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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Gratiot Appliance?

An analysis of customer reviews for Gratiot Appliance reveals a mixed reputation with significant variability in customer experiences. Customers appreciate the affordability of the pre-owned appliances and some report satisfaction with their functioning and aesthetics, as well as commendable service experiences involving prompt delivery and even post-warranty assistance. However, there are repeated instances of dissatisfaction primarily related to the functionality and longevity of the appliances sold, with numerous buyers experiencing mechanical failures shortly after purchase. These complaints often compound due to reported difficulties in communication with the company, protracted problem resolution, and dissatisfaction with the short warranty period. The disparity between positive and negative feedback suggests that while some transactions are successful, there is a non-negligible risk of unsatisfactory outcomes for customers.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer experience with Gratiot Appliance focus on competitive pricing, as many customers report acquiring used appliances at a fraction of the cost of new counterparts. Notable commendations also highlight next-day delivery services and flexible financing options such as 90 days same as cash. There are reports of responsive customer service, with instances of the owner personally addressing issues like faulty appliances by providing repairs or replacements. Furthermore, the proactive assistance provided beyond warranty periods has been well-received and positions the company positively, reflecting a commitment to customer satisfaction in certain cases.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, reviews for Gratiot Appliance indicate several pain points in the customer experience. These include instances of appliances being delivered in poor condition, not meeting the promised 'like new' standard with unclean interiors and missing pieces for installation. Mechanical problems are a common theme, with some appliances malfunctioning shortly after purchase or within just a few months, highlighting concerns regarding the quality and longevity of products. The company's insufficient warranty period of thirty days exacerbates customer frustrations, leaving them feeling unsupported when issues arise. Even more concerning are reports of poor customer service, with difficulties in communication when attempting to resolve these matters, leaving some customers feeling misled and less likely to recommend the company.

Frequently asked questions about Gratiot Appliance

What kind of warranty does Gratiot Appliance provide on their used appliances?

Gratiot Appliance offers a thirty-day warranty on their used appliances. However, customers should be aware that any issues that arise post-warranty are likely to be the responsibility of the customer, based on current customer feedback.

Does Gratiot Appliance ensure the appliances are in good working condition before selling them?

While Gratiot Appliance presents their appliances as 'used/like new', some customer reviews have noted receiving products that were not thoroughly inspected or refurbished. It is advisable to confirm the condition and functionality of any appliance with the store before completing the purchase.

What can I expect from Gratiot Appliance's customer service if I encounter a problem with my purchase?

Based on customer reviews, experiences with Gratiot Appliance's customer service vary. Some customers report prompt and helpful service, including free out-of-warranty repairs. However, others have experienced delayed responses, challenges in reaching customer support, and dissatisfaction when attempting to resolve post-purchase issues.

What are customers saying about Gratiot Appliance

Gratiot Appliance
Shé Mathis
4 years ago
When entering the store I was skeptical being that I had never purchased appliances before so I had no previous experience to compare the used appliances to. After speaking with the owner he offered me a great price (including delivery) for an electric set. I was told that my set would be repainted and that I would receive everything I needed to hook them up. However, upon receiving my set it was not repainted or even cleaned out (there was dirt and rocks inside) and I didn’t get the tubing needed to hook up the dryer. After finally receiving my set hours after I was told that it would come the delivery team were in and out in about 10 minutes. I called nick and asked about the tubing and he said that it wasn’t included but would have someone bring it to me in about two days. I never received it. Since then I bought the tubing and had it hooked up myself. The washer is a bit noisy and the dryer doesn’t dry very well. It takes at least 2 hours for one medium load. Hopefully I get my use out of it 🤷🏽‍♀️
Gratiot Appliance
Kathleen Murphy
a year ago
Purchased a "used/like new" refrigerator and could not be happier. Cost less than 1/4 what a new one would cost and looks and works great. Delivery was prompt and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Gratiot Appliance
Tony Bennett
3 years ago
There was already a stainless steel dishwasher & microwave at my new place so I felt I needed to stick with stainless, but I certainly didn’t want to drop or go into $3K for a new fridge & stove... so I went into Gratiot Appliance and had these beauties (along with a matching washer and dryer set) delivered next day for a third of the price! 90 says same as cash, easy application, you can’t go wrong. I had an issue with the heating coil on dryer but the owner Nick sent someone right out to fix it up. Waited 30 days for the review to make sure the appliances didn’t self destruct after the return period - as you can see they’re still sparkling! Highly recommend this establishment.
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