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What do customers say about Greulich'S Automotive Repair?

As of Mar 03, 2024, 1177 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Greulich'S Automotive Repair's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for Greulich's Automotive Repair suggest a generally strong company reputation, bolstered by customer experiences that emphasize trustworthiness, professionalism, and efficiency. The recurring themes are of honesty and transparency, with multiple customers highlighting the staff's respectfulness and attentive service. The positive sentiment is also supported by descriptions of the staff knowing their customers personally and being timely with their appointments. However, there are some concerns mentioned regarding pricing and listening to customer issues. The labor rates are noted as significantly higher by one customer, and another expresses dissatisfaction with the technicians not properly addressing the reported issues. The contrast in feedback points to a predominantly positive reputation with minor areas that could be improved upon to enhance customer satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Overall, Greulich's Automotive Repair receives commendable feedback for their customer service and operational excellence. Customers frequently praise the honesty and integrity of the staff, particularly pointing out instances where unnecessary work was not pushed upon them, fostering a sense of trust. The competency of the team is also a highlight, with customers appreciating the professional work done at affordable prices. The notification system and the use of pictures for transparency have amplified customer confidence. Furthermore, the staff, including Jordan and Alonzo, receive special mentions for their friendly, kind, and professional interaction with customers. Promptness in appointment handling and completion of work ahead of schedule have helped build a loyal customer base that prefers Greulich's over others for their automotive needs.

Concerns and Threads

Amidst the positive testimonials, two chief criticisms appear to stand out. One is the higher labor rates mentioned by a customer who chose another service provider for a repair due to cost considerations. This suggests that while the service quality is appreciated, pricing could be a barrier for some customers. Another critical piece of feedback pertains to customer communication; a review cited an instance where the technicians did not adequately address the issue as reported by the customer, depending solely on the diagnostic dash lights rather than investigating further. This indicates that while the company excels in many areas, attentive listening and more responsive customer service in certain situations could enhance its reputation further.

Frequently asked questions about Greulich'S Automotive Repair

Is Greulich's Automotive Repair known for honest and transparent service?

Yes, many reviews highlight Greulich's Automotive Repair's honesty and transparency, with customers noting the lack of unnecessary services and the use of pictures to explain vehicle issues.

Are the labor rates at Greulich's Automotive Repair competitive?

Some customers have found the labor rates at Greulich's to be higher than expected. While the quality of service is well-regarded, pricing is something potential customers may want to inquire about or compare with other providers.

How well does Greulich's Automotive Repair handle appointments and service timing?

Customers frequently praise Greulich's for being on time with appointments and often finishing the work ahead of the estimated completion time, suggesting their efficiency and respect for customers' schedules.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Greulich'S Automotive Repair

Greulich'S Automotive Repair
Bob Wells
a month ago
A dealer told me I needed rear brakes and suggested they could do it for $800. A different vehicle needed tires, and Discount (who we have used for decades) told me to take the vehicle needing brakes to Greulich’s. In their inspection I expected they would find the brakes and probably something else too. That’s the way it usually goes. Imagine my surprise when they send the inspection report. Everything is fine. No charge. But I’ll for sure be back when I do need something. Courteous, respectful, efficient. Recommend.
Greulich'S Automotive Repair
Sidney Flowers
3 months ago
Made an appointment online 30 minutes before it was to start and was seen right on time. Their notification system is superb at keeping you informed about what's going on with your car while it's being serviced. They seemed to be very knowledgeable and showed pictures of each issue for transparency. Would rate them 5 stars but their labor rates are significantly higher. I was able to have my car repaired for a third of the price they quoted me. In a pinch, I would hire them but thankfully, I had options. Service: Brake service & repair
Greulich'S Automotive Repair
James Kramer
3 months ago
I go here for all my mechanical needs. Jordan and the rest of the staff are a great team to work with. They do professional work in a timely matter at a price that’s affordable. I’ve never had any problems coming here.
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We aspire to provide the highest quality service to every customer who walks in the door. We do this by employing skilled technicians who utilize the latest technology, tools and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in the industry. The ASE certified technicians at Greulich's will strive to service and repair your vehicle to your complete satisfaction every time.