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What do customers say about Furnished Finder?

As of Jan 18, 2024, 681 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 18, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Furnished Finder's customer reviews analysis

The reviews from Furnished Finder users show a mixed sentiment regarding the platform's performance and customer service. Users have repeatedly expressed frustration with technical issues, a cumbersome platform, and difficulties with listing properties accurately. Concerns also center around unresponsive or ineffective customer service, with some users experiencing unresolved issues and long waits for support. Landlords in particular face disappointment with the service's failure to keep listings online during critical renting periods and a convoluted calendar system, leading to lost revenue. In contrast, certain customer service representatives receive praise for their helpfulness and patience, indicating that while overall customer support is lackluster, individual representatives are still providing positive experiences. The complexity of the user interface appears to be a barrier for both landlords and renters alike, contributing to a diminished reputation, despite some successful rental agreements formed through the platform.

Positive Feedback

Despite the various challenges faced by users of Furnished Finder, several positive experiences have been noted. Some customers have praised individual representatives for their assistance, patience, and politeness. Representatives like Michelle Cardona, Stephanie, Jeimmy, Jordana, Natalia, and Tatiana have been specifically acknowledged for offering commendable support during onboarding and troubleshooting processes. Customers credit these individuals with providing pleasant interactions and useful help, indicating that the company has potential for high-quality customer service. Furthermore, some landlords have reported successful rental agreements with tenants through Furnished Finder, suggesting that when the platform functions properly, it can be an effective medium for connecting landlords and renters.

Concerns and Threads

Critical feedback for Furnished Finder frequently points to significant deficiencies in both the platform's functionality and customer service. Users have encountered persistent technical issues that prevent successful property listings and verification, leading to financial losses for landlords. The platform is described as 'cumbersome' and 'clunky,' with specific criticisms related to the calendar function which hinders proper management of rental availability. Customer interactions with support services are characterized by long wait times, unhelpful responses, and an overall sense of frustration due to ineffective communication, including instances of unresolved problems even after repeated contact attempts. Additionally, some users report their dissatisfaction with the returns on their financial investment in the service, expressing the ineffectiveness of the platform in providing valuable leads compared to competitors like Airbnb.

Frequently asked questions about Furnished Finder

How responsive is Furnished Finder's customer service?

Customer experiences with Furnished Finder's customer service are varied. While some users have reported positive interactions with helpful and patient service representatives, there is also a significant number of complaints regarding long wait times, unresolved issues, and ineffective communication with the customer service team.

Are there any recurring technical issues with the Furnished Finder platform?

Yes, users have reported recurring technical issues such as difficulty verifying listings, problems maintaining rental availability calendar, and the site being cumbersome to navigate. These technical challenges have led to frustration among landlords and renters alike.

Can I expect a reliable rental lead generation from Furnished Finder?

The effectiveness of Furnished Finder in generating reliable rental leads seems to vary among users. Some landlords have indicated success in finding renters, while others have found the service to offer less value and lead generation compared to competitors, with reports of opting for other platforms after disappointing results.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder
2024-01-15 19:42:24 +00:00
I actually got some important information. But the issue is still not resolved. I still cannot verify anything in EDIT. Please help
Furnished Finder
Monica L. Whitman
2024-01-13 00:45:40 +00:00
I have been using FF for 3 years and keep hoping they improve the platform so it is not so cumbersome for both Landlord and potential renters. The customer service is poor for Landlords and their platform lists my property as “off line” during a time that I’m looking to fill the space. This is not the first time I’ve lost money due to their poor service and they don’t do anything to make it right. Customers deserve to be contacted in a reasonable amount of time and your platform continues to have the same problems as it did 3 years ago. Get your act together because other platforms are rising to the top and their services are not charging as you are!
Furnished Finder
Best Condo
2023-12-19 21:42:10 +00:00
All the gals are so helpful! I am new to Furnished Finder and have called often for help. Jeimmy, Jordana, Natalia, Tatiana show so much patience with my questions. They are a pleasure to speak to. I have been receiving help since December 11. I have been unable to leave positive messages using my phone so I am glad to do that here.
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