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Published on
March 22, 2024
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March 22, 2024

What do customers think about Scott Arms Dental Practice?

The overall company reputation of Scott Arms Dental Practice appears to be positive as gleaned from the latest customer reviews. Key elements that influence this perception include efficient emergency servicing, professional and empathetic care, transparency in pricing, and high-quality treatment. Emergency appointments are highly valued and appreciated, with patients frequently noting same-day servicing and convenient scheduling. The staff, particularly the receptionists and dental practitioners, receive praise for their welcoming and friendly demeanour which seemed to contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. Additionally, the dental professionals are commended for their thorough explanations, pain-free treatments, and efforts to alleviate patient anxiety, fostering a degree of trust and comfort among clients. While there are mentions of wait times, this seems to be considered a relatively minor drawback and is often juxtaposed with the positive aspects of the care received.

Positive Feedback

One of the most prominently highlighted positive aspects across the reviews is the accessibility and responsiveness of Scott Arms Dental Practice, especially regarding emergency appointments, which extend to various hours and include weekend availability. The dental professionals are recognized for their exceptional service, often described as thorough, skilled, professional, and empathetic, ensuring that patients are well-informed and comfortable. Reception staff are noted for their helpfulness and pleasant nature, which begins the patient experience on a positive note. The value for money is also noted, with several reviews mentioning reasonable prices for services rendered, contributing to the perception that the practice puts patient care above profit. Furthermore, the quality of the dental work performed is consistently lauded with outcomes exceeding patient expectations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, a few points of criticism emerge from the reviews. Patients do experience wait times, sometimes up to 40 minutes, which can be a drawback for those seeking prompt service. Also, while the quality of dental care is high, this is contrasted with the lack of NHS rates for some patients seeking emergency care, necessitating the higher private patient fees. However, these criticisms are paired with an understanding of the circumstances and are relatively infrequent in the context of otherwise highly positive experiences.

Frequently asked questions about Scott Arms Dental Practice

Can I get an emergency dental appointment on the same day?

Yes, Scott Arms Dental Practice is known for offering same-day emergency appointments, including on weekends, with extended operating hours up to 11 pm.

Are the prices for dental services at Scott Arms Dental Practice reasonable?

Customers generally find the prices at Scott Arms Dental Practice reasonable and appreciate the transparent communication of fees upfront. However, for emergency appointments, NHS rates may not be available, so you might expect to pay private patient fees.

Is Scott Arms Dental Practice good for patients with dental anxiety?

Many reviews commend the dental staff, particularly for their caring and reassuring approach, which helps alleviate the anxiety of nervous patients, making it a suitable choice for those with dental apprehension.

What are customers saying about Scott Arms Dental Practice

Scott Arms Dental Practice
X1 Wolf
4 days ago
Rung up Sunday morning @10am for emergency appointment, fitted in same day for time to suit me. Greeted by smiling receptionists which are unfortunately rare these days. Waited 40 minutes after appointment time which is relatively normal lately for any emergency. I understand others are in similar position as me where treatment time differs. I saw a lady called Sophia who was extremely thorough in explaining all my options- even helping to get me out of pain then & option to go to my own dentist for further investigation. This showed she didn't have pound signs in her eyes but genuine empathy towards my care. All fees explained up front. The assistant in the room was also polite & tentative. I decided on tooth extraction after suffering 1 long painful year of waiting appointments/investigations. Made me comfortable where i felt nothing, wisdom tooth came out in 1 with no gum being cut/sewn which I'm so grateful for. 100% recommend this practice for emergency treatment, where I'm considering making it my routine dentist travelling from Wolverhampton. Open 7 days until 11pm, no more fighting for core appointment times.
Scott Arms Dental Practice
Grace Kennedy
a month ago
First time here today for an emergency appointment and I am blown away by how amazing this dentist is. The receptionist staff are so helpful, polite and very welcoming. The dentist I was with was absolutely amazing, he listened to me and explained everything in detail, the appointment didn’t feel rushed at all and he really made sure I was OK before leaving, he was so caring especially as I was a little anxious. All of the staff here clearly go above and beyond for you and it really makes a difference. The best dentist I have ever been to. Thank you so much
Scott Arms Dental Practice
Roksana Wyrozebska
a month ago
I had an appointment a few hours after I called and on a Sunday, so super convenient. All the ladies were kind, the receptionists, dentist and the dentist’s helper. I feel comfortable and welcomed. The procedure was comfortable and came out great, the dentist talked me through everything and explained the process. Lovely will definitely be coming back. Prices are reasonable too, for the same procedure I was quoted £130 else where, and paid £70 here.
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