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Glasgow Club Gorbals Reviews Summary

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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Glasgow Club Gorbals?

Evaluating Glasgow Club Gorbals based on recent reviews indicates a mixed but overall positive customer experience. Patrons generally appreciate the variety and quality of the facilities, including the gym equipment, the courts, and the swimming pool. Staff friendliness and helpfulness frequently receive commendation, enhancing the establishment’s reputation. However, there are noted concerns regarding maintenance, particularly in the sanitation department, as multiple users reported issues with cleanliness, such as mold and uncleansed locker areas, potentially detracting from the overall reputation. The unavailability of certain amenities such as the sauna and the lack of responsiveness and clarity from the staff in certain situations also contribute to customer dissatisfaction. Still, the core offerings, especially the gym and swimming facilities, seem to retain customers, and it is worth noting that the space is acknowledged for its atmosphere and diversity in services provided.

Positive Feedback

The Glasgow Club Gorbals has been praised for its diverse and high-quality gym facilities, including a wide selection of machines and free weights. Notable is the sufficient number of squat racks, which minimizes wait times for gym-goers. Customers find the staff to be generally friendly and helpful, which positively impacts the user experience and contributes to a welcoming atmosphere. In terms of convenience, the locker facilities are appreciated, as they are spacious enough to accommodate bulky gear and remove the need for padlocks or keys. Additionally, when the amenities like courts and swimming pool do meet expectations, customers are satisfied with the processes involved in using these services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite several positives, certain persistent issues surface across customer feedback for Glasgow Club Gorbals. One overarching concern is cleanliness, with multiple reports of mold in shower areas, dirty lockers, and generally poor hygiene not being addressed promptly despite complaints. Additionally, there is frustration surrounding the booking system and staff communication, particularly regarding swimming lesson availability and responsiveness to inquiries, which some customers describe as uninformative and inconsistent. The lack of an operational sauna has been a deal-breaker for some, and the high pricing for facilities like the tennis court is an area of discontent. This suggests that while the core facilities are generally appreciated, the lack of attention to sanitation, customer service, and value proposition affects the overall customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Glasgow Club Gorbals

Are the facilities at Glasgow Club Gorbals suitable for storing bulky items like motorcycle gear?

Yes, the locker facilities at Glasgow Club Gorbals are spacious and secure enough to store bulky items, including motorcycle gear, without the need for additional locks or keys.

Is the sauna at Glasgow Club Gorbals currently operational?

No, the sauna at Glasgow Club Gorbals is not operational due to concerns regarding the cost to run it. This has been a point of disappointment for some members.

Has there been any issue reported regarding cleanliness at Glasgow Club Gorbals?

Yes, several customers have reported issues with cleanliness, mentioning mold in the shower areas, unclean lockers, and overall hygiene maintenance as aspects that need improvement.

What are customers saying about Glasgow Club Gorbals

Glasgow Club Gorbals
George Hancock
5 months ago
I have been a frequent user of the gym here for a few years and I'm happy with my membership. Staff are usually friendly and helpful. Good showers. Lockers in the changing room are great without need for padlocks or awkward keys with plenty of room, enough for full motorcycle gear. Used the courts and swimming pool on occasion and been happy with the process. Gym kit is fantastic, great selection of machines and free weights. 4 squat racks mean you can always get on one rarely having to wait long. Staff could be more vigilant to keep on top the small things. On occasion, paper towels and provided spray run out. I mention it to staff who are usually happy to help, sometimes I've left nearly an hour later without them being replenished. Cleanliness can be an area for concern, I've mentioned to staff and emailed about especially concerning displays of poor hygiene which don't get addressed, some lockers in the changing room have been dirty for months. The lack of an operational sauna is very disappointing considering the recently installed one is determined too expensive to run. It's the main element making me consider leaving Glasgow Club for a gym that offers one. I am so happy otherwise I'll be staying for the foreseeable.
Glasgow Club Gorbals
Theresa Campbell
2 days ago
I was impressed with how helpful and friendly the staff were when i went for my induction and was shown around and always someone about if you need advice a very friendly atmosphere too.
Glasgow Club Gorbals
2 months ago
Swimming pool, showers and changing rooms need properly cleaned. Mould in grouting and black mould in showers. Used to be better looked after. Can understand if lack of funding but this is basic stuff.
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