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Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company
Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company

Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company?

Fatcat Ballroom & Dance Company garners an overwhelmingly positive reputation based on the recent reviews. Customers have expressed a sense of appreciation for the quality of dance instruction, particularly noting the patience and skill of instructors like Yoshi and Mona, who are highlighted for making dance both accessible and enjoyable. A recurring theme is the first dance preparation for weddings, with customers reporting great satisfaction with how their dances turned out. Furthermore, the company is praised for its group class structure, which caters to different experience levels and offers a welcoming, non-threatening environment suitable for both beginners and more seasoned dancers. The organization of events, such as dance parties that integrate instruction, adds to the sense of community and fun reported by the reviewers. While there was a mention of a car alarm incident, the situation was addressed with good customer service and did not reflect on the dance classes themselves.

Positive Feedback

Many clients have experienced significant positive aspects at Fatcat Ballroom & Dance Company, which include personalized attention from knowledgeable and fun instructors, namely Yoshi and Mona, who are specifically commended. Customers have highlighted the studio's conducive learning environment, particularly praising the approachable and supportive teaching style. The variety of dance classes and the ability to learn at one's own pace are identified as key benefits, with free classes on offer contributing to the studio's accessibility. The enjoyable atmosphere is celebrated, as well as the high energy and welcoming vibe that encourages newcomers. Reviews also stress the company's capacity to cater to both newcomers and experienced dancers, with one of the largest dance floors around and events that facilitate social engagement and practice.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews of Fatcat Ballroom & Dance Company show minimal negative feedback, focusing mainly on singular incidents unrelated directly to the dance instruction or environment, such as a car alarm issue. While the circumstances were unfortunate, they did not negatively impact the customer’s opinion of the studio itself, as the interaction with staff was handled with courtesy and understanding. This indicates that the negatives do not pertain to the core service offering of the company but are incidental and resolved effectively. No patterns of dissatisfaction regarding dance education or customer care emerge from the provided feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company

Are private dance lessons available for wedding first dances?

Yes, Fatcat Ballroom & Dance Company offers private lessons specifically tailored for couples preparing for their wedding first dances. Reviews suggest that instructors like Yoshi are highly skilled in making these dances memorable.

Can beginners feel comfortable and enjoy the classes at Fatcat Ballroom?

Absolutely. The studio is praised for its 'learn at your own pace, non-threatening' atmosphere which is perfect for beginners. Group classes are structured to accommodate different experience levels, and instructors are noted for their patience with new learners.

Does Fatcat Ballroom host dance parties or social events for practice?

Yes, they host dance parties and events that enhance learning and provide an opportunity to dance with a variety of partners in a social setting, which are mentioned to be fun and integral to the learning experience at the studio.

What are customers saying about Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company

Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company
Leslie Strasshofer
5 years ago
My husband and I scheduled some private lessons at this studio to prepare for our first dance at our wedding. I had been here a few times before for swing night, but it was my husbands first time taking a dance class. The instructor we got paired with, Yoshi, was wonderful! She really took the time to patiently explain all of the steps and made it super simple to learn! Our first dance was beautiful and my husband and I had a great time learning some new moves. Thanks for everything Yoshi!
Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company
Mickie Fauth
3 weeks ago
Very fun experience for beginners. Several instructors helped us when we were struggling with some steps. We will be back! Lots of fun!
Fatcat Ballroom And Dance Company
7 months ago
Today I went to Fatcat ballroom's event... but unfortunately I had a car 🚗 alarm issue 😑. tonight that had to take priority. John..the guest service man, who met up with me at the front desk, was very cordial with me about Mona's performances there. John even gave me a monthly schedule of the upcoming events there.👍 I sadly , informed John , that because of my unfortunate circumstances with my car 🚗 alarm..I told Him to please let.. Mona know that I will.." definitely " be back next week to learn how to.. " West Coast Swing " with Mona as my instructor. 👍👌 I did notice.." Mona " on the dance floor instructing a client already in session 👌 She looked very professional today when I saw her on her dance floor with her client. I can't wait to obtain her dance experience from the next week's services when it's more convenient for me to meet her..and learn how to .. "West Coast Swing."👌👍😁 Thanks so much John for your banter with me tonight and your kind words of understanding and respecting me today with my car 🚗.. issue 👌👍 Also ...the dance party afterwards at 8:30pm will be fun to get into also with... ...Mona's dance tunes too. And too meet more fun ladies to get to dance with at ..Fat Car ballroom. Until then...have a wonderful day.. And a Beautiful... EVERYTHING ❤. GREAT ATMOSPHERE TOO.👌😁🖕
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