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What do customers say about Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon?

As of Feb 26, 2024, 303 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 26, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Elegance Hair and Beauty Salon is largely positive but not without some negative critiques that could affect customer perception. A recurring theme in the given customer feedback is the professionalism and amiability of the staff, specifically naming technicians like Sanjana, Sania, and Samika as knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly. Clients have praised the quality of treatments such as BIAB extensions, manicures, eyebrow threading, lash lifts, and tints. However, the salon does face criticism related to the durability and quality of some nail services offered. Complaints regarding long wait times, poor communication from the salon's head office, and dissatisfaction with the products' longevity have been reported. The analysis of customer feedback suggests that while the salon excels in customer service and has a base of loyal repeat customers, issues with appointment scheduling, nail service execution, and follow-up on service recovery could tarnish its reputation if not addressed.

Positive Feedback

Key positives from customer reviews for Elegance Hair and Beauty Salon include high satisfaction with the staff's friendliness and skillset. Technicians such as Sanjana and Samika have been specifically mentioned for their exceptional service and helpful advice, enhancing the personalized customer experience. The salon appears to cultivate a welcoming environment, and its cleanliness is noted positively. Reviews commend the satisfactory outcomes of various beauty treatments, with mentions of successful corrective services, such as fixing uneven eyebrows. The salon's willingness to accommodate last-minute appointments and prompt repairs for accidental damages is also appreciated, bolstering its impression of customer care. The variety and quality of services have contributed to recurring patronage with some customers expressing delight in consistent results over the bi-weekly visits.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positives, Elegance Hair and Beauty Salon has encountered notable negative feedback primarily concerning the nail services provided. Customers have reported issues such as excessively long wait times even with prior bookings, a lack of advanced nail design capabilities, and unexpected surcharges. Negative experiences seem to be compounded by the perceived lack of durability in the nail work—specifically, BIAB gel nail extensions and acrylic extensions falling off or breaking prematurely. These incidences of poor product performance are exacerbated by the reported inadequate response from the salon's management, including unfulfilled promises of contact regarding refunds or remediation. Such feedback paints a picture of operational and customer service inconsistencies that need addressing to ensure broader customer satisfaction and retention.

Frequently asked questions about Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon

What nail services does Elegance Hair and Beauty Salon specialize in?

Elegance Hair and Beauty Salon offers a range of nail services including BIAB extensions, acrylic extensions, manicures, and simple nail designs such as French tips. However, customers should note that more advanced designs may be limited and additional charges may apply for some styles.

How does the salon handle customer dissatisfaction with a service?

According to reviews, the salon has offered to remove and replace unsatisfactory nail sets and has a willingness to repair damages. Yet, some customers have reported a lack of follow-up on complaints. Therefore, it is advisable to communicate clearly with the salon about any issues and get a clear understanding of their resolution policies.

Are walk-in appointments available, and how does this affect wait times?

Elegance Hair and Beauty Salon does accept walk-in appointments; however, customers have experienced long wait times even when having a booked appointment. It is recommended to schedule in advance and confirm the appointment close to the date to potentially minimize waiting.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon

Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon
Natalie Hodge
a week ago
Absolutely amazing! I never go anywhere else for my nails, the staff are all so friendly and get it right every time 😆
Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon
Sharon Dixon
2 weeks ago
Thank you to Sanjana for my lovely BIAB extensions.Not only did she make a beautiful job of them but she offered great advice to ensure that I was looking after my natural nails. Friendly helpful knowledgeable and skilled nail technician. Would 100% recommend
Elegance Hair And Beauty Salon
Kokona Mastrodimitriou
4 months ago
I was a walk in and and Sania was the lovely lady who did my nails. I’m very very pleased and happy with the quality of service I was given and with my new fabulous nails.
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