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What do customers say about Cote Brasserie Manchester?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 1244 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

The Fougasse was great

The deserts we tried were all great!

everything was superb

Steak is cooked well and tender, with good flavour

The food was so lovely

The food was high quality

meals in heaven must taste like

The mushroom bourguignon was exceptional

I will never recommend the steak tartare

the crab starter was not so salty

the quiche wasn't very nice at all

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April 25, 2024

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Cote Brasserie Manchester's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Côte Manchester, as gleaned from recent customer reviews, presents a dichotomy in diner experiences. On one hand, it is highlighted by a generous portion of satisfied customers lauding the food quality, particularly entrées like the steak frites, Ribeye steak, and French onion soup, as well as desserts, evidenced by thrilled references to the Christmas special and spiced Crème Brulée. Atmosphere plays a significant role in the customer experience at Côte Manchester; a cozy ambiance with appropriate mood lighting contributes positively to dine. Moreover, staff attentiveness and service occasionally stood out, with instances of commendation for being helpful, friendly, and efficient. Nonetheless, there are some elements of inconsistency, as some customers encountered issues with service, indicating a slight disparity in the establishment's ability to handle peak hours and attention to detail with regard to keeping tables tidy. Additionally, the level of noise during crowded intervals and varied reception of specific dishes such as the steak tartare reveal room for operational improvement and culinary refinement.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback on Côte Manchester frequently foregrounds several definitive positive elements. Culinary satisfaction is a primary theme; diners highlight the quality and taste of dishes, singling out the steak frites, French onion soup, and steak tartare for particular praise. Several reviews also underline the exquisite nature of the desserts offered. The atmosphere of the establishment is often described as lovely, cozy, and conducive to dining, with mood lighting contributing to a memorable ambience. The staff receives kudos for attentiveness and positive interaction with customers, with their service enhancing the overall dining experience. For special occasions like birthdays or personal milestones, Côte Manchester is mentioned as a superior choice, reinforcing its image as a venue well-suited to celebrate important events.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive experiences, some negative aspects emerge from customer reviews of Côte Manchester. Service inconsistency is mentioned, with some diners experiencing difficulty getting the attention of staff and delays in clearing finished dishes. During peak hours, excessive noise levels have been reported to detract from the dining experience, indicating a possible issue with space acoustics or table arrangement. A minority of diners did not favor the spicing of certain dishes, with one customer expressing disappointment in the steak tartare. Lastly, a few diners note pricing concerns, such as additional charges for garlic butter with certain steak dishes and comments suggesting some dishes may not fully justify their cost, albeit these remarks are not universally echoed across the reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Cote Brasserie Manchester

What are the standout dishes at Côte Manchester?

According to customer reviews, notable dishes include the steak frites, Ribeye steak, French onion soup, and a variety of desserts like the Christmas special and spiced Crème Brulée.

How is the atmosphere at Côte Manchester?

The establishment is described as having a lovely, cozy atmosphere with perfect mood lighting. However, note that it can get quite noisy during peak hours.

Does Côte Manchester accommodate special dietary requirements?

Yes, the restaurant offers vegetarian options, with customers particularly praising dishes like the mushroom bourguignon.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cote Brasserie Manchester

Cote Brasserie Manchester
Rositsa Nikolova
4 months ago
We had 5 main dishes, 4 desserts (one for 2), 3 teas, 4 beers, 2 starters and the bill was pretty okay, slightly under 200 with the service included. The food was at a pretty decent level but here the company is a bit divided, some of the party loved it, and others would not found it as good as other similar places, expecting more from the spicing. The Fougasse was great according to everyone, soft, testeful, warm, fluffy - we loved it! The deserts we tried were all great! (the Christmas special for 2, the coffee one and spiced Crème Brule I will never recommend the steak tartare and find it the worst I have tried. This is a matter of personal preference, but I usually eat steak tartare and love it. About the atmosphere: We went at 16:00 and it was already crowded and noisy, one can hardly hear their friends and have to raise their voice, that leads to more noise. Going there I would recommend you to avoid the peak hours if you will like to enjoy your company. The staff helped us as at first they did not find the reservation and did not expect us, but they fixed the mistake without extra stress. I did nto expect that we have to fight for the staff's attention throughout the dinner. Our table was full of finished pots and glasses but we had to ask twice to clean up so we can have it comfier. There was one of the girls that was not our waiter and saved our experience, being super friendly and helpful. Overall I would like to return, but it is conditional.
Cote Brasserie Manchester
Karen Parkinson
7 months ago
We celebrated my son's birthday at the Cote Brasserie and everything was superb! Delicious food, a lovely atmosphere and fantastic staff. My son and daughter had the French onion soup, which was as good as any we've ever had in Paris. We also had the steak frites, Cote burger and the tomato tart fine, all were delicious and perfectly cooked. My son said it was the best burger he'd ever tasted. 10/10 would absolutely dine here again.
Cote Brasserie Manchester
Diogo Mendes
3 months ago
Have been at the Cote Manchester restaurant a few times and can say it is a solid choice for dinner. My go to dish is the Ribeye steak. Steak is cooked well and tender, with good flavour. To point out that when you upgrade your steak for the Ribeye, you need to pay extra for garlic butter. Instead, if you don’t upgrade would be included in the price. Having said that, I enjoyed the times I stopped by to have dinner.
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