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Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance

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Published on
February 24, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance?

The overall company reputation of Drew Niess: Allstate Insurance appears to be generally positive, with a number of clients expressing satisfaction with their experiences specifically mentioning personalized service, proactive savings advice, and responsive communication. Clients have indicated an appreciation for Niess's hands-on approach, including personalized policy reviews that led to significant savings, as well as proactive outreach to help manage policy costs over time. Additionally, there are repeated mentions of Drew Niess and his team's availability to clients, illustrating their commitment to customer service by providing personal mobile numbers and quick responses to inquiries. However, one review cites a negative experience concerning appointment scheduling and inconsistency in service availability, suggesting some potential gaps in operational effectiveness. This isolated experience, though starkly contrasting with the others, suggests an area for improvement.

Positive Feedback

Drew Niess: Allstate Insurance has received high praise for personalized customer service and responsiveness. Customers particularly value the proactive approach the agency takes to manage insurance costs, including reviewing policies for savings and providing complimentary resources such as driving courses. The personalized touch, including the availability of Drew Niess's personal mobile number, indicates a strong dedication to client support. Moreover, customers appreciate the efficiency and ease of insurance processes when filing claims and engaging with the team on various insurance needs. There is a strong sense of trust emanating from the reviews, driven by Drew's direct involvement, his team's responsiveness, and their collective ability to deliver reliable insurance services with notable savings.

Concerns and Threads

Despite overwhelmingly positive feedback, Drew Niess: Allstate Insurance has faced criticism related to the consistency of their service delivery. A customer reported an incident of a bait-and-switch experience wherein an in-person appointment was scheduled but the office was unexpectedly closed, and subsequent communication was unsatisfactory. This points to potential issues with the transparency and management of scheduling appointments and could imply underlying operational shortcomings. Moreover, this negative encounter underscores the importance of accurate and reliable customer service that matches the expectations set by the company's online presence and promotional materials.

Frequently asked questions about Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance

How does Drew Niess: Allstate Insurance handle policy reviews and potential savings?

Drew Niess takes a proactive approach to policy reviews, actively seeking ways to save customers money by finding better coverage options and available discounts. They also offer resources like driving courses to help lower policy costs over time.

Can I count on Drew Niess's team for immediate responses to my concerns?

Many clients have attested to Drew Niess's team's responsiveness, indicating they can expect quick and thorough answers to their inquiries, illustrating a strong commitment to customer support.

What should I do if I experience issues scheduling an appointment?

While most clients report positive interactions, if you encounter any scheduling issues, it's recommended to directly contact Drew Niess's office for clarification and to ensure a seamless appointment experience.

What are customers saying about Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance

Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance
Marianne Gudina
3 months ago
I had not heard from my agent of 35 years for 3 years, only policy increases. My PowerCore colleague Drew Niess with an Allstate Agency in the heart of Buckhead,(Atlanta) offered all of us a policy review. I jumped on it and the first year he lowered my insurance bill (house and 2 cars) over $ 2,000 and with better coverage. He sent us a driving course that his agency pays for and this year (one year later) the car policies were even lower than before. Do you want someone who loves and takes care of customers? This year Drew Niess contacted us with several ways to further lower our insurance bills. He even assisted us personally when he had to change banks for unrelated reasons. Do you want someone to take care of your insurance needs 24/7/365 and gives you his personal mobile number and answers. Do you know another agent that goes that far? We do not. Always vote for my agent who I found after more than 35 years in this country. Drew Niess, Allstate Insurance Agendy in Atlanta, GA Happy customers Dr and Mrs Tolesa Gudina
Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance
Andrew J. Clark
11 months ago
Drew is great! In the 2022 Atlanta Frozen Pipes Christmas pandemic, I reached out to Drew my renter's insurance. Shortly afterward, we bought a home where Drew worked with our team seamlessly to ensure we got the necessary coverage at the best possible rate. When we closed on our home, Drew reached out to me and was able to refund the remaining balance on the renter's insurance. I feel confident knowing that I have a comprehensive insurance policy in place to protect my home and belongings. I would highly recommend Drew Neiss to anyone in need of reliable and affordable home insurance coverage. His team truly goes above and beyond to ensure their clients are taken care of. I love being able to have a real person by whom I can run things. Thank you, Drew.
Drew Niess - Allstate Insurance
Robert Block
5 months ago
Good luck actually meeting with an agent from here. This is one of the worst bait-and-switch I've ever experienced. I've been trying to get a few competitive quotes from different insurance carriers. Getting on-line quotes is a nightmare. I wanted a local agency that I could meet with to discuss options. The Drew Niess Agency was 15 minutes away with 4.9 stars on Google. Their website has a very prominent "schedule an appointment" button with options for phone or in-person. I scheduled an in-person appointment and received an email response from a Kandiss Rice confirming the appointment. The first red flag was that "Kandiss Rice" does not appear anywhere on Drew Neiss' website under "our team", but I thought maybe she was just new. I showed up on-time at the office for my appointment to find it locked and dark. I called the office and was told that they only work remotely (not sure why there is even an option for in-person appointments if that's the case). They put me through to Kandiss Rice who proceeded to argue with me that she had no knowledge of an appointment or of me (despite multiple emails from Kandiss). I promptly went to my local State Farm agent who was more than happy to support a walk-in and gave me the information I needed. Will not be choosing Allstate, let alone this agency.
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