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Published on
February 23, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.?

Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd. provides professional and efficient heating services with a strong focus on customer care and honesty. Reviews repeatedly praise the company for its timely responsiveness, particularly in emergency situations, and its high level of competency with both routine maintenance and complex installations. Customers express a sense of safety and reassurance following the company's services, highlighting the straightforwardness in pricing where costs are communicated clearly and without unnecessary charges. The company's reputation for reliability and professionalism is further affirmed by positive experiences with courteous staff both on-site and during telephone interactions. Although not the cheapest option, their thorough work and problem-solving capabilities justify the expense for many clients. The company's attentive customer service, including follow-up gestures like sending flowers, reinforces their commitment to respectful and considerate business practices.

Positive Feedback

Customers commend Horsforth Heating Solutions for their prompt service, especially in urgent cases, often noting that engineers arrive quicker than expected. The staff is acknowledged to be knowledgeable, offering clear explanations and competent resolutions to issues with outdated systems as well as new installations. The professional conduct extends to cleanliness and communication standards observed throughout service engagements. Instances of exceptional customer service, such as proactive cost discussions and courteous interactions, contribute to customers' trust and depict a company ethos that values integrity over profit. The personal touches, like sending flowers after service completion, are received positively and contribute to a warm, customer-oriented image.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback, some areas for improvement can be noted. The company is not always the most economical option, with some customers mentioning cheaper quotes from competitors. Wait times for services, such as surveying, are also mentioned, possibly indicating a high demand for their services that could lead to scheduling delays. While these downsides are largely offset by the positives, they do represent areas where the company could seek further refinement in terms of pricing strategy and efficiency in service scheduling to accommodate the needs of a growing customer base.

Frequently asked questions about Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.

Is Horsforth Heating Solutions the cheapest option available for heating services?

No, Horsforth Heating Solutions may not be the cheapest option, as some customers have found lower quotes from other service providers. However, clients often find their pricing justified by the high quality of workmanship and service received.

How quickly can Horsforth Heating Solutions respond to emergency situations?

Horsforth Heating Solutions is commended for their swift response times, especially in emergency situations, with some customers reporting engineers arriving sooner than initially scheduled, and often within an hour or two for urgent matters.

Are there any additional gestures provided by Horsforth Heating Solutions after completing a job?

Yes, Horsforth Heating Solutions is known for their customer-friendly gestures, such as sending flowers as a thank-you for business, which reflects their appreciation and commitment to local clientele.

What are customers saying about Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.

Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.
Yuanfan Yang
4 months ago
Mick the engineer from Horsforth Heating was outstanding in fixing my boiler. A rare bird in this industry - knowledgable, kind and HONEST. They simply want to help get the job done without trying to overcharge you. And much credit to Tom and Ben for providing a friendly service over the phone. I will certainly be using you again. Thank you for standing out in being a boiler repair company that's reliable and truthful. Service: Heating system repair
Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.
PeterPaul Leppington
2 months ago
From a quick appointment. As we needed boiler checking as we had just moved in for safety. Boiler serviced. Questions answered clearly. Feel a lot safer now that bit is done. Just the hive to fit and gas fire service to be done now. Excellent all round service
Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.
James Cairns
2 months ago
Excellent service from competent and professional team. Came within a few days to assess and fix problems with an outdated central heating system. Knew exactly what the issue was and fixed quickly. Thanks.
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About Horsforth Heating Solutions Ltd.

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Horsforth Heating has been trading for over 14 years. Over the past 14 years trading we have always aimed to provide the highest level of customer service andsupport to all of our customers, new and existing. From the first point of contact to the last we aim to resolve all boiler, central heating or plumbing issues as quickly and as hassle free as possible. We are a very friendly efficient team and are always happy to help.