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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Craftmaster Furniture?

The reputation of Craftmaster Furniture appears to be mixed based on the latest customer reviews. While some customers express satisfaction at the quality and durability of their purchases, others report significant issues with the products and the company’s after-sales service. The primary concern involves the longevity of the furniture, with customers reporting premature flaking, pilling of fabrics, cushion support issues, and construction flaws shortly after acquisition. Notably, customers are experiencing a lack of satisfactory support from Craftmaster's customer service when attempting to address these problems, particularly when the warranty period has concluded. A particularly alarming complaint relates to the infestation of termites in recently acquired furniture items. On the other hand, positive feedback acknowledges Craftmaster's customization options, comfort, and customer service, at least during the shopping and delivery process. The impressions suggest that while there are instances of high-quality furniture and service, there is inconsistency in product durability and customer service.

Positive Feedback

Looking at the strengths of Craftmaster Furniture as highlighted by customers, aspects such as design preference, comfort, and customization are frequently acknowledged. Satisfied customers commend the brand for allowing personalized selections and maintaining a high standard of comfort and aesthetics. Quality of service during the purchasing process, including coordination with local furniture stores, is often cited as exemplary. Notably, a client singled out Craftmaster's willingness to correct any glitches during the shopping phase. Furthermore, long-term durability in some furniture pieces is noted by a customer who mentions a sofa and chair set lasting over 20 years. The company's internal operations also receive praise for their work ethic requirements, suggesting a positive environment for those within the organization.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some positive mentions, certain Craftmaster Furniture customers report considerable dissatisfaction primarily centered around product quality and customer service post-purchase. Issues such as flaking leather, poor cushion support, and visible construction flaws like uneven nail placement are not only affecting the comfort and aesthetic appeal but also causing concerns about the furniture’s longevity. The lack of an effective warranty or after-sales service response is a recurring critique, with customers feeling neglected once issues arise post-warranty period. The case involving termites is particularly striking as it raises questions regarding the quality of materials and production practices. Additionally, a report of misleading salary promises to an employee highlights another facet of potential concern involving the company's transparency and integrity.

Frequently asked questions about Craftmaster Furniture

What are Craftmaster Furniture's strengths according to customer reviews?

Customer reviews often highlight Craftmaster Furniture's strengths as including their customizability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of their products. The company's shopping and delivery service also receives positive feedback for its professionalism.

How does Craftmaster Furniture handle product issues once identified by customers?

Based on customer feedback, it appears that Craftmaster Furniture's response to product issues post-purchase can be unsatisfactory, particularly when items are out of warranty. Customers have reported difficulties in obtaining service or compensation for defects and damages.

Have there been any concerning reports related to the materials used in Craftmaster Furniture?

Yes, one alarming report alleges that a recently purchased piece of furniture contained dry wood termites, potentially indicating an issue with the kiln-drying process or material sourcing. However, this appears to be an isolated concern and not representative of the general customer experience.

What are customers saying about Craftmaster Furniture

Craftmaster Furniture
Janet Strutt
a year ago
Purchased the $4100 Craftmaster F9 Series Sectional selecting the Sutton-41 Leather fabric from a local furniture company and it was delivered 06/23/2021. Upon delivered noticed immediately a few flaked off areas. Furniture company notified Craftmaster and they were advised to use a marker/paste of same color to repair. Unfortunately, this flaking has continued. I initially used the maker to color the white areas that had flaked off but finally just contacted Craftmaster Customer Service 08/17/2022. Their very quick email response was it was no longer under warranty and due to my initial attempts to cover the flaked off spots it was basically 'too bad, so sad' but it wasn't their problem. I have included a few of the problem areas. Basically corners which may have been brushed up against by a human (we have no pets). Still, I have other leather seating several years old that the fabric still looks brand new with no issues. Would recommend not buying Craftmaster products and staying with Flexsteel or La-Z-Boy.
Craftmaster Furniture
Meredyth Fogg
a year ago
Purchased a discounted floor model sectional at our local furniture store. I was ecstatic to be getting such a beautiful set for a great price, as we had our first furniture set (Hickory Hill, rest in peace) for 16 years and it was past time to retire it (and we have four kids that put it through the paces). I also prioritized looking for furniture that was made in USA. Well, only a few weeks into having this sectional, the foam was losing support in the cushions, the fabric was pilling, and the chaise seat cushion was sinking as well as sliding forward every time someone sits on it. I rotate the cushions regularly, and I have even had to unzip the covers and rotate the foam within to try to even out the wear. Obviously, I cannot do so on the chaise cushion. It’s now 3 years later, and I will be surprised if we get five years total out of this set. We don’t even use the couch often for about half of the year (we are outside quite a bit). Very disappointed.
Craftmaster Furniture
Paula Lizcano
a year ago
We’ve had this sectional for almost two years. It’s horribly uncomfortable, does not stay together, and the cushions do not stay put. Also, the nails along the bottom were not even put in a straight line. I do not recommend this sofa. Keep looking!!
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