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February 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Thriving Center Of Psychology?

The overall reputation of Thriving Center of Psychology, based on client feedback, points toward a generally positive customer experience marked by exceptional counseling sessions and high regard for the therapists' professionalism and empathy. Many clients describe their sessions with various doctors as engaging, supportive, and immensely helpful in their personal growth, contributing to the center's positive standing. However, there's an isolated incident highlighting severe dissatisfaction due to a distressing experience during an initial consult, which included mismanaged expectations and resulting in an unsolicited ER visit followed by a significant hospital bill. This particular case suggests a potential area for improvement in managing new patient consultations and follow-up protocols.

Positive Feedback

Customers have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the professionalism, empathy, and supportive nature of the therapists at Thriving Center of Psychology. Positive feedback centers around clients feeling understood, valuable insights gained during sessions, and the therapists' active engagement without allowing any uncomfortable silences. The staff is consistently described as brilliant and caring, with the therapists praised for their ability to build strong relational foundations with their clients. Additionally, the center's successful expansion to new locations indicates a growing popularity and approval of its services.

Concerns and Threads

However, not all feedback is positive. A particularly distressing account involves a client's negative experience with an initial consultation that escalated unexpectedly to an ER visit. The incident sheds light on potential issues with availability, consultation management, and the experience of staff with crisis procedures. The lack of follow-up post-consultation in this case has left the client feeling abandoned and with an aversion to seeking further psychological help. This suggests that while Thriving Center of Psychology enjoys commendations, there is room for improvement in areas of crisis management, training for staff, and post-incident client care.

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What are customers saying about Thriving Center Of Psychology

Thriving Center Of Psychology
Steve Szatkowski
5 months ago
My counseling session with Dr. Darisabel Roman-Laureano was amazing. I have had counseling sessions before and I always felt like I was being interrogated. My sessions with Dr. Roman felt more like talking with a close friend or relative, very casual yet productive.
Thriving Center Of Psychology
Kathy Donatto
a year ago
This place was recommended by Forward. They gave me the referral to find a psychologist because I was dealing with depression. I was given times for my 15 min consultation with "Dr." Solivan. I chose the times but then she wasn't available and I had to meet her the next day. Less then 15 mins this woman Baker Acted me and sent me to the ER instead of the crisis center! On top of that she had me pack a back, not knowing that they take everything you own from you. She was obviously in training bc she had to speak to a supervisor, which did not ask to speak to me directly! Now I have a huge hospital bill and the psychologist and the social worker at the crisis center said that this happens a lot with newbie psychologist. This place wasted my time, money, and my blood pressure was 185/106 after over 9 hrs in ER and less than 45 mins in the crisis center. And to top it off, I never had a follow up phone call. This was my first and last time reaching out to a psychologist. Thank you Thrive for letting me know that it's the worst decision I ever made! Stay away from psychologists because they can completely control your life. Take your rights away as a citizen in the US. And I'm a veteran. I didn't put my life on the line for this. I was just trying to find a suitable psychologist!
Thriving Center Of Psychology
Rhayana Collado
3 years ago
Loved my session with Dr. Levin! She was very nice and understanding she was always engaged and didn’t let any awkward silence take over. I felt understood and I feel like continuing work with her will help me overcome my issues and start a better thought for myself and my thoughts.
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Thriving Center of Psychology offers accessible mental health care, emphasizing sustainability for both clients and providers. We collaborate with clients to create personalized care plans, tailored to their unique needs.