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What do customers say about Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center?

As of Feb 26, 2024, 835 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the broad spectrum of customer feedback, Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center garners a positive reputation from its clients. The testimonials frequently applaud the staff's expertise and professionalism, with specific praise directed at individuals like Helen, Denise, Syreeta, and Leanne for their exceptional work. Clients report a high level of satisfaction with the extensive variety of treatments received, including IPL, microneedling, nail services, Botox, and lash treatments. The tidiness of the facilities and efficient appointment management also contribute to the spa's favorability. Clients appreciate the membership plans, complimentary offerings, and various discounts provided through apps and promos, emphasizing the center's commitment to customer-oriented service and value.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center is predominantly anchored in three areas: service quality, staff professionalism, and value. Clients speak highly of the treatment outcomes, particularly highlighting the effective delivery of procedures like IPL, lip injections, and Botox. The personnel's expertise is a recurrent theme, with customers noting that staff members are not only skilled but also informative and personable, enhancing the overall service experience. From a value perspective, the clients value the financial benefits acquired through membership plans, Groupon deals, and the ALLE app, allowing them access to premium services at competitive prices. The additional mentions of a welcoming atmosphere, punctual appointments, and impeccable cleanliness further solidify the spa as a notable establishment.

Concerns and Threads

The batch of reviews provided does not present overtly negative experiences; customers appear to be quite satisfied with their services at Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center. When considering potential areas of concern, it might be important to ensure that customer expectations regarding deals and promotions are managed adequately to prevent any misunderstandings. As the inference is based exclusively on positive feedback, it's worth noting that a broader range of reviews would be necessary to form a comprehensive understanding of any systemic issues or recurring client grievances.

Frequently asked questions about Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center

What kind of services does Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center offer?

Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center offers a wide range of treatments including IPL, microneedling, nail services, Botox, fillers, eyelash services, and cool sculpting, among others. Their skilled professionals also provide recommendations and consultations for different skin types and concerns.

Are there any special discounts or membership plans available for clients?

Yes, Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center offers membership plans which provide certain benefits and discounts. They also accept various discounts such as Groupon offers and ALLE app coupons, delivering added value to their clients.

Can I expect a clean and professional environment at Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center?

Absolutely. Clients have praised the clean and sterile treatment rooms and have found the atmosphere to be very welcoming. The center maintains a high standard of cleanliness and professionalism, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center

Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center
3 days ago
What a great place! The owner Helen is very sweet and helpful and gave good information on what would be needed and getting good discounts for services. Denise has performed IPL and micro needling on me and I can't say enough about how excellent her work is and she is so nice! Make sure you go, you won't be sorry. ( There membership plans are definitely worth it).
Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center
3 months ago
First time… My friends said they were the best in the area … so I went for a visit. Absolutely an awesome experience…. Loved my complimentary beverage. My service was basically … perfect… Thanks for changing the game for me .
Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center
Isabella Iacono
a month ago
I got my lip injections done by Syreeta and absolutely love them!!!!! She gave me an informed and pleasant experience. She talked me through the whole thing and it was very painless. Shes a wonderful person and I will be booking again!
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About Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center


Established in 2007 & Voted Best Medical Spa in Philadelphia 2022, 2021, 2020, 2017, 2013 Enigma Medi Spa & Laser Center is a one-stop solution for most medical aesthetic needs.At Enigma Dr. Nicolaus Mephis MD leads a team of physicians, nurses, & medical estheticians. Certified laser techs use the newest Candela Gentlemax Pro lasers to banish unwanted hair for all skin types. Clients can choose from a wide variety of treatments: New CoolSculpting Elite, Sculpsure, EMSculpt, Velashape, Ultherapy, E-Matrix, PixelR8, CooLifting, IPL, PRP, Colon hydrotherapy & more. Botox, Derma fillers, Kybela, Exosome therapy, QWO & Thread Lift performed by Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Elie A. Goldenberg MD, Dr. Mephis and team of nurse practitioners.