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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Greggs

A synthesis of recent customer feedback suggests a mixed perception of Greggs' overall company reputation and customer experience. The evaluations converge on several points, indicating an inconsistency in service and product quality that plays a pivotal role in defining public opinion. Instances of subpar service are noted with specific references to staff attention being diverted to online orders, resulting in wait times and neglected in-shop customer requests. Additionally, discrepancies in posted operating hours and the unavailability of items or entire shops without proper communication have caused inconvenience to prospective patrons. While the comments pertaining to the cleanliness of the premises and adherence to safety guidelines are positive, there are mentions of disappointing product experiences concerning taste and quality that diminish the overall customer satisfaction. The balance of positive sentiments, however, stems from customers' fond memories, convenience of early morning service, and appreciation for select items, suggesting a longstanding loyalty to the brand despite recent shortcomings.


Despite the negative aspects gleaned from customer reviews, Greggs seems to have meticulously cultivated points of strength that resonate positively among its customer base. Noteworthy is the sentiment of nostalgia and routine, with feedback highlighting frequent customers' long-term affection for Greggs' offerings like sausage rolls, pizza, and cakes. A standout factor appreciated by customers includes the early opening hours which accommodate those with an active morning schedule. Furthermore, the sentiment ‘When you want one, you want one!’ encapsulates the brand's strong appeal and occasionally irresistible allure. Customers also laud commendable instances of excellent service and the provision of enjoyable food items such as an Apple Danish or a breakfast baguette. Lastly, the mention of a clean store environment and competitive pricing positions Greggs as an accessible and attentive establishment, reinforcing positive consumer experiences contingent upon consistent delivery of these aspects.


Critical reviews of Greggs point to several aspects demanding attention to enhance customer satisfaction. A recurring theme involves service shortcomings, notably observed with in-shop customers feeling overlooked due to staff preoccupation with third-party delivery service orders. This feeds into the experience of longer wait times and unmet product customizations, such as omitted butter on a bap. Furthermore, customers report operational frustrations including incorrect information about store opening times and difficulties in reaching the shop via phone, which impedes effective communication and planning. Product quality issues have also surfaced; a lukewarm sausage roll and lack of flavor or freshness in the ham and cheese baguette undermine the expected standard of dining fare. Additionally, negative experiences extend to encounters with gristle in pastries and poor ingredient quality, which could suggest discrepancies in supplier deliveries or preparation inconsistencies. These elements of dissatisfaction could potentially erode consumer trust and detract from positive experiences if not constructively addressed.

Frequently asked questions about Greggs

What are the actual opening hours for Greggs on Sundays?

Greggs Store opening hours on Sundays may vary by location; while advertised as opening at 7am, some stores may open at 7.30am or have temporary changes. It is recommended to check with your local Greggs directly for the most accurate and current opening times.

Can I customize my order at Greggs, such as adding butter to my bap?

Yes, Greggs typically allows for customization of orders; however, there have been instances where customer requests were not fulfilled. For the best experience, confirm your custom request with the serving staff at the time of ordering.

Does Greggs ensure the quality and warmth of their food items like sausage rolls?

Greggs aims to consistently offer high-quality, warm food items, although some customers have experienced variations in product temperature. If your food item is not to your satisfaction, you are encouraged to notify the staff immediately for a potential replacement or other remedial actions.

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Owen Ward
5 months ago
Went in, had to stand there for a solid 5 minutes waiting to be served. Two members of staff round the front, both working on one just eat order. I asked for butter on my bap which I didn’t get and shop looked a mess. Will stick to kings Heath high street, much better appeal and service !
3 months ago
Opening hours state 7am on Sundays I went there this morning to be told there opening hours on Sunday are 7.30am so beware. Don't go on or take opening hours ad gospel
Tripta Singh
3 weeks ago
Sausage roll was cold .i like them to be ho 😏
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A chain bakery that prepares breads, savoury snacks, sandwiches and sweet treats.