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As of Feb 14, 2024, 38 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dr. David B. Adams's customer reviews analysis

David B. Adams, Ph.D., FAACP, at Atlanta Medical Psychology has accumulated a wealth of positive feedback that reflects a strong and favorable reputation among clients. Reviewers consistently praise Dr. Adams's knowledge, expertise, and professional approach to psychological care. Multiple clients have noted significant personal growth, effective treatment of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and improved life perspectives as a result of their sessions with him. The practice is commended for its upscale office setting and efficient administrative handling, including billing and scheduling. However, there is an isolated but notable concern regarding the demeanor and conduct of Dr. Adams's assistant, which has affected the overall experience for at least one client. Despite this, the recurring themes in client testimonies highlight the practice's competence in diagnosing and treating psychological concerns and the provision of frank yet compassionate guidance.

Positive Feedback

Client reviews for David B. Adams, Ph.D., indicate a profound appreciation for his clinical skills, professional demeanor, and the effectiveness of his therapeutic approach. Dr. Adams is consistently described as having a sharp and intuitive understanding of his clients' issues, coupled with the ability to provide clear and actionable advice. His blend of humor, honesty, and intelligence contributes to a therapeutic experience that many find transformative. In addition, the supportive and communicative nature of the front desk staff plays a significant role in enhancing the positive experiences of the clients, giving the practice an aura of professionalism and warmth that resonates with those who receive services.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of feedback for Dr. Adams's practice is overwhelmingly positive, one significant area of concern emerges from the reviews: the behavior of the practice's assistant. This assistant has been described as arrogant, lacking empathy, and difficult to deal with, particularly when it comes to scheduling appointments. The negative experience with this staff member stands in stark contrast to the high quality of care provided by Dr. Adams himself. It suggests that while the psychological services are exemplary, the administrative support may benefit from scrutiny and improvement to align better with the practice's overall standards.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. David B. Adams

What are Dr. Adams's areas of expertise?

Dr. David B. Adams is commended for his ability to handle a variety of mental health issues, which include, but might not be limited to, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and relationship counseling, according to the reviews.

How do clients describe their experience with Dr. Adams?

Clients generally describe their experience with Dr. Adams as extremely positive, citing his knowledge, sense of humor, and the progress they've made in treatment. Many appreciate his honest and direct approach.

Are there any concerns regarding the practice's staff or administrative processes?

Though Dr. Adams's medical services are highly praised, there are some concerns regarding the behavior of his assistant, particularly in terms of communication and customer service, which might impact the overall experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dr. David B. Adams

Dr. David B. Adams
susan hills
5 years ago
I have been seeing Dr. Adams for many years. He has always been kind, honest, and at times, very funny. His knowledge and experience is top notch. His staff is helpful and kind. His office is comfortable and welcoming. He has helped me understand myself better and work through some tough times. When times are easier, we discuss practical family and work situations. He always provides helpful insight-in good times and bad. I don't know where I'd be without him! I cannot recommend him strongly enough.
Dr. David B. Adams
Lindsay Baker
4 years ago
I have been so pleased with my experience seeing Dr. Adams on a regular basis. I did thorough research about psychologists in the area before making an appointment with Dr. Adams and I could not be more pleased with my decision. He has helped me work through so much in just a few months time and I could not be happier with the progress I've made. I get so much out of my sessions with him. He is brutally honest at times, when necessary and does a great job of analyzing and helping me to see various perspectives about situations. I truly look forward to each session and feel I learn and grow as a person each and every time. His front desk staff is also wonderful. Very communicative and helpful. I could not recommend this practice more.
Dr. David B. Adams
Kevin Freaney
5 years ago
Dr Adams is the man. He has been so helpful to me over the past year plus. I spent a lot of time researching who would be the best person to see on a regular basis to work through some of the things I had been going through. His guidance has really helped me in multiple aspects of my life including my personal and work life. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great psychologist! His staff is great as well. Easy to deal with, helpful and always available. So glad I made the choice to go with Dr Adams!
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About Dr. David B. Adams


Dr. Adams treats Adult patients with anxiety, depression and somatic symptom disorders. Atlanta Medical Psychology is located in Suite 251 of The Medical Quarters at 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, NE. Atlanta, GA 30242. (Phone: 404-252-6454; FAX: 404-851-9286.) The building is located at the corner of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and Johnson Ferry Road. It is one-half mile from I-285 and Georgia 400. MARTA, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Northside and Emory St. Joseph's Hospitals are within walking distance. Please keep in mind that this is a solo practice, and you will be scheduled as appointment times become available. Your insurance carrier will be able to tell you if Dr. Adams is on their panel of approved providers.