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What do customers say about Dentistry On The Square?

As of Mar 10, 2024, 1017 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dentistry On The Square's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for Dentistry on the Square (DOTS) suggest a very positive reputation with regards to both patient care and clinical outcomes. Recurring themes include professional expertise, exceptional service, and the personalized approach taken by the dental team. A significant number of reviews highlight the practice's ability to put patients at ease, particularly those with previous dental anxieties or bad experiences elsewhere. Patients are appreciative of the comprehensive explanations given for each part of their treatment plans. The emphasis on pain-free procedures and achieving exemplary results is a consistent trend. The staff, from receptionists to dental nurses and dentists, are frequently mentioned for their friendliness, helpfulness, and reassurances provided to patients. The effective management of treatment timelines, meticulousness to detail, and cosmetic outcomes like smile transformations are also central to customer satisfaction. The practice’s aftercare and desire to continue as a patient post-treatment indicate trust and confidence in the service provided.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Dentistry on the Square focuses on several key aspects of the customer experience. Foremost, the professionalism and expertise of dentists such as Alison, both Jamies, and Amy, have been commended for not only delivering high-quality clinical results but also fostering trust through detailed consultations and genuine care for patients' personalized needs. Aesthetic results, specifically smile transformations involving dental implants, composite bonding, and whitening, have been highly praised for exceeding patients' expectations. The culture of patient care is another distinct positive, with all team members recognized for creating a welcoming environment, mitigating dental fears, and providing clear communication. Flexibility with appointment times and the provision of amenities like the comfort menu have enhanced the patient experience. Additionally, the mentions of pain-free treatments and the attentiveness to individualized goals further bolster the positive reception of the practice's services.

Concerns and Threads

The gleaned customer feedback for Dentistry on the Square does not explicitly outline negative aspects of their services. However, an implicit concern can be derived from the emphasis on previous bad dental experiences before visiting DOTS, hinting at a prevalent issue in the broader dentistry field affecting patient perception and expectations. While DOTS appears to mitigate such concerns effectively, it is crucial for the practice to maintain its high standards to continue overcoming the skepticism that new patients may carry with them. Additionally, the reliance on excellent customer service and patient care as differentiators places pressure on consistent delivery of these values in order to sustain the currently perceived image. While the reviews do not contain specific criticisms, it is within reason to advocate for ongoing attentiveness to customer feedback to promptly address any issues that may arise in the future.

Frequently asked questions about Dentistry On The Square

What can I expect in terms of pain management during my dental procedures at DOTS?

Customers consistently report that Dentistry on the Square offers pain-free treatments. The practice emphasizes comfortable and relaxed experiences, so you can expect them to take every precaution to minimize discomfort and anxiety during your dental procedures.

How does DOTS cater to patients with dental anxieties or bad past experiences?

The team at Dentistry on the Square is experienced in handling patients with dental anxieties, offering a friendly and reassuring environment. They provide detailed explanations, personalized care, and amenities aimed at easing patient fears, as evidenced by multiple customer testimonials.

Can I expect the dental team at DOTS to help me with both the health and appearance of my teeth?

Yes, according to the reviews, DOTS dentists like Alison focus on both aspects, ensuring that patients leave not only with healthier teeth but also with aesthetically pleasing results. Many customers have highlighted the transformative cosmetic outcomes of their treatments.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dentistry On The Square

Dentistry On The Square
Bea Watson
a week ago
I had such a fantastic smile transformation given to me by Alison from DOT and her team. It took a little over a year but was worth the wait. Every part of the treatment was explained and designed with my end goal in mind. I’m so happy that even though my smile transition has been completed I’m staying on as a patient at this practice because the service has been excellent. Thank you Alison and Team very happy 😃
Dentistry On The Square
Amy Hamilton
4 months ago
I am extremely happy to find this dentist! They are not only highly professional but also extremely friendly and put you at ease straight away! After a bad experience elsewhere getting composite bonding done I wanted to make sure I found somewhere I could trust! Finding Alison was the best thing I’ve done, she cares about the both the health and the appearance of your teeth! She listened to exactly what I was looking to achieve in my smile and delivered beyond my expectations! I am extremely happy with the results and will now need Botox on my smile lines because I cannot STOP SMILING! highly recommended
Dentistry On The Square
Kayleigh Taylor
a month ago
Highly recommend Dentistry on the Square! I had a fear of dentists but from my first visit I was made to feel at ease and relaxed. My treatment plan was well explained and surpassed my expectations. The work carried out has been outstanding and completely pain free. Everyone at the practice was friendly and helpful, a special thanks to Jamie and Kirsty who were fantastic and really helped me to achieve the smile I’ve always wanted.
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*Pain Free Dentist GlasgowWinner: Best Patient Care In Scotland At The Dentistry AwardsPainless Dentistry Is Our Core Purpose…Each Month We Survey Our Patients & The Latest Results Are…100% Said Yes, They Would Recommend Us!* 100% Said Yes Their Treatment Was Indeed PAIN FREE!All of your dental treatments are performed in a ‘calm and gentle’ environment ensuring that you are completely relaxed and stress free.Tea, coffee, and DVD Goggles are available to take your mind off things.Dentistry On The Square are one of the few dentists in Scotland who has invested in the The Waterlase machine.Not only does it provide painless removal of decay it also allows us to perform dentistry without the need for a drill!