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What do customers say about Harry Stone Recreation Center?

As of Feb 28, 2024, 328 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Harry Stone Recreation Center's customer reviews analysis

The Harry Stone Recreation Center enjoys a broadly favorable reputation among its customers, underscored by the recurrent positive feedback centered on the facility’s amenities, the quality of staff interaction, and the center’s maintenance. Patrons are impressed with the range of programs and activities suitable for all ages, which includes great facilities such as a new aquatic center, playground, and a well-equipped weight room. The cleanliness of the facility is a recurring compliment, indicating a staunch commitment to providing a hygienic and welcoming environment. This, alongside commendations for the staff being friendly, professional, and caring, further enhances the center’s image as a family-friendly community hub. However, it is important to note that there are some negative feedback elements that may slightly tarnish the Harry Stone Recreation Center's otherwise sterling image, particularly regarding on-site payment limitations and environmental cleanliness, specifically in regards to littering issues.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for the Harry Stone Recreation Center is robust, signaling a high level of satisfaction among its clientele. Customers express particular appreciation for the diverse range of well-maintained and beloved amenities, such as the swimming pool, gym, and playground. Moreover, the center's new upgrades, particularly the aquatic center, receive favorable mentions, illustrating the center’s commitment to continuous improvement. The staff receives plaudits for their professionalism and caring nature, notably contributing to an overall constructive and pleasant customer experience. Commendations about the recreational center also extend to its clean and spacious facilities, encompassing aspects such as the weight room and event-hosting areas. These affirmations paint a picture of a community-centric environment that prioritizes quality service and cleanliness, greatly enhancing the facility's appeal to families and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Concerns and Threads

Although the majority of the feedback for Harry Stone Recreation Center is positive, there are noteworthy criticisms that surface in customer reviews. One particular issue raised is the venue's payment policy, which restricts transactions to cash only and further limits bill denominations to no larger than $10. Such payment constraints may inconvenience patrons and reduce accessibility to the center's offerings. Additionally, environmental cleanliness has been called into question due to the prevalence of cigarette butts around the playground area, an issue that undermines the center’s otherwise clean image and poses concern for health and child safety. This concern suggests the need for improved maintenance of the outdoor areas and potentially stricter enforcement of smoking policies on the premises.

Frequently asked questions about Harry Stone Recreation Center

What payment methods are accepted at Harry Stone Recreation Center?

Harry Stone Recreation Center currently only accepts cash payments and does not accept bills larger than $10. Patrons planning a visit should prepare accordingly.

Are there any recent upgrades to the facility that visitors should know about?

Yes, the recreation center has undergone significant upgrades, including the addition of a new aquatic center. These improvements enhance the recreational experience for visitors.

What kind of amenities can visitors expect at Harry Stone Recreation Center?

Visitors to Harry Stone Recreation Center can enjoy a variety of amenities including a swimming pool area, a playground, a well-maintained weight room, and a variety of classes and activities suitable for all ages.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Harry Stone Recreation Center

Harry Stone Recreation Center
H Woodson
6 months ago
Nice place. They even have a swimming pool area
Harry Stone Recreation Center
Celeste A G
2 years ago
The playground, off Matterhorn, is great. It’s simple, which means that there isn’t a lot of broken playground parts, with the good basics - slides, monkey bars, and swings. Also had a cute tiny racetrack where kids can spin wheels to “race” two little toy cars. I also liked it because there were people and families walking the path that loops around the park. Only downside is there were so many cigarette butts everywhere.
Harry Stone Recreation Center
Brandon Reed
a month ago
Absolutely love this place they are great with our kids love their staff. Great activities and camps for kids.
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