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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Eight Core?

The reputation of Eight Core is highlighted by the praises for their yoga classes, particularly those led by Alina Bialek, which customers endorse for their strength-building exercises and the unique personal adjustments provided during sessions. The gym's modern facilities have also garnered appreciation, with mentions of the stylish space, cleanliness, and bonus amenities like the steam room and cafe. However, customer experiences are marred by negative interactions with certain staff members. Recurrent themes of unprofessionalism and unpleasant behavior by trainers named Chris and Jude, alongside a front-of-house staff member, have created a conflicting environment. The potentially intimidating atmosphere and perceived inattentiveness from the gym staff could detract from the overall favorable infrastructure and classes that Eight Core offers.

Positive Feedback

Customers largely celebrate Eight Core's high-quality yoga classes and state-of-the-art gym equipment. The yoga sessions, particularly Vinyasa Flow with Alina Bialek, receive notable commendation for their nurturing yet challenging nature, striking a balance that promotes both relaxation and strength-building. Additionally, the gym's aesthetic and upkeep, including the stylish decor and exceptional cleanliness, contribute to a luxurious training environment. Other amenities such as the steam room and the well-received cafe add value to members' experiences. Some customers also applaud the gym's BJJ classes and the inclusion of mental health topics within the community.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive aspects of facilities and certain classes, Eight Core's reputation faces challenges due to customer service issues. The professionalism of the coaching staff has come under scrutiny, with trainers named Chris and Jude particularly mentioned for their negative interactions with clients. Remarks about Chris's use of offensive language and intimidating demeanor, as well as Jude's unprofessional conduct, appear as significant downfalls. Further, reports of an unfriendly front-of-house staff member contribute to an unwelcoming atmosphere at times. Customers also cite a disruptive environment due to loud activities and cleanliness issues in areas like the showers, which detract from the otherwise positive traits of the gym.

Frequently asked questions about Eight Core

What kind of yoga classes does Eight Core offer?

Eight Core offers dynamic and strength-building Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, led by Senior Yoga Teacher Alina Bialek, which are well-regarded by customers.

What amenities does Eight Core provide beyond the gym facilities?

Eight Core boasts additional amenities, including a steam room and an upstairs cafe, which are praised by patrons for enhancing their overall gym experience.

Have there been any concerns regarding staff behavior at Eight Core?

Yes, several reviews express concerns about unprofessional behavior from some gym staff and coaches, which could affect the comfort and satisfaction of gym members.

What are customers saying about Eight Core

Eight Core
Pauline Jouffret
5 months ago
I come regularly to Alina’s yoga classes here and absolutely love them! The best way to feel both strong and relaxed. I really enjoy the hands on adjustments as well as the options provided to make the practice easier or challenge myself. Can only recommend!
Eight Core
Caine Stringer
11 months ago
Best strength gym I have ever been too.... So much great kit... The place runs so well ... Great place to be... Can't recommend it high enough...
Eight Core
B Shir (Zadshir1990)
2 months ago
Despite the good facilities, the presence of an unprofessional staff member named Chris Baugh can significantly ruin your experience. His use of offensive language and intimidating behavior towards others is concerning. It is advisable to consider other gyms until the management is able to hire a more competent and professional team.
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