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Dishoom Manchester
Dishoom Manchester

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Published on
March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Dishoom Manchester?

Dishoom evidently maintains a strong reputation for its authentic Indian cuisine and vibrant atmosphere, reflective of the traditional Bombay culinary experience. Positive aspects are frequently highlighted in customer reviews, such as the restaurant’s welcoming ambience, efficient service, and delectable food options, including vegetarian dishes like the Jackfruit Biryani. Patrons appreciate the variety available on the menu and special provisions for larger groups, highlighting the restaurant’s capacity to cater to big parties, though reservations are strongly advised due to high demand. However, minor setbacks, including the sighting of fruit flies in one instance and potential delays between courses, suggest there is room for improvement in the overall dining experience. Repeat visits and recommendations are common among reviewers, signaling an overall satisfactory customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently laud Dishoom for its authentic taste that offers a genuine flavor of traditional Indian cuisine, including Bombay street food. The establishment is praised for its bustling atmosphere and culturally rich decor, and a variety of menu options, resonating with both vegetarians and meat-lovers. The service is frequently described as quick, friendly, and attentive, with staff members such as Rafaela receiving special commendation for enhancing the dining experience. The provision of complimentary chai while waiting and the ability to accommodate large groups with pre-set menus are added advantages that enhance the customer’s experience. First-time visitors often express their intent to revisit, indicating a lasting positive impression.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positivity, Dishoom faces a few criticisms which moderate the customer experience. Some patrons noted longer than preferred waits for food, which can disrupt the flow of the dining experience and potentially detract from customer satisfaction. Although perhaps isolated, the presence of fruit flies in one instance resulted in discomfort and could affect the otherwise pristine perception of the restaurant’s ambiance. Such feedback suggests that while Dishoom excels in many aspects, there is an opportunity for the management to refine their customers’ experience by addressing these infrequent yet impactful service-related issues.

Frequently asked questions about Dishoom Manchester

Do I need to make a reservation before dining at Dishoom?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book a reservation in advance, as Dishoom is very popular and tends to get crowded, causing long wait times for walk-in guests.

Can Dishoom cater to large groups and what are the options?

Dishoom can accommodate large groups and offers a group feast menu for parties larger than 10, which provides a variety of flavors and dishes from the menu.

Does Dishoom offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Dishoom offers a selection of vegetarian options, with dishes like the Jackfruit Biryani being a popular choice among vegetarian patrons.

What are customers saying about Dishoom Manchester

Dishoom Manchester
Palak Agrawal
2 weeks ago
Amazing Indian restaurant, must try the Jackfruit Biryani if you are vegetarian. Loved the place and atmosphere. Quick service and friendly staff. The authentic taste of India can be experienced here. The menu has a wide variety of dishes. Will surely visit again and recommend. Always book in advance as walk in reservation will lead to long waiting time. Vegetarian options: Jackfruit Biryani
Dishoom Manchester
Teck Boon
a month ago
Make a reservation as the restaurant gets very crowded even on a weekday. A group larger than 10 will have to order their group feast menu which is a good sample of the items they have on the menu. They have quite a large dining area with different sections. We managed to get a table for 15 of us and they sit us together. Good food and good service.
Dishoom Manchester
Laura Lamb
a week ago
First time here and won't be our last. I have been in Manchester with work, walking past Dishoom every day for 4 days. It's always busy with people coming and going. Just had to experience it for myself. After a short wait for a table late on Friday we were seated and certainly not disappointed! Atmosphere was noisy and full of bustle, it was alive! The food was unbelievable!! Served fresh and made for sharing, it gave us a lovely immersive experience. The decor was traditional and steeped in history, it had just the right amount of unusual old fashioned pictures and the toilet really does say it all! The bar has been set very high for future bombay meal experiences.
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