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As of Apr 13, 2024, 283 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Cherrybank Dental Spa's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the latest reviews for Cherrybank Dental Spa reveals a predominantly positive reception of the company's services. Patients have praised various aspects of their experience, such as the professionalism and expertise of the dentists, including Dr. Umair and Nik, and the support staff like Grainne, Lauren, Sophia, Rona, Leah, Audrey, and others. The repeated mentions of a “calm” and “relaxed” atmosphere allude to a carefully curated patient experience designed to ease dental anxieties. Customized treatment plans without pressured upselling, attention to detail in cosmetic procedures, and pain-free practices are among the key elements contributing positively to the company's reputation. However, there are stark contrasts in patient experiences, with a minority reporting feelings of being misled or dissatisfied with the service, referencing issues such as accessibility challenges, unmet expectations regarding treatment, and perceived poor customer service. These negative reviews, although less frequent, do highlight areas where Cherrybank Dental Spa's service could potentially be improved to ensure consistency in patient care and satisfaction. The polarity in patient experiences suggests a more nuanced and varied perception of the company than uniformly positive feedback would indicate.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Cherrybank Dental Spa is robust and rooted in several facets of the patient experience. Clients consistently commend the non-pressurizing environment, where dentists like Tammy and Dr. Umair stand out for respecting budget concerns and focusing on the patient's desired treatment outcomes. The expertise of specialized dentists, such as implant dentist Nik, has been noted, underpinned by the provision of detailed information and aftercare. The dental spa is also recognized for its efforts to create a relaxing atmosphere, which appears to be a significant factor in alleviating dental fears, alongside practices labeled as ‘pain-free’. Hygienist Lauren and reception staff members like Rona and Leah receive acknowledgment for contributing to positive patient experiences. Another critical positive aspect is the satisfaction expressed with the end results of dental procedures, notably cosmetic enhancements that the clients find transformative, boosting confidence and happiness with their smiles.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the majority of positive reviews, there are some significant negative aspects in Cherrybank Dental Spa's customer feedback. Several clients have expressed dissatisfaction, with one in particular encountering accessibility issues related to disabled parking, which added physical discomfort due to ongoing road works. Another critical point of discourse pertains to a feeling of being misled regarding the services provided, citing experiences where scans and X-rays seemed unnecessary for the recommended treatment or lack thereof. Communication issues have also been mentioned, with delays and perceived inaction from the management team in responding to complaints and facilitating refunds. Furthermore, this subset of customers reported experiences with dentists that felt at odds with their needs, where consultations resulted in distress rather than reassurance, exacerbating dental anxiety. These negative reviews pose a concern and suggest that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the service and patient management procedures that need addressing.

Frequently asked questions about Cherrybank Dental Spa

Does Cherrybank Dental Spa offer a pressure-free consultation process?

According to customer feedback, consultants like Tammy, as well as dentists at Cherrybank Dental Spa, take patient budgets and preferences into account, providing a non-pressurizing environment during consultations to discuss possible treatments.

Can Cherrybank Dental Spa accommodate patients with dental anxieties?

Many reviews indicate that Cherrybank Dental Spa creates a calming and relaxed atmosphere for patients. Staff members like Grainne and Dr. Umair are noted for their ability to keep patients calm and comfortable, even those with dental anxieties.

Does Cherrybank Dental Spa offer pain-free dental treatments?

The practice is reported to use numbing creams and provide pain-free treatments. Reviews particularly appreciate the pain-free approach during procedures like teeth cleanings and more.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cherrybank Dental Spa

Cherrybank Dental Spa
Lauren Mason
2 months ago
I came to Tammy firstly to get a consultation, I had been to a couple other places too, but this was the only meeting I had where I didn’t feel pressured into other treatments. I had expressed that I wanted to keep costs down & wasn’t prepared to commit to Invisalign and Tammy straight away took this on board. She was open about all treatment routes I could go down but the main thing is I wasn’t pushed into anything or felt I was being sold something! Again this was the same when I met Dr Umair, I knew my teeth could benefit from straightening but he heard what I wanted and focused my treatment plan on that. I ended up with whitening, a small bit of gum contouring and composite bonding. Dr Umair comes across really professional and knows exactly what he’s doing so you know your teeth are in good hands. During all my appointments his calm nature kept me calm, I’m not a nervous patient but it had been a while so I was apprehensive! Grainne is also so friendly and super calming, she’d have a nice wee chat with me before & after which calmed my nerves. What a team! I also had the fear to get my impressions for my guard/whitening tray which I told Dr Umair about, somehow he made this feel like nothing and kept me relaxed. My results speak for themselves too, compared to what you can get done to your teeth I didn’t get too much done but it’s an unreal transformation. I wanted my teeth to look more uniform and get rid of the gaps I had, whilst still looking natural and got exactly that. I absolutely love the work that’s been done to my teeth - my confidence in my smile is so much better now!
Cherrybank Dental Spa
kateryna Liddle
a week ago
Calm and relaxed atmosphere for patients like me who are nervous. My implant dentist Nik, is exceptionally knowledgeable in this field and he provided me with lots of information, regarding my treatment, the aftercare from the surgery and the end result. I really can't recommend Cherrybank enough, they are really excellent.
Cherrybank Dental Spa
Clare Cockburn
2 days ago
A great deal of care was taken to create a relaxing and pain free appointment. Lauren was my excellent hygenist, with Sophia assisting her. Rona and Leah fantastic on reception - they all helped to make this a positive experience. Thank you!
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Welcome To Cherrybank Dental Spa In Edinburgh Offering *Pain Free Dentistry To You And Your Family At Cherrybank Dental Spa we look after the dental health of patients across the city of Edinburgh, and ensure you look and feel your best. All of your dental treatments are performed in a ‘calm and gentle’ environment so you are completely relaxed and stress free.