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What do customers say about Crown Honda Hendon?

As of Jan 08, 2024, 802 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 8, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Crown Honda Hendon's customer reviews analysis

The customer reviews of Crown Honda Hendon depict a very positive company reputation, with consistent praise for both the sales and service experiences. Staff members, particularly named individuals such as Luke, Clive, Madalina, Jason, Ram, and Sharon, are frequently commended for their professionalism, kindness, and customer-centric approach. The reviews emphasize a sense of genuine care from the staff, with a specific focus on their respect for customer decisions, thorough communication, and lack of high-pressure sales tactics. Notable themes include the staff's knowledgeability, the smoothness of purchasing processes, and attentiveness to customer needs and satisfaction. The dealership's adherence to Honda's principle of continuous improvement is also highlighted, suggesting that positive client interactions are part of a broader company culture rather than isolated incidents.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently praise Crown Honda Hendon for the quality of its customer service and staff excellence. Positive aspects that emerge from the feedback include the warm, welcoming environment created by employees such as receptionists, and the sales team's commitment to honest and transparent communication. Sales representatives like Luke and Jason are described as not pushing for immediate sales, but instead focus on customer education and presenting options that suit individual needs. The attention to detail in vehicle preparation and the added touch of a full tank of fuel reflect a commitment to customer satisfaction. These experiences contribute to repeat business and strong recommendations, reinforcing the company's reputation for providing an enjoyable car buying experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, there aren't any specific negative customer service experiences mentioned in the provided feedback. All the reviews focus on positive interactions, experiences, and outcomes. To provide a balanced assessment, further investigation into additional sources of feedback, such as other review platforms or customer surveys, would be required to identify any potential areas of concern or negative customer experiences not captured in these testimonials.

Frequently asked questions about Crown Honda Hendon

What makes Crown Honda Hendon stand out from other dealerships?

Customers highlight Crown Honda Hendon's exceptional customer service, knowledgeable and honest staff, and the no-pressure sales approach as key differentiators. The staff's respect for customer decisions and attention to detail during vehicle preparation are also aspects that make the dealership stand out.

Can I expect the sales process at Crown Honda Hendon to be high-pressure?

Based on customer reviews, the sales process at Crown Honda Hendon is not high-pressure. Sales representatives prioritize informing customers about their options and respecting their decisions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable purchasing experience.

Does Crown Honda Hendon provide good after-sales support?

Customers report a very positive after-sales experience at Crown Honda Hendon, with staff members being helpful and responsive to inquiries. The dealership demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction even after the sale is complete.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Crown Honda Hendon

Crown Honda Hendon
Romeo Maciuceanu
2 weeks ago
Recently bought a Honda HR-V Hybrid. What an amazing vehicle! Not only impressed by the quality of the car but the service and staff as well! Luke and Clive were absolutely amazing; I had a wonderful experience, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Crown Honda Hendon
Mark Dela Cruz
5 months ago
Me and my wife booked a test drive @12:30 today with Honda Hendon Branch. All i can say is that the staff were amazing, welcoming and they truely value their costumers even if they knew we were not buying today. Each staff we met has treated us with respect and made us feel comfortable even doh clearly we were only there to look around. Luke was our Guy who handled our test drive. He was honest to us about our options in buying, choices, pros and cons. He not only accomodate us in a very proffessional manner but he also respected our wishes that we were there to weigh in our options between Honda and Toyota and made us decide for ourselves on how we felt about our options. I honestly believe Toyota would have been the better option, but without forcing me to change my mind. The Car performance, tools/equipments and small details that makes life easier that we had in the Honda CRV test drive; it changed my whole mindset that this Car is definitely not just for comfort but also for convinince. I just want to give a BIG shoutout to Luke (Stevens) i think that is his last name? Well if you read this Luke. I want to thank you personally because you have made our day with our visit today. The Car was fantastic but your service was second to none and now our choice is Clear. Honda is now our Choice and we will come back after our holiday to buy ourselves one This Honda dealership is the best we have visited by far compare to ALL OTHER DEALERSHIP we have visited.
Crown Honda Hendon
tt6 SD
4 months ago
I had a wonderful auto experience with the Crown Honda Hendon. Madalina is a very kind and helpful sales person. Her expertise is profound. I highly recommend Madalina to anyone who is looking for quality auto service.
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About Crown Honda Hendon

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Crown Honda is a family-run business with dealerships in Hendon and Bushey Heath.We have built our reputation through the friendly service provided by our knowledgeable team. We are very much a hands-on enterprise; our directors, Tim and Lee can often be seen on the ‘shop floor’, getting involved in the day-to-day running of the business.It is the work ethic and approachability of our entire staff that keeps us close to our customers. To ensure that Crown Honda always provides a hospitable welcome at our showroom.So, visit Crown Honda Hendon and find a warm welcome and select from a comprehensive range of new and used Honda cars.