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Enterprise Car Sales Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Enterprise Car Sales?

Enterprise Car Sales exhibits a robust reputation based on the examined reviews. Customers routinely highlight the exceptional customer service, with sales staff described as pleasant, attentive, and not pushy. Consistent mentions of salespersons like Marcelo, Karl, and Yas, who were commended for their professionalism and dedication, suggest that the company has succeeded in fostering a culture of customer-centricity. Clients appreciate the ample time given to inspect and test drive vehicles, as well as the provision of Carfax reports and photos pre-visit. Also receiving praise are the overall transparency in pricing and the perceived fairness in both the cost of vehicles and trade-in deals. The recurring theme of 'exceptional service' and satisfaction is pervasive and conveys a positive overall customer experience. However, it is worth noting that this analysis is limited to the positive remarks found within these reviews, and a broader range of data could provide a more balanced appraisal.

Positive Feedback

Enterprise Car Sales is consistently lauded for the quality of service, reflected in reviews that commend the attentive and customer-friendly approach of its sales force. Customers express gratitude for the non-invasive, informative support from staff, with professionals like Giovanny, Yas, and Karl receiving direct praise for their helpfulness and kindness. The purchase process is often described as easy and enjoyable, with an emphasis on the transparency and clarity of the transactions. Reviewers appear particularly content with the tangible aspects of their experiences, like the low mileage and excellent condition of the cars, as well as the relatively low pricing. The additional offerings of free inspections, detailed Carfax reports, and accessible pre-visit information further enhance customer satisfaction, contributing to the perception of Enterprise Car Sales as a reliable and trustworthy company.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided are overwhelmingly positive, some implied areas for negative feedback, present in broader perspectives, may include the potential for variability in customer experiences at different locations, or inconsistencies in service. The absence of any explicitly negative experiences in these reviews could suggest a selection bias or simply reflect exemplary service during these transactions. Nevertheless, for a well-rounded understanding, prospective customers would benefit from seeking a wider array of reviews to ensure that the high praise is indicative of uniformly superior service across the entire Enterprise Car Sales network.

Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Car Sales

Can I take an extended test drive to thoroughly inspect the car?

Yes, Enterprise Car Sales allows ample time for customers to inspect and test drive the vehicle to ensure satisfaction before purchase.

Does Enterprise Car Sales provide vehicle history reports for its used cars?

Yes, Enterprise Car Sales provides free inspections and Carfax reports to help you understand your potential vehicle's history and condition.

Is the pricing at Enterprise Car Sales transparent and fair, particularly for trade-ins?

Reviews highlight that customers generally find the pricing at Enterprise Car Sales to be transparent and fair, including the valuation of trade-ins.

What are customers saying about Enterprise Car Sales

Enterprise Car Sales
a week ago
My first experience purchasing a used car was from Enterprise Car Sales. The manager and sales person were both pleasant, attentive, and carefully answered my questions. The test drive was genuinely fun because I could spend as much time as wanted inspecting and testing the car. The free inspection, Carfax report, and photos to view before arriving to the location were reassuring and helpful. In the end, I got precisely the car I wanted with surprisingly low mileage, in excellent condition, and for a lower (but still fair) cost than I would have thought possible.
Enterprise Car Sales
Sabrina N
2 months ago
I recently had the pleasure of purchasing my second car from Enterprise Car Sales! Having previously bought a car from them in 2015 and being thoroughly impressed, I knew I had to return when it was time for an upgrade. Marcelo, the manager went above and beyond to ensure I received the best possible deal for my trade-in, demonstrating his commitment to customer satisfaction. His dedication to finding the right pricing made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Karl, another standout professional at Enterprise Car Sales, assisted me in finding the perfect car that met all my needs. His expertise and friendly demeanor made the car selection process enjoyable, and I'm incredibly pleased with my new purchase. In my humble opinion, Enterprise Car Sales is the best place to purchase a car. The outstanding customer service, transparent pricing, and a wide selection of quality vehicles set them apart from the rest. I wholeheartedly recommend Enterprise Car Sales to friends and family. Their team, led by individuals like Marcelo and Karl, truly go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied and drive away in a car that's perfect for them. Thank you, Enterprise Car Sales, for once again providing an exceptional car-buying experience!
Enterprise Car Sales
ThrashTillDeath Fire
4 months ago
Professional environment.With great sales guys. They were able to help me find a nice car at an affordable price. And with the right Insurance that I needed. It feels great, to drive a brand new car!
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