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Fox Information Technology Limited Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 19, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Fox Information Technology Limited?

Fox Information Technology Ltd., as indicated by the range of reviews gathered over multiple years, maintains a notable reputation for providing attentive, efficient, and professional IT services. Customer sentiment consistently highlights the team's ability to understand and resolve technical issues promptly, showcasing a clear proficiency within their field of expertise. It seems their staff, particularly Mike and Jo, have established a rapport with clients, fostering a sense of confidence and comfort. A recurring theme within the feedback is the company's penchant for proactive measures, including educating clients on prevention and delivering careful attention to detail - an approach that has led to high satisfaction rates when it comes to problem resolution. Additionally, there is an emphasis on the friendly and personable nature of the service, which appears to complement their technical prowess and contribute positively to the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Fox Information Technology Ltd. underscores a combination of both technical efficiency and excellent customer service. Clients venerate the team for their quick response times and ability to provide remote solutions which enhance the speed at which issues are resolved. The company is deemed professional yet personable, steering clear of jargon and ensuring customers are comfortable with the process and understand the solutions provided. Customers like Dave Verburg attest to the value of the company's preventative measures, suggesting an element of forward-thinking in their service delivery. The range of services, from providing IT equipment to on-call technical support, underpins the company's comprehensive approach to IT management, cementing their role not just as a service provider but as a trusted partner in their clients' businesses.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided do not directly indicate negative aspects, it is possible to infer potential areas of concern. For instance, while the company's attentiveness to detail is praised, there could exist a risk of overspecialization where certain nuances or broader strategic IT needs might be overshadowed. Similarly, the frequent mention of the staff's friendliness may lead to questions about whether the level of service is uniformly high across all clients, or if rapport plays a significant role in service quality. Also, the reviews focus heavily on the abilities of specific team members which raises potential concerns about consistency and dependency on individuals within the company. However, without explicitly negative reviews, these conjectures remain speculative and the overall customer sentiment stands out as resoundingly positive.

Frequently asked questions about Fox Information Technology Limited

What kind of IT services does Fox Information Technology Ltd offer?

Fox Information Technology Ltd provides a range of IT services including networking, backup servers, technical maintenance, call-out services, remote problem solving, and support for specific issues like network and Wi-Fi problems.

How does Fox Information Technology Ltd handle IT issues for non-technical clients?

The team at Fox Information Technology Ltd is noted for its ability to communicate effectively with clients of all technical levels. They are dedicated to ensuring that explanations are clear and understandable, thereby minimizing confusion and making sure clients are comfortable with the solutions provided.

Can Fox Information Technology Ltd respond to IT emergencies in a timely manner?

Yes, according to customer feedback, Fox Information Technology Ltd is praised for their swift response to IT emergencies and issues. They prioritize promptness in their support and also offer remote solutions for faster resolution.

What are customers saying about Fox Information Technology Limited

Fox Information Technology Limited
4 months ago
I have worked with Fox IT on numerous projects over the last 10 year's their attention to detail is excellent your in safe hands with Mike and Jo brilliant company to deal with.
Fox Information Technology Limited
E S Walton & Co
a year ago
Mike and his team are wondrously efficient, truly dedicated and a joy to deal with. Any computer/technology problems seem to be well within their grasp and they operate on your level, so that you're not required to be Bill Gates to explain the problem and understand the solution.
Fox Information Technology Limited
paul mcrae
7 years ago
Fox is an excellent company who are attentive to all our IT issues and will do their utmost to resolve any problems we have as fast as possible. Very professional and, as importantly, very friendly too. Would always recommend them to any technophobes like our selves.
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