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Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd

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Published on
February 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd?

Kaleidoscope Psychology and Psychotherapy garners a commendable reputation based on customer testimonials, firmly establishing its place as a respected entity in therapeutic service provision. The practice's therapists, especially Paul, receive consistent praise for their ability to foster a transformative and supportive environment. The elements repeatedly influencing the company's reputation include the therapist's direct and empathetic approach, ability to provide ease and comfort to clients, and their expertise in dealing with a spectrum of mental health issues, from trauma and depression to anxiety and OCD. Customers particularly appreciate the therapist’s skill in quickly identifying core issues and utilizing creative methods tailored to individual needs. Moreover, mentions of a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere, alongside a professional and timely administrative staff, contribute to the overall positive customer experience. Collectively, these facets suggest a trend of high satisfaction among clients, who not only commend the individualized care but are also willing to recommend the services wholeheartedly.

Positive Feedback

Reviewers offer high commendation for Kaleidoscope Psychology and Psychotherapy, particularly highlighting Paul's effective therapeutic approach. Positive aspects of customer feedback include Paul's ability to create a rapport with clients, employing an empathetic, observant, and humor-imbued style that eases clients into the therapeutic process. His direct yet friendly techniques allow clients to explore personal difficulties in a non-threatening environment. His proficiency in tailoring therapy to individual needs, coupled with creativity, is noted as instrumental in improving clients' mental health and familial relationships. The overall customer service is also lauded; the welcoming, professional atmosphere, emphasis on punctuality, and the supportive administration team are often mentioned. These combined attributes result in a customer experience that not only facilitates personal growth and healing but also fosters confidence and a better future for families and individuals alike.

Concerns and Threads

While the provided reviews do not expressly outline overt criticisms or negative experiences with Kaleidoscope Psychology and Psychotherapy, it is conceivable that some prospective clients might seek information regarding potential drawbacks of the service. These could hypothetically arise from clients who may not respond well to direct therapeutic approaches, or those who may prefer a different counseling style than what is offered by Paul. Moreover, the absence of explicit negative feedback within these reviews limits the critique to hypothetical conjectures, making it difficult to ascertain any tangible shortcomings that may have been encountered by some clients. Consequently, the lack of negative perspectives within the reviews suggests satisfaction among current reviewers; however, individual experiences can vary, and some clients might desire to investigate further or engage in a preliminary consultation to ensure the clinic's offerings align with their personal preferences.

Frequently asked questions about Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd

What therapy approaches does Kaleidoscope Psychology and Psychotherapy use?

Kaleidoscope and its therapists, especially Paul, utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs. These may include direct and empathetic techniques, creative methods for children, and evidence-based practices suitable for trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD, and familial challenges.

Is the environment at Kaleidoscope conducive to therapy for children and teenagers?

Yes, the environment at Kaleidoscope is described as pleasant, calm, and family-friendly with areas for kids to play, suggesting that it is a suitable space for therapy for children and teenagers. The therapists, particularly Paul, are also commended for their communication skills and effectiveness in addressing youth issues.

Can Kaleidoscope's therapy services help with improving family dynamics?

Numerous reviews speak to the effectiveness of Kaleidoscope's therapy in improving family dynamics. Paul, in particular, is praised for his work with entire families, guiding them towards better communication and decision-making, contributing to a more harmonious family life.

What are customers saying about Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd

Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd
Janet Tyas
2 weeks ago
If I’m honest, I was cynical of the benefits of therapy before working with Paul and I voiced this to him during many of our sessions! I warmed to his straight talking and direct approach; exploring numerous difficult topics in an open and honest way. Paul encouraged me to consider situations from many different and challenging perspectives. His support, assurance and encouragement enabled me to gradually live ‘my new life’ day by day and start to look forward. I definitely now appreciate the benefits of the therapy that Paul offers and would have no hesitation in returning as a client should the need arise.
Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd
eoghan thompson
a month ago
Paul is an amazing therapist, he helped me through a very difficult period in my life and was always empathetic and observant, working out what was at the heart of the issue very quickly. Therapy was a very new experience for me, and Paul was great at making me feel at ease with his good sense of humour. I can't recommend Kaleidoscope enough, thank you so much for all you've done.
Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd
Rachael Loftus
a month ago
Using Kaleidoscope services has been transformative in my healing journey. I have spent several years in many different therapy modalities for trauma recovery and depression. The therapy I received from Paul has been one of the most helpful therapeutic approaches I have experienced. Paul put me at ease from the start. His friendly, understanding and non judgemental approach made it easy for me to explore my difficulties thoroughly. I would highly recommend Kaleidoscope to anyone looking for highly skilled therapists working in a relaxing and comfortable setting.
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About Dr Paul Walton - Kaleidoscope Psychology And Psychotherapy Ltd


Kaleidoscope is built on a believe that people have the power to make meaningful life changes in the face of overwhelming psychological and emotional problems. This is done through careful talking and creative work, helping people connect with their values and regain a sense of purpose and control over their own lives.Whether you are a child, family, couple or individual, our aim in therapy is to help people take their lives back from the problem they face and get on with living the kind of lives they want to.