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What do customers say about Chaakoo Bombay Cafe?

As of Apr 16, 2024, 2839 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Chaakoo Bombay Cafe's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Chaakoo Bombay Cafe is largely positive, with consistent praise for the restaurant's ambiance, diverse menu, and the unique tapas-style approach to Indian cuisine, allowing patrons to sample a variety of dishes. Customers appreciate the quality of the food and the traditional flavors that come across as authentic. The service is frequently mentioned as great, with staff described as friendly and attentive, checking in on the patrons to ensure a satisfying dining experience. However, some reviews indicate a perception of a skewed value proposition, with customers feeling that the portion sizes do not justify the prices, leaving them hungry after a meal. Additionally, the concept of tapas-style dining at Chaakoo appears to be misunderstood by some guests, leading to mixed feelings about the cost versus the quantity of food served. Reviews sometimes mention specific dishes either being too spicy or not meeting taste expectations, as well as occasional inconsistencies like dry chicken pakora and cold naan bread.

Positive Feedback

Chaakoo Bombay Cafe is celebrated for its atmospheric representation of retro Bombay, with décor and ambiance that transport customers to the heart of India. The concept of smaller, tapas-style portions is seen as an innovative way to enjoy a variety of flavors, which customers find enjoyable, particularly when dining in groups. The menu receives compliments for its authentic taste and diversity, including options that cater to dietary restrictions such as allergies, intolerances, and those requiring halal meat. Positive mentions of standout dishes like the lamb madras and the monkfish curry highlight the restaurant's ability to deliver both quality and originality. Additionally, customer service is a consistent high note, with reports of the staff being very friendly, attentive, and proactive in ensuring a positive dining experience.

Concerns and Threads

While many aspects of Chaakoo Bombay Cafe receive praise, there are some recurring criticisms in customer feedback. Portion sizes are a focal point of dissatisfaction, with some patrons feeling the smaller, tapas-style dishes do not offer sufficient value, sometimes leading to patrons leaving hungry after their meal. The cost, when combined with the expectation to order multiple portions for a complete experience, is perceived as expensive by some customers. Moreover, particular food items like the chicken pakora and naan bread have been described as inconsistent, with issues such as dryness and lack of warmth upon serving. Additionally, the service charge and the cost of extras like chutney sauces also contribute to the sentiment of being overcharged. The cafe's popularity and resultant crowded setting can, for some, detract from the experience, leading to an overwhelming and less comfortable environment.

Frequently asked questions about Chaakoo Bombay Cafe

Are the portion sizes at Chaakoo Bombay Cafe suitable for individual meals?

Chaakoo Bombay Cafe serves dishes in tapas-style, smaller portions intended for sharing and trying different menu items. Some customers find one dish sufficient for lunch, while others may prefer to order multiple portions for a fuller meal, especially during dinner.

Does Chaakoo Bombay Cafe cater to dietary restrictions or preferences?

Yes, the restaurant offers a variety of options for different dietary needs, including a separate menu for allergies and intolerances, as well as halal meat options.

Is it necessary to book a reservation at Chaakoo Bombay Cafe?

While not always necessary, it is recommended to book a reservation at Chaakoo Bombay Cafe, particularly during peak times or for dining in larger groups, as the restaurant can get quite busy and have wait times for seating.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Chaakoo Bombay Cafe

Chaakoo Bombay Cafe
Kelly M
2 months ago
First time here staff very friendly. They advised food was small portions to order 3 each. As it was lunch time 1 was enough each. I had the meatball curry nice but spicy, we also had chicken korma and butter chicken also spicy. We had a lemon rice and sweet nan bread this was very messy as the nuts where on the outside. Cost £50 for 3 people to have lunch as they added a service charge. Pretty expensive if your buying 3 portions each.
Chaakoo Bombay Cafe
Tom Bombadill
2 weeks ago
It's a really great idea for smaller tapas style dishes so you can try more of the menu with your mates. Definitely go here with a bunch of people after a hard day's chopping wood. It makes you feel like you deserve the flavours. The chicken pakora was unfortunately a bit dry but the sauce was spot on. The garlic naan has raw garlic on it which didn't hit the spot. Just stick to the curries and you'll have a good night out. Cool atmosphere, nice service.
Chaakoo Bombay Cafe
Lauren Smith
3 months ago
Went here for the lunch menu and weren’t disappointed. We arrived early so the place started getting busy once we had our meal. It was great and the waitress was lovely. She checked on us to make sure the meal was great (Which is was!) Overall this was a great place to eat for two or a a group!
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