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What do customers say about Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint?

As of Feb 19, 2024, 130 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint's customer reviews analysis

The analysis of customer reviews for Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint reveals a generally positive reputation, characterized by customer satisfaction with both the quality of repair work and the level of customer service provided. A common thread among the positive reviews is the efficiency and professionalism displayed by Eyal, Lisa, and their team, recognized specifically for their communication, handling of insurance, and transparent process. The completeness of repairs, including detailing and ensuring a proper paint match, adds to the overall high regard for their workmanship. This suggests that the company excels in delivering a hassle-free, thorough service experience. However, the occurrence of a negative experience due to unprofessional conduct, in at least one customer's report, indicates that while the general trend is positive, there may be isolated instances where the company's service falls short of expectations.

Positive Feedback

Eyal and Lisa, critical players at Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint, are frequently praised for their professionalism, kindness, and helpfulness, which contribute significantly to the company's strong reputation. Customers highlight the ease of the repair process, appreciating the seamless coordination with insurance companies and the attentive, informative communication throughout their car's repair. The level of craftsmanship is noted as a key positive attribute, with the finished work often described in superlatives and vehicles returned in pristine condition. The added value of detailing services and the team's dedication to quality, such as ensuring perfect color matching, reinforces their commitment to excellence. It is evident that customers feel assured receiving a service that consistently meets or exceeds expectations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the majority of positive feedback, Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint has faced criticism regarding unprofessional aspects in their customer service. This is exemplified by a specific instance where miscommunication led to a declined service at the initial drop-off without prior notice and the failure to replace a tail light that was scheduled for repair. These incidents reflect a deviation from the otherwise high standards of customer experience and can create a sentiment of frustration and mistrust among clients. The mention of an average paint job, later rectified after discussion, implies that while the company is willing to correct errors, there can be the occasional need for follow-up to attain complete customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint

Is Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint known for communicating effectively with customers throughout the repair process?

Yes, many customers have commended Crown Coachworks for their excellent communication and consistent updates throughout the repair process.

Will the company handle insurance claims directly?

Crown Coachworks is reported by several clients to be proficient in dealing with insurance companies, suggesting they can coordinate with your insurer to facilitate claims.

Can I expect my car to be detailed as part of the repair service?

Many reviews indicate that Crown Coachworks often includes a thorough detailing of the vehicle as part of their repair services, delivering cars that look remarkably clean and well-maintained.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint

Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint
Robert Cho
a week ago
What can I sincerely say that portrays my satisfaction with my experience at Crown Coachworks that hasn't already been expressed by all the other satisfied customers. Simply put, I couldn't have had an easier time dealing with what is usually a situation full of headaches for all of us. After the initial estimate, I literally just dropped off my car, and then picked her up as good as new. That was it...Eyal and Lisa took care everything else. Both were extremely kind, professional, and helpful throughout the entire process. They even handled coordinating with my insurance for having some damage repaired that happened on a previous claim I had. I genuinely felt my car was in good hands and the finished work definitely showed it was. Enough good things cannot be said when you truly find essential businesses that are run and owned by people you can trust. I honestly would not have any problems recommending this place to anybody. And if there is ever a time I am in need of such services again, I already know where I will be returning. Thank you to all of you at Crown Coachworks!
Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint
Jose Bengochea
10 months ago
Without a doubt the best car repair and auto body shop in Los Angeles, and flat out best auto experience I have ever had. Accidents, scratches, and bumps may be an unfortunate fact of life in a motor filled city, but Eyal, Lisa, and the Crown Coachworks team are there to deliver the absolute best. Definitely insist on taking your car here for any need you may have, you’ll receive A+ service from a team of friendly professionals who take the utmost pride in their work. Recommend Crown Coachworks 10000000%. Wish could rank above 5 stars as they deserve the best
Crown Coachworks Auto Body & Paint
Aria Brice
5 months ago
I am beyond satisfied with Crown Coachworks and their amazing repair job, detailing, patience and care they did for my little red car, otherwise nicknamed by the shop as “the mascot”. Not only did they house my car long term while waiting for pesky manufacturer parts, they kept in contact with me throughout the process. When it came time to take my car home, I saw it looking like it just came off the assembly line. They even detailed the interior, gave it a polished wash and I felt like I was driving a brand new car again. A+++, I cannot recommend this shop enough!! They will take care of you 1000%. Thank you! 🔥🚘🛠️
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