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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Range?

The Range appears to maintain a positive reputation among consumers, particularly emphasizing value-for-money, customer service responsiveness, and delivery efficiency. Customer feedback exhibits a trend of satisfaction with the quality of products relative to their cost, especially for items such as mattresses that offer comfort at an affordable price. The online purchasing process is described as clear and user-friendly, with proactive communication and prompt delivery, even during busy holiday periods. However, there are environmental concerns regarding excessive packaging and consumer discontent with the handling of returns, especially when products do not meet expectations or arrive damaged. Some consumers have faced challenges with the marketplace partner on The Range's website, mentioning frustration with the difficulty of returning items. Furthermore, product packaging, particularly the use of expanded polystyrene, has caused environmental and disposal concerns for some customers.

Positive Feedback

Customers of The Range have identified several key positive aspects in their experiences. The online purchasing process is user-friendly, with a notable number of consumers appreciating the clear website navigation and regular communication updates regarding their orders. The delivery service provided by The Range has been frequently praised for its speed and efficiency, with a few commendations directed towards the professional and polite demeanor of the delivery personnel. Product pricing has also received positive remarks, with consumers finding that the affordability does not compromise the quality, as demonstrated by satisfaction with products like the Visco Therapy StarlightMCP Memory Foam mattress. The customer service team has been acknowledged for their prompt and professional problem-solving abilities, resolving issues quickly and thereby contributing to a highly regarded post-purchase support system.

Concerns and Threads

Despite largely positive feedback, The Range has areas in need of improvement based on customer reviews. A significant point of dissatisfaction pertains to the environmental impact of the packaging used, with some customers raising concerns over the excessive and non-environmentally friendly materials such as expanded polystyrene. Challenges with the marketplace partners have also been highlighted, particularly regarding the discrepancies between product descriptions online and the actual items received, and the cumbersome process involved in returning products. Communication post-purchase has been inconsistent at times, as some customers reported a lack of notification regarding dispatched replacements or issues with delivery services that have led to damages or lost parts. This indicates that while The Range performs well in initial customer interactions and transaction execution, it experiences lapses in maintaining that level of service through the post-purchase phase, especially when logistical issues arise.

Frequently asked questions about The Range

How effective is The Range's customer service in resolving delivery issues?

According to the reviews, The Range's customer service is generally very responsive and effective in resolving delivery issues. Customers have reported quick and professional assistance leading to timely resolutions.

Can I expect good quality products from The Range despite the low prices?

Yes, customer feedback suggests that products from The Range, such as mattresses, often provide good quality relative to their price point. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the comfort and look of the products.

Does The Range have an environmentally friendly approach to packaging?

There are customer concerns regarding the environmental impact of The Range's packaging. Specifically, the use of expanded polystyrene has been criticized, suggesting that The Range could improve by adopting more eco-friendly packaging solutions.

What are customers saying about The Range

The Range
James H
2024-01-18 00:59:12 +00:00
I purchased a new mattress online from The Range recently and so far very happy, especially for the price, although still early days. I bought a Visco Therapy StarlightMCP Memory Foam mattress, and didn’t know what to expect for under £100 (Small Double) but it’s very comfy, not too firm, excellent nights sleep every night since, no back or neck pains on waking. Fitted on top of a divan base, no issues. Delivered in quick time too, even over Christmas and New Year. I’d definitely recommend.
The Range
Mr Bishop
2024-01-17 09:28:34 +00:00
Clear website Good communication Delivery wellcommunicated although time changed last minute but was at home anyway. Product well packaged in fact too well packaged . Very large box for not many items this could be improved on Would buy online again from here
The Range
2024-01-17 22:05:41 +00:00
Ordered 6 photo / picture frames for home delivery. Whilst 5 arrived in a perfect condition, 1 had clearly been accidentally bumped in transit and was damaged on delivery. Whilst disappointing, the process to evidence the issue and more so the speed at which the replacement arrived, demonstrated a great customer experience. Quick, easy and effective resolution. Thank you so much! The products themselves look great and are now a feature point in our home! Thank you.
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