate appointments adds to the convenience for clients seeking timely beauty care. The ambiance of House of Evelyn, with its plush design and added comforts such as lie-down massage chairs, further enhances the positive consumer experience. Additionally, the reported pain-free waxing and laser treatments, alongside the personalized attention given to customers undergoing intimate services, underline the staff's skilled techniques and empathetic approach.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the predominantly favorable feedback, House of Evelyn faces criticism in certain areas that impact its overall customer satisfaction. Waxing services have come under scrutiny; one customer cited an unsatisfactory experience involving incomplete hair removal and patchy results, which fell short of expectations considering the price paid. This inconsistency in service quality is a concern that could influence the potential patronage of new customers. While this negative feedback appears to be isolated among a sea of positives, it is an aspect of the business that could be improved upon to maintain the high standards reflected in other areas of service.

Frequently asked questions about House Of Evelyn

Can I book same-day appointments for services at House of Evelyn?

Yes, House of Evelyn can accommodate same-day appointments for services, subject to availability. Customers have reported being able to book for treatments such as facials and gel nails on the day they desired the service.

What kind of experience can I expect with the hairstyling services at House of Evelyn?

Customers can expect a professional and personalized hairstyling experience. Highly praised stylists at House of Evelyn are known for understanding and executing customers’ requests accurately, whether it's for a haircut, color, or perm. The salon also provides recommendations and aftercare advice for optimal hair maintenance.

Is the waxing service at House of Evelyn reliable?

While many clients have enjoyed satisfactory services at House of Evelyn, there have been reports of less than ideal waxing experiences, with uneven hair removal being a concern for some. However, such feedback seems to be an exception and not the norm. Prospective customers may want to inquire about the waxing specialists' experience for assurance.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for House Of Evelyn

House Of Evelyn
3 weeks ago
Excellent service. I went with my friend and they did both our hair at the same time. She got many complements about her blow dry when we went shopping in town. Definitely recommend!
House Of Evelyn
Hafsa Mohd
9 months ago
Lovely store, very friendly staff but the waxing service is not the greatest, I thought maybe it was because it was my first time - it was difficult but the leg wax was not much better, I have patches on the back of my leg, a strip going down the front and hairy knees hahaha which is not ideal after paying almost £65+ to get a wax.
House Of Evelyn
Mariya Azizi
a year ago
I had called the House of Evelyn to book a facial and gel nails and they booked me in for the same day which was very convenient. I had a deep cleanse facial and the lady was lovely. Advising me what my skin needs. I had gel nails done. I asked for natural and she gave me what I had asked perfectly. I would definitely recommend.
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House of Evelyn is Manchester’s temple of hair & beauty. An oasis of elegance and well-being. A celebration of looking and feeling fabulous. We also have a luxury Spa within the Vincent Hotel, Southport.