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What do customers say about Dishoom Edinburgh?

As of Mar 14, 2024, 7870 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dishoom Edinburgh's customer reviews analysis

Dishoom Edinburgh evidently enjoys a strong reputation, with customer feedback highlighting several consistent elements contributing to the company's positive image. First, the proactive and friendly staff seem to make patrons feel immediately welcome, as evidenced by their attention to those waiting and their service during the meal. Cuisine quality stands out as another pillar, with many customers praising the food's richness, presentation, and authenticity. Additionally, fast service and an overall excellent ambiance enhance the dining experience, despite its bustling nature. On the downside, a recurrent issue mentioned is the overwhelming noise level and the lingering smell of food on clothes post-visit. While these are generally treated as minor inconveniences in the light of the overall positive experience, they are notable factors that affect some diners' enjoyment.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Dishoom Edinburgh gleaned from customer feedback include an immediate commendation for the hospitable and attentive staff, an efficient seating system, and complimentary amenities such as free glasses of water. The ambiance, characterized by the restaurant's unique decor, contributes positively to the dining experience, adding to the authentic Bombay atmosphere. Culinary excellence is universally acknowledged, with diverse and flavorful options accommodating various taste preferences, including vegetarian dishes and breakfast options. Many commend the opportunity to pre-book, citing the efficiency of service and the convenience it provides during busy periods.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, guests at Dishoom Edinburgh have noted that the ambiance can be double-edged; while it adds character, the loud music and bustle can be overwhelming, potentially deterring diners with noise sensitivities such as those who are autistic. A recurring commentary pertains to the lingering smell of food on patrons' clothing after their visit, which some find off-putting. These aspects, though less often mentioned than the positives, are significant as they speak to the sensory experience in the restaurant and can be a deterrent for those seeking a quieter, more subdued dining environment.

Frequently asked questions about Dishoom Edinburgh

Is it recommended to pre-book a table at Dishoom Edinburgh?

Yes, given the popularity of the restaurant and the possibility of waiting times, pre-booking is advisable for a more convenient dining experience.

Does Dishoom Edinburgh offer vegetarian or special breakfast options?

Yes, the restaurant has an array of choices to cater to different dietary requirements, including vegetarian dishes and distinctive breakfast options like the Bacon and Egg Nan.

Is the atmosphere at Dishoom Edinburgh suitable for noise-sensitive guests?

While Dishoom Edinburgh offers an authentic and bustling ambiance, some guests find the music and noise level to be quite high, which might not be ideal for noise-sensitive individuals.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dishoom Edinburgh

Dishoom Edinburgh
glenn willemsen
a week ago
When we first arrived here we actually didn't really know what we were getting into. We saw a restaurant with a waiting line outside and quickly were approached by the friendly staff and they told us that the wait would be around half an hour. After about 5 to 10 minutes we were let inside with a pager and went to their pub downstairs where we received a glass of water free of charge. While placed there we already were able to look at the menu and feast on it with our eyes. At about half an hour waiting time(outside included) we were lead to our table and here received another glass of water which was refilled during the time spent here. Our waiter, who was very kind and excited, explained the menu and took our order and after not too long we received the first items which were promptly followed by the main course. All the food and drinks were extremely delicious! Even when we were stuffed to the brim we wanted to eat more. The only reason I put 4 points on atmosphere is because it was very loud inside and our clothes smelled after the food. The building however was neatly decorated with lots of images, photos, maps, etc.
Dishoom Edinburgh
Abigail Burchill
2 months ago
Amazing place. Beautiful decor lovely low lighting. Food amazing very spicy and rich beautifully presented. Our server was v helpful. Only marking down as music far too loud and suggest if maybe you could have a quieter night sometimes for autistic/noise sensitive folk. But would def visit again on merit of the food.
Dishoom Edinburgh
Nouf Al Razeyg
2 months ago
Hands off, it's the best Indian restaurant I have ever tried. I have been trying many Indian restaurants in different countries, believe me, Dishoom is exceptional 👌 everything is yummy 😍 My only comment is the smell of the restaurant. Your clothes will smell food!
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About Dishoom Edinburgh

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Dishoom pays loving homage to the Irani cafés that were once part of the fabric of life in Bombay. Dishoom serves a fondly curated menu of Bombay comfort food alongside award-winning drinks in beautiful restaurants with unique stories.