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What do customers say about Dance Glasgow?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 19 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

welcoming studio

teachers rocks

so much fun

friendly teachers

fantastic instruction

great classes

highlights of my week

friendly environment

hard to find

Amplified music and PA at a high volume

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April 25, 2024
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April 25, 2024

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Dance Glasgow's customer reviews analysis

Dance Glasgow appears to be respected for its inclusive, welcoming atmosphere and a wide range of classes catering to various skill levels. A large number of reviewers applaud the knowledgeable and supportive instructors, noting that the studio fosters friendship and a sense of community. Accessibility in terms of both the location and the physical setup of the studio seems to be a concern, as some found it challenging to locate the studio and desired more mirrors for visibility during classes. The company reputation is notably positive with mention of reasonable prices and a rich variety of classes. However, there are logistical aspects that could be improved to enhance the overall customer experience, like clear signage and internal studio design.

Positive Feedback

Customers overwhelmingly appreciate Dance Glasgow for its diverse range of classes, which are accessible to dancers at all levels of expertise and are said to be offered at an affordable rate. The teaching staff is consistently described as friendly and competent, contributing to an enjoyable and supportive learning environment. The social aspect of the studio is frequently mentioned, with many customers finding new friendships and reconnecting with their passion for dance. Classes are praised for their value and variety, creating a favorable impression of the studio as a whole. The efforts taken to maintain a COVID-safe environment also highlight the studio's commitment to customer welfare.

Concerns and Threads

Some customers have reported difficulties in finding the studio, suggesting a need for better signage and directions, particularly since it is located in a less visible alley. There are also comments about the arrangement of mirrors within the studio, with suggestions that additional mirrors would benefit those not positioned at the front. Furthermore, a review holds that the 'beginner' level classes may not be suited for absolute beginners, implying that the studio might need to reassess the skill level descriptions. Additionally, there have been complaints about noise from amplified music disturbing the neighboring area during late hours.

Frequently asked questions about Dance Glasgow

Are the classes at Dance Glasgow suitable for beginners?

Yes, Dance Glasgow offers classes for all skill levels, including beginners. However, some customers suggest that absolute beginners might find the 'beginner' level classes challenging, so it's recommended that you inquire with the studio regarding the appropriate class for your level of experience.

Is Dance Glasgow easy to locate?

New customers have reported difficulties in locating Dance Glasgow since it is situated in a less visible area. It is advisable to allow extra time for your first visit, and detailed directions are recommended to improve this aspect of the customer experience.

Does the studio offer a variety of dance classes?

Dance Glasgow boasts a wide range of dance and fitness classes, including yoga and stretching, catering to diverse interests and skill levels. Reviewers appreciate the variety in the timetable and the friendly, community-oriented environment.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dance Glasgow

Dance Glasgow
Reina Baldwin
10 months ago
It is so rare to find such an inclusive, welcoming studio that offers dance classes to all skill levels. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and supportive, they help to make you feel comfortable whether just starting your dance practice or trying a new style of dance. Dance Glasgow has helped reconnect me with my love for dance as an adult and I’ve made so many great friends at the studio. Signing up for classes will always be at the top of my list whenever I am in Glasgow!
Dance Glasgow
Jaclyn Keith
a year ago
The studio & teachers rocks. They’ve got everything too: fitness classes, yoga, dance, stretching, etc. Plus, it’s at an affordable rate. Get there early if it’s your first time to find the location & get a spot up front. You’ll have so much fun & it’s a sweet community.
Dance Glasgow
Stephanie Blais
6 years ago
The place is hard to find when you don't know where it is. No indications, no arrows pointing in the right direction (it's in a dark alley). I still paid for my class, but let's just say the experience wasn't the same. The directions on the website should be more specific. Plus, the studio could benefit of more mirrors since only the ones in the front could see themselves. The class was good, but not as good as it could've been if I wasn't that frustrated of losing 20min wandering around in the alley.
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About Dance Glasgow

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Adult dance studio with classes for Beginners all the way to advanced, providing many different styles of dance and fitness/yoga. Sister studio - Studio 22 Glasgow (City Centre location).