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As of Jan 09, 2024, 688 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Heal'S's customer reviews analysis

The collated reviews present a nuanced picture of Heal's. Customers appreciate the store's aesthetic and range of designer items, with particular praise for its impressive selection of furniture and interior design inspiration. However, the company's reputation is marred by a series of logistical issues, notably around delivery times, order processing, and customer service responsiveness. These issues include extensive delays, poor communication, and unresolved disputes regarding deliveries. Several reviews criticize Heal's for overpricing and highlight a noticeable decrease in sales floor space, which could indicate a shift in the company's market positioning. Despite these drawbacks, Heal's still attracts buyers with its selection of quality, albeit expensive, items.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Heal's focuses on the store's diverse and high-quality selection of furniture and design items, which customers find both inspiring and appealing across different styles. The availability of a range of products, from larger furniture pieces to smaller, affordable items, is also complimented. Customers find value in the aesthetic experience the store provides, with several floors displaying a wide variety of designs from around the world. Additionally, specific praises are given to the physical layout and ambiance of the store, including the café and other facilities, which enhance the shopping experience. Certain staff members are noted to be helpful and pleasant, contributing to the store's charm.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, customer feedback for Heal's indicates significant dissatisfaction with logistical aspects such as delivery times and customer service. Customers report lengthy delays, unfulfilled promises regarding delivery dates, and lackluster responses from the customer support team. The inconsistency and malfunction of the store's systems seem recurrent, as customers experience issues with order processing, gift card usability, and a lack of proactive communication. Additionally, some staff members are perceived as overly aggressive or disengaged, with instances of neglectfulness in attending to customer needs. Complaints of scams related to delivery charges and a sense of feeling undervalued by the company are present. The price point of items, while reflective of quality, is another sticking point for some customers, signaling that affordability could be an issue for a broader customer base.

Frequently asked questions about Heal'S

Can I expect my furniture to be delivered on the date initially promised by Heal's?

Based on current customer reviews, Heal's has had issues with timely deliveries, so there may be significant delays and missed delivery dates. It is advisable to stay in close contact with their customer service for updates regarding your order.

Does Heal's offer a range of products at various price points?

Yes, while Heal's is known for its premium-priced furniture, customers report they also offer a variety of smaller, more affordable items. However, the overarching perception is that the store is costly.

Is the in-store customer service at Heal's satisfactory?

Customer experiences with in-store service at Heal's are mixed. Some reviews denote helpful and pleasant staff, while others suggest encounters with disengaged or overly aggressive sales assistants. It may depend on the specific staff and department.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Heal'S

Emir Hassan
2 months ago
Not the store it use to be. Now occupying 2 floors of this beautiful building. A good selection of overpriced quality items. A bit cutback in the furniture dept.
Milan P
3 months ago
After few purchases, I made another purchase at the beginning of July with the promise that the item to be delivered by 23rd August. The time has passed, no update from the company has been received. I contacted Customer Service line twice since and I was told by the employee that she didn't understand why I never received the item while I was being promised to receive an update. Obviously, until today, no one cared to get back to me, not sure if I am ever going to see the item. Sadly, one more store less to shop at.
John Hall
3 months ago
Do yourself a favour and please don't shop here. We ordered a Sofa in November last year and were informed by the sales staff in store that there were delays on the item, the system showed around 6month but this was the case with all of this type of furniture so we accepted it and went ahead with the order. When we got past the due date end of May, I checked the order and it stated mid-late September (another 4 months delayed). I called customer services and they confirmed the delay and said I should have had an email, but nothing was communicated. As an apology they offered us a gift card which I though was generous, however whenever I tried to use the gift card to buy anything online it wouldn't work. I tried several times to via call and email to sort this out and they just kept saying it should work but it didn't and it was never resolved. Finally last week we received an email to say the sofa was ready, could we call customer services and settle the remainder and then they would arrange delivery? We were in town so went to the store at the weekend to do this in person; the sales staff wasn't much help at all, said the department used to be upstairs and now its moved (it's still in the building just downstairs now). Wanted to then know who I ordered the sofa from (I don't remember his name, this was 10months ago). I even offered to go to the other department as she seemed like this was all too much effort for her. After disappearing with our order number for a while she returned and said it won't come up in their system and the person that made the original sale no longer works there. As it had been such a long time (not our fault) we needed to ring customer services. Monday morning I call customer services, who then need to call me back because their system wont boot up. I finally settle the bill and I'm told their delivery partner will be in touch within 48-72hrs to arrange a delivery date - exciting! 4days later and nothing, so I call again, they checked and their system had not released the order to the delivery partner. So I've been told again that I now have to wait for the delivery partner to be in touch and they don't know how long this will take. As I sit writing this review I'm hoping 'their system' has processed it this time and we might get the sofa sometime this year, that would be lovely since they now have several thousands of my pounds, and I'd very much like the new sofas so we can finish setting up our living room. I've almost forgotten what it looks like, so It'll be a real treat when it does turn up. I really hope there's no issues with it when it does finally arrive, I'm not sure I can deal with anymore awful customer services and their system that never seems to be working. Please save yourself some stress and buy your home items elsewhere.
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