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As of Mar 14, 2024, 1533 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Gusto's customer reviews analysis

An analysis of recent reviews for Gusto Italian indicates a mixed response in terms of customer experience and satisfaction. Positive experiences frequently cite the ability to accommodate large groups, brilliant service, quality food, excellent handling of dietary restrictions, and a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, criticisms are often related to the perceived value for money, with some customers feeling that the food is overpriced for the taste or portion sizes provided. Instances of dissatisfaction with specific meals, such as overcooked beef, chicken with blood, or dry potatoes, have been mentioned, along with a negative impact on the overall dining experience. A notable trend is the positive feedback on the restaurant's handling of dietary restrictions and allergies, which has been lauded as one of the best experiences by customers with severe allergies.

Positive Feedback

Customers have highlighted several key positive aspects of Gusto Italian. The restaurant has been praised for its accommodating nature, especially in handling large group bookings and celebrating special occasions like birthdays. The provision of excellent service from staff, such as Reece and Megan, is frequently commended, contributing to a warm and enjoyable atmosphere. The immediate service of starters and the generous portion sizes relative to price points, particularly for desserts, are appreciated features. Customers also emphasize the comprehensive handling of dietary restrictions and allergies, with the introduction of an iPad system to check menu items and server diligence, ensuring a safer and stress-free dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant's decor and ambiance are consistently recognized as pleasant.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative feedback for Gusto Italian primarily revolves around certain food quality issues and value perception. Customers have reported instances of overcooked or undercooked meats, leading to disappointment, especially given the anticipated dining experience. The restaurant's value proposition is questioned as some diners find it overpriced for what is perceived as a lack of taste or insufficient sauce portions, with some pasta dishes described as dry and in need of extra moisture. Some dissatisfaction was also expressed with the seating arrangement, resembling that of a bar rather than a restaurant, and the limited availability of certain menu items or finer wine selections during their visit. Nevertheless, despite these drawbacks, customers express an interest in returning to the restaurant, indicating that these negatives have not entirely detracted from the overall experience.

Frequently asked questions about Gusto

Does Gusto Italian accommodate large group reservations?

Yes, Gusto Italian has been reviewed positively for its ability to accommodate large groups, even for last-minute bookings, making it suitable for events and special occasions.

How well does Gusto Italian cater to dietary restrictions and allergies?

Gusto Italian is highly praised for its exceptional handling of dietary restrictions and allergies, using an iPad system for guests to look up ingredients and careful server questioning to avoid cross-contamination.

Are there options for vegans and vegetarians at Gusto Italian?

Yes, Gusto Italian offers a very good range of vegetarian and vegan options, and customers have been amazed by the variety and quality of choices available.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Gusto

a month ago
This was very disappointing, the beef was overcooked, the chicken had some blood, the potatoes were dry. The first time I visited Gusto I had bad experience and thought I will give them a second chance, I am not interested in visiting again and I wouldn’t recommend it to others. The atmosphere was nice, but even as half price on the board it was just below average, I appreciate I might’ve been very unlucky but for someone that eats out a lot, two out of two is too much of just coincidence.
Tomos Morgan
2 months ago
A little let down - but perhaps as it had come as a recommendation from a friend ! We turned up for a reservation last week and was immediately incredibly busy with the amount of office Christmas dinners here. The downstairs area was very lovely, the staff were friendly. Food just seemed to be expensive for lacking taste, so fairly let down.
Catherine McHugh
a week ago
had an absolutely brilliant experience at Gusto this past weekend. i was booking for 13 people the week of the date i needed, and was so happy they could accomodate us. we were celebrating my mum's 60th birthday! we had a great table, and brilliant service from Reece. my whole family really enjoyed their meals, and the atmosphere was perfect! they also brought out the cake I had brought for my mum! overall, a brilliant experience, and we will definitely be back next time we visit edinburgh
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