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What do customers say about Classic Collision?

As of Apr 03, 2024, 576 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 3, 2024
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April 3, 2024

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Classic Collision's customer reviews analysis

Upon evaluation of the current customer reviews for Classic Collision, the company's reputation appears to be a blend of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. One prevalent issue concerns the accuracy and quality of the repairs, particularly color mismatching in paint jobs, improper installation of parts, and oversight in post-repair quality checks (e.g., unresolved electrical issues). Additionally, communication flaws are evident, including a lack of transparent payment methods and notification of additional charges, which contributes to customer frustration. Moreover, some customers experienced delays in service completion. On the other hand, there are also positive reflections; certain individuals report exceptional customer service, fast and detailed repair work, and staff going the extra mile to provide convenience and support, thus balancing the company's overall reputation to some extent.

Positive Feedback

Among the customer feedback, Classic Collision has received commendation for various positive aspects. Noteworthy is the customer service provided by some staff members, who have been praised for their thorough communication and assistance throughout the repair process. Reviews mention the professional workmanship on certain repair jobs, highlighting an attention to detail that results in the vehicle looking brand new post-repair. Instances of accommodating customer needs, such as an exceptional pick-up service when the shop was closed or expedited service to meet customer timelines, have been lauded. These favorable experiences have led to customer endorsements and intentions for repeat business, fortifying Classic Collision’s customer relationship strengths.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some favorable reviews, Classic Collision has encountered criticism in several areas affecting customer satisfaction negatively. Primary concerns include reports of property theft and the absence of accountability for such incidents, which understandably erode trust. Quality of repair is a recurring theme, with customers voicing dissatisfaction over incorrect paint colors, ill-fitted parts, and unresolved vehicle sensors alerting to issues following services rendered. In addition to repair quality, the timeliness of service delivery has been questioned, with unexpected and uncommunicated delays. Furthermore, customers expressed unhappiness with rudeness from certain staff members and the lack of forewarning regarding payment methods, accentuating the need for more transparent and courteous customer service.

Frequently asked questions about Classic Collision

What payment methods does Classic Collision accept?

Classic Collision primarily accepts debit and credit card payments. It's important for customers to be aware that credit card transactions may incur additional charges, and it seems that personal checks and cash may not be accepted.

Does Classic Collision ensure the quality of their repair work?

While some customers have praised the quality of repair work, several reviews indicate issues with mismatched paint colors, improperly installed parts, and unresolved electrical problems post-repair. It is recommended that customers discuss quality assurance and post-repair warranties with the company prior to service.

How reliable is the estimated time for vehicle repairs at Classic Collision?

The repair time can vary, with some customers pleased with speedy service, while others experienced delays. As reports suggest, it is best to confirm the estimated completion time and to maintain open communication with the shop throughout the repair process.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Classic Collision

Classic Collision
Valeria Garcia
a week ago
I was guided by the comments and stars of this place and I had a terrible experience!!! They work with my insurance company and they did not do their job. They painted my car in a different color and the secretary, Monica, is too rude. She does not know how to talk to customers, which is why I had to call the manager to fix my car as it should be, they did it because I called my insurance company and complained but I do not recommend this place, they only fix aesthetic and visible parts, not the real problem in my case, I recommend that you can take a mechanic from trust and do not be guided by the score, it is often misleading!!!! Terrible experience!!!
Classic Collision
Steve Le
2 weeks ago
Didn't finish my vehicle on time as promised. On day of pickup, I was informed no personal check or cash accepted. Facility should inform clients prior to pickup so we can prepare payment method! You can only pay by debit or credit and credit card payments cost 3% more! Facility needs to improve communication
Classic Collision
john eskandar
2 months ago
I had a small accident which required replacing the front pumper. Though it was small scratch on the head light but they decided to replace it. It was working perfectly. I received the car after some delay to find head light not working. Don't know how it passed their quality check. Returned immediately and they had the car after that for several weeks trying to recalibrate the lights. Didn’t receive the car yet. I advice if you have a European car that may need any electrical work even changing light, don't go there, they don't have the qualified people to handle it. Revised rating as I received the car and they did good job on repairs despite the long delay.
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About Classic Collision

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Classic Collision was established in 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia, with one single goal: to offer quality service with integrity and honesty. For over 35 years, we have continued to do this by employing the best talent and using the highest-quality materials. Classic Collision wants to be here to give you peace of mind by making the repair process as easy and stress-free for you as possible, from drop-off to pick-up. We put customer satisfaction first in all that we do while holding several OE manufacturer certifications and trainings, making us a leader in comprehensive collision repair.