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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Studio 25?

An analysis of the current customer experiences with Studio25 reveals a notably polarized reputation. On the positive side, the studio is praised for its wide range of classes, central location, friendly staff, professional teachers, and a welcoming atmosphere for exploring various dance genres. Customers have expressed particular appreciation for specific classes and instructors, suggesting that the quality of instruction and enjoyment of the classes offered are high. In stark contrast to these plaudits, a significant volume of feedback highlights severe issues with Studio25's administrative functions. Recurring themes of poor communication, difficulty in booking sessions, unresponsiveness to emails and phone calls, double booking, and errors in billing mar the company's image. Additionally, operational transparency is evidently lacking, leading to confusion over booking times and resulting in customer frustration. This contrast between the quality of the dance experience and the efficiency of the administrative processes is critical for the company's overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Studio25 centers around the quality of the dance classes, the professional and experienced instructors, and the studio's conducive atmosphere for learning. Comments frequently commend the wide array of classes available, singling out specific courses and teachers for their excellence. The studio's location is also an asset, offering easy access for local dancers. The engaging class styles, such as the Cuban Salsa, and personalized attention—for instance in the street dance classes catered to beginners—are repeatedly mentioned, suggesting that once customers overlook administrative hurdles, they experience satisfaction and enjoyment. Furthermore, the studio's security and cleanliness are appreciated, creating a safe and pleasant environment for classes. The positive aspects reveal dedicated staff and a well-maintained facility capable of delivering a high-standard dance experience.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for Studio25 predominantly revolves around administrative deficiencies. There is a notable pattern of complaints regarding communication challenges, which includes extended delays in email responses, lack of telephone support, and unsatisfactory interactions with automated systems. Furthermore, customers report operational missteps such as double bookings, billing errors, and insufficient information regarding studio hire times. These administrative issues contribute to a level of service that some customers characterize as unprofessional and frustrating. The complaints suggest that these operational shortcomings undermine customer experience significantly, and for some, outweigh the positive aspects of the dance services provided.

Frequently asked questions about Studio 25

How can I ensure my booking is confirmed with Studio25?

Given the feedback on booking issues, it's advised to confirm your booking through multiple channels. While email communication has been unreliable, visiting the studio in person or persistent follow-up seems to result in more success.

What classes does Studio25 offer and are they suitable for beginners?

Studio25 offers a wide variety of dance classes, including Cuban Salsa and street dance, which are frequently mentioned positively in reviews. Classes cater to different levels, including beginners, and the instructors are praised for their professional and patient approach.

Is there anything I should know before hiring a studio space at Studio25?

Before hiring a studio space, customers should be aware that there might be restrictions on the times available for studio hire. It's important to confirm the availability directly with Studio25 and check for any scheduling policies that may not be well-advertised on their website.

What are customers saying about Studio 25

Studio 25
Lizzie B
4 months ago
Studio 25 have been extremely difficult to work with. Firstly, they take a very long time to respond to emails regarding bookings (sometimes over 2 weeks). Secondly, they've double booked the studio they gave us. Third, they tried to charge us double one time until I pointed out the mathematical mistake. Finally, they tried to book us in a studio that was under going construction. They're one of the only options in Manchester for booking a dance studio so there's not many other options but I'd advise you to look elsewhere if you can.
Studio 25
10 months ago
I come to the studio regularly for the classes and it by far my favourite studio I have danced at. Has the most widest offering and centrally located so very easy to get to. I purchase my classes on the door and have never had a problem. Definitely recommend following their instagram to get updates on the classes schedule. If you have a chance, check out the Cuban Salsa by Smain as it is a really fun class and style.
Studio 25
Sebastian Leśniak
11 months ago
Great studio, extremely friendly staff, professional and experienced teachers. Highly recommend the street dance classes with Junior, perfect for beginners; after just a few weeks you feel more confident dancing in clubs ;) Junior is patient and understanding; his classes are really fun.
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