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As of Jan 25, 2024, 2012 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Daniel Restaurant's customer reviews analysis

The collected customer reviews of Daniel suggest a highly favorable overall company reputation, marked by patron experiences that reflect a strong emphasis on culinary distinction and hospitality. Many customers have underscored the restaurant's ability to deliver a fine dining experience that's both memorable and substantial. Patrons of Daniel frequently highlight the restaurant's extraordinary food quality, mentioning a wide variety of creatively presented dishes, and exceptional wine pairings. Particularly, the tasting menu has been mentioned as a remarkable highlight, with its seasonal changes being a reason for repeat visits. While the service is generally described as top-notch and often exceeding expectations, with staff noted as attentive and knowledgeable, there are isolated comments of initial service delays. Despite this, feedback indicates that the establishment swiftly recovers with improved service dynamics once orders are placed. This reputation is reinforced with the attention to detail in both food and service, contributing to an ambiance described as perfect for special occasions.

Positive Feedback

Daniel's positive customer feedback is dominated by acclaims for its unparalleled food quality and luxurious dining experience. Patrons repeatedly commend the Michelin-starred restaurant for its inventive and ever-changing tasting menus, exquisite presentation, and the breadth of flavors on offer. The complimentary additional courses and the choice of wine pairings are reported to enhance the dining experience significantly. Especially notable are the recommendations regarding its generous portion sizes, which defy the fine-dining stereotype of leaving patrons unsatisfied. Service is another point of praise, with customers reporting first-class attention, including attentive wine service and little touches like the folding of napkins, adding to the sense of occasion. Another recurrent theme is the suitability of Daniel for marking special events, with guests citing experiences of personalized dessert offerings and overall exceptional service which make these moments feel even more celebratory.

Concerns and Threads

Scrutiny of the reviews reveals certain areas within Daniel's service that left room for improvement, slightly marring an otherwise stellar reputation. The most consistent issue appears to be an initial delay in service, with guests noting substantial wait times before receiving menus or placing orders, particularly during peak reservation slots. This indicates possible lapses in time management or staff allocation which can affect the initial impressions of the establishment. While these critiques reflect a minority and are often countered by subsequent improved service, they nonetheless suggest that some guests' experiences were impacted by initial inefficiencies. Therefore, punctuality and readiness in attending to guests as soon as they are seated could be areas where Daniel could enhance its operational excellence.

Frequently asked questions about Daniel Restaurant

What makes Daniel's dining experience unique?

Daniel is renowned for its Michelin-starred culinary excellence, which includes a creative and seasonal tasting menu, exceptional wine pairings, and additional complimentary courses that enhance the gastronomic experience. The ambiance and decor contribute to an elegant setting suitable for special occasions, and attentive service adds to the uniqueness of the dining experience.

Is the portion size at Daniel sufficient?

Yes, customers frequently express that the portion sizes at Daniel are generous, particularly for a fine dining establishment. The tasting menu, in conjunction with additional courses and bread selections, leaves diners feeling full and satisfied.

Are there options for special dietary requirements at Daniel?

While specific dietary accommodations are not explicitly mentioned in the reviews, fine dining establishments like Daniel typically cater to special dietary needs. It's advisable for guests to inform the restaurant when making a reservation or upon arrival to ensure their requirements are met to the best of the restaurant's ability.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Daniel Restaurant

Daniel Restaurant
Courtney Dziersk
a month ago
We had a great experience at Daniel! While we are not new to fine dining, this was our first Michelin star experience. We loved the food, appreciated the extra courses brought out & especially loved the carefully selected wine pairings. The service wasn’t perfect - it took a long time from being seated to receiving menus and ordering drinks. We had been at the table for 45 min before we were finally able to order anything. We had a late reservation, so I think they were just overwhelmed when we arrived. The service did drastically improve after we placed our order. I highly recommend the 4 course option, as my partner and I each chose different dishes and were able to taste a ton of different dishes between the 2 of us. We left extremely full!
Daniel Restaurant
Jasmine Becerra
a month ago
I absolutely love coming here for my December vacation. The food is always great. Service is always fantastic. I like how it's always different. The last time I came, the bread was shaped like a crab. This time, they had different types of bread to choose from. We walked out stuffed, and we only did the 4 course!
Daniel Restaurant
Greg Tam
2 months ago
Daniel is one of the best restaurants I've been to in my life. I went with my girlfriend for our anniversary. We had the mindblowing tasting menu, which included 7 courses, and a whole assortment of other dishes and desserts they surprised us with. At the recommendation of a friend, we decided to do the wine pairing and share it between the two of us. That was easily more than enough, given how many dishes there were. Each wine complemented their corresponding dish perfectly. The waiters were even kind of enough to top our glasses up even when we didn't ask for it. Topnotch service. They were also very attentive, folding our napkins if we left the table and helping us to push our seats in when we sat down. By the end of the meal, we were both completely stuffed. They kept giving us more food and desserts that were not listed on the menu. We were also definitely feeling the effects of the wine pairing we split. I don't even know how someone can do a single wine pairing on their own. It's way too much alcohol. My biggest pet peeve with fine dining is it's often not filling. But Daniel was so worth its high cost. Their tasting menu changes every season, so I definitely plan to come back for another amazing dining experience.
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